Eagles and Lions

Eagles and Lions

I hear the Eagles

piping in the morning

just as the Night

slowly gives way

to light of Day,

the light of Day.

I often see them fly

to and from

their tall tree nest

high above me

or higher still

across the sky,

across the sky.

Sometimes I seem

as in a dream

riding safely, safe

on their back

between their Wings

where Strength and Power

move and guide,

move and guide.

I ride the Eagles

with the Feathers

in my name.

They lift me high

and carry me

to distant times

and distant lands,

distant times and lands.

There I stand or sit

with ancient Lions,

those hieroglyphs-

Strength and Power,

two Lions still

sitting, resting now

in my name.

On Eagle Wings

I leave the Nile,

come back again,

return again

gratefully, grateful,

back to humble me

beneath the tree

where I look up

once more, as before,

respectfully, respectful.

Then I smile.

Then I smile.

February 2, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC