Soon-Future World

Imagine a Soon-Future World

conceived, welcomed, chosen,

ruled by Technology Advanced AI,

not ‘pretending’ to be Human,

not ‘aspiring’ to be Human

like those who designed it,

who programmed and built it,

Technology taken too far

by those who thought, intended,

aspired to their own passing

short lives in Fortune and Fame

or even some nobler aspiration

‘to save’ Humanity from itself.

Imagine a Soon-Future World

not a ‘Planet of the Apes’

or often Ape-like behaviours

of a still very young Species-

even Technology loving Humans

in a World full of Machines-

creating, destroying Machines,

playing At War with all Life,

playing At War with Nature,

self-destructing in the Process,

looking to Salvation, Abundance

through Computers, AI Machines.

April 2, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC