Food Is A Global Language

There is love in this food made by family and friend 💕✨

Food Is A Global Language

Food is a Universal Language,

a Language well understood by Animals

that giving and receiving conveys.

Food is a Universal Language,

a Language understood by Humans as well-

growing, preparing raw or cooked, hot or cold,

made and served with indifference

or enchanted by a wholesome love.

Like plants know soil, water- bodies do too,

communicating good or ill health.

Food speaks of pleasure, nourishment, health,

artistry and whether or not we care.

March 2, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


That Language

That Language

I don’t Speak the Language

of Violent and Vengeful Hate,

having lived Many Lives

of Differing Perspectives

seen from both sides

of so many Human Conflicts,

those Closed and Divisive Gates.

I do Understand how even

Righteous Anger often turns

into Uncontrolled Rage,

that Mindless Fire that burns

Hearts and Minds of many a Soul

in Savage Actions and Reactions,

that Primitive Language of Hate

creating many a Hellish State

in Times both Past and Present.

We can Understand

yet Choose Not to Partake,

Choose Not to Participate,

Choose Not to Communicate

in the Language of Violence

and Words of burning Hate.

We can Educate

ourselves and others

to Speak the Language

of a Higher Vision

of our Humanity

beyond Voices of Division,

beyond Illusions of Supremacy

that create Disunity,

Pain, Destruction and Death.

Love of Life Itself, All Life,

is the Highest Wisdom

and the Language

all True Masters know.

We can Learn how

to Speak That Language too.

What would such Love do now?

What do we Choose To Be

in this Life of Here and Now?

January 31, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Playing With Zeros and Ones As A Language

Creating my own Language as I don’t know Binary
Creating my own Language as I don’t know Binary

I have several gift-making projects these days but I’d like to pick up on this language-making at some point then perhaps create some poems using it.

I had a friend once say “I love your poems but I don’t know what they mean” so I imagine the Zeros and Ones Poems would be no different:)

My experience has been that I often ‘reinvent the wheel’ so I won’t be surprised to learn that someone else has created something similar. C’est la vie!

October 24, 2021

Shelley Wilson