Three Simple Abstract Mosaics

This is the last in my series of three abstract acrylic mosaics with no subject planned or attended but it turned out to have three crosses in the composition, perhaps synchronized as a post before Good Friday though also unplanned. I find abstract art often speaks to my layered consciousness.
This is the second of my abstract acrylic mosaics made from some of my ‘recycled’ paintings. I didn’t aim for perfection in cutting mosaic pieces, some of which are little abstract paintings in themselves.
This is the first of my abstract acrylic mosaics previously posted a few weeks ago. Again, I made no attempt at ‘machine perfection’ here and it was all composed as a spontaneous abstraction. If there’s a message, it could be ‘I’m enjoying the Process and having Fun.’ 😁💕✨

Seeking Harmony and Balance In Relationships

I created this fun mosaic with pieces from some of my recycled acrylic paintings. It was an unplanned composition that just evolved without my mind analyzing every addition and so to me is more fun. I do seek a harmony and balance respecting differences in relationships here, as is my hope for Gender Issues for Humanity.
A different view
Another perspective
Seeing another way