Glimpses of Past Times and Places

glimpses of past times and places- thanks for this James Webb

Glimpses of Past Times and Places

With ever an attitude of gratitude,

I closed my eyes, put ego to rest

and felt my way through Time-Mists…

I passed by Local, International News-

those Future World History Lessons-

here and there slanted like towers

built toward egos with myopic views,

some News recorded, distorted, confused,

Events staged, enacted, reported, like Plays,

Histories forgotten, deleted, erased…

I moved through the Mists feeling

my way, seeing through Ancient Eyes…

I moved past the births of Western Cultures,

past the beginnings of Rome,

past the beginnings of Greece…

I flew past the Middle East,

past Moses, the Pillars of Light Spaceships,

past Abraham, the War, the Promised Land…

past the beginnings of Egypt-

past first Egyptians after the Flood

and the Great Pyramids designed and built

by a Technological Atlantean Race,

designs even elsewhere in Space…

When Egypt was born, India was Old.

I saw many a slow rise and fall

of India’s changing Civilizations…

I saw Ancient Star Wars, Wars

In the Heavens, the Reptilian Nagas-

those Colonists too, not from here…

I saw the Off-World Race with skins of Blue

like Krishna, a man of flesh and blood,

a King and Spiritual Teacher

Awake, Adept, Enlightened…

I saw a World of Space-crafts-

some called Vimanas in India,

some called Dragons in the Orient,

other names of flying ships in the Americas-

a World explored, inhabited, evolving

in Climate Change even then…

I saw a World of Giants-

Giant Animals and Giant Humans,

Animals now displayed, Humans hidden away.

I stood with the ‘Sons of God’

and the Female ‘Goddesses’ too-

Awakened, Remembering Spirit…

From there, I saw Mars at War

and before, Sirius and the Pleiades

and much more- Life exploring Star Systems –

Worlds of Strange Beauty too…

When I returned to This Here and Now,

I opened my eyes, humbled in gratitude…

Ah, but skeptic ego jumped up and said,

‘Was it all just a Dream?’

Then I remembered a wise old song

often repeated, recently heard-

‘Row, row, row your boat

gently down the Stream…

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily-

Life is but a Dream.’

March 1, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC