Exercising Imagination

During a short walk for exercise near my home, I came upon this sight of tiny flowers. How small they are, I thought. Then my imagination zoomed in to see them from the viewpoint of an even smaller creature of Nature, an insect. How large they are, I thought. Now my imagination lifted me to the perspective of a space traveller. Gone were the flowers. Gone was the planet Earth and the Solar System. I wonder what’s over there, I thought as I passed by while exercising my healthy imagination.

(April 29, 2020- Shelley Wilson)

How I Became A Tree

Was it fairy dust and magic wands?The Spirit of Trees in the park had called me to a solitary walk among them. I was happily enchanted by their beauty and strength as I walked past or stopped to gaze up and touch them with tenderness and reverence for Life in them. I was about to leave the park when I decided to stop for a drink of my bottled water. As my thirst was quenched, I noticed a grey Squirrel several yards away watching me. I became still and silently observed its fearless, direct approach with fascination. Without hesitation the Squirrel began climbing one of my unmoving legs.

Well, I didn’t plan to become a Tree, but there I was standing silently among the beautiful Trees of a park with a grey Squirrel climbing up my leg. It was clearly intent on reaching my upper limbs and head.

I reacted by swiftly bending to gently stop the Squirrel’s ascent with an offering of bottled water at the level of my knee. The confused creature paused, looked into my smiling eyes, then quickly backed down. It showed no interest in the water as it scampered a few feet away to stare at me curiously.
My body felt immediate and grateful relief from release of the grip of sharp claws. I had imagined a graffiti of scratches on exposed skin of my trunk and face. I began to tremble and chuckle at the same time.
Now two male Mallard Ducks waddled closely before me. One stopped within a few inches of my sandalled feet. He looked up without the slightest sign of fear or caution. Like the Squirrel and I, the Duck stood rooted in silent wonder.
After a brief eternity, the Duck rejoined his companion.
I was amazed. ‘I have no food to offer’ I thought. ‘Why are they acting like this?’
Then I recalled the previous weekend at a ‘Roots’ gathering to support the Ancient Forest Alliance. It was a mix of instructive talks about Nature and Energy, guided meditations, music, forest walks, Tree hugging, sharing perspectives, plant and artisan sales. I bought a bottle of herbal oil mixed with the Spring resin of Poplar buds for medicinal skin care. Applying it with another mixture of cream containing organic Bee products for my face, hands, and feet became part of my daily self-care. ‘Ah, of course, I must smell like a Tree!’ I mused.
This memory led me to pondering about ‘Tree Energy’ in my stroll through Beacon Hill Park. I’d lovingly touched several old Trees with a silent blessing for each. I even asked one Tree to kindly impart some of its ‘Tree Energy’ so as to calm and clear unwanted ’empathic Energies’ I’d recently experienced. A peaceful stillness breezed through me, leaving a grounded and serene visceral feeling. This happened minutes before I encountered Squirrel and Duck. It was ‘medicine’ and ‘communion’ with Nature at the same time. Everything is Energy.
Did I look like a Tree? Well, before I decided on my walk to the park that morning, I chose to wear taupe brown pants, a top coloured with muted shades of green, and a Spruce green vest. They just felt ‘right’ somehow.
Looking back now, I have to laugh. I’d worn Tree colours, Tree scent, and Tree Energy. That’s how I became a Tree.

(Earth Day 2016)
(a true tale)

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Nature of Earth



Nature of Earth (my digital music composition)

Blessed and beloved Nature

birthed and sustained by

this great and glorious Being

we call our Mother Earth-

we are one with you

and you are one with us.

Our Species, our Humanity,

our growing awareness,

our evolving sentience,

is but part of your Story,

Sacred Nature of Mother Earth.

Your health is our health.

Your well-being is ours.

We are ever and always one.

Our bodies are part of you.

Star-seed and Earth-seed,

we’re all a part of you-

breathing your Air,

drinking your Water,

consuming the food of your Soil.

Our Elements are part of you…

part of all Creatures here,

both great and small.

What conditioned insanities

continually create harm

to our minds and bodies,

our Sacred Nature, Mother Earth?

Help us release our fears

to you, our Beloved Mother Earth.

(Shelley Wilson-March 9, 2015)

Message To Self


Message To Self (my digital music composition)

Message to self:

You are what you eat-

that tasty and delicious meat

of creatures legally tortured in life

and terrorized in painful death

-without conscience or integrity-

-without mercy or gratitude-

-an insatiable greed for sacrifice.

You are what you eat.

Can you face this truth of all that you’ve become?

Investigate and educate yourself.

You’ll see there’s so much more.

Your body has no true need

to be a human carnivore

when Nature offers so much more

healthy fare to feed your body’s need.

Your cells will sing with gratitude.

Another one free of the heartless tyranny,

all Nature will sing with gratitude,

thankful for what you eat

and all you’ll now become.

February 23, 2015