Reincarnation, Repetition, Resurrection

Reincarnation, Repetition, Resurrection

I can’t believe that Jesus believed in a Resurrection where rotted corpses with disintegrating bones turning to dust would somehow jump out of their graves, Reanimated. This smells of ignorant, medieval fears and superstitious explanations (or entertaining imaginings) added into the body of misunderstood Teachings of Jesus.

I do believe that Jesus believed in Reincarnation (Rebirth) with all references to it edited out or misinterpreted by Church Councils long ago. I think he also well understood Time to be our Collective Illusion so as to create a sense of Linear Time. He understood the Cyclical Nature of Life, so would have also understood the Simultaneous Ever Present Here and Now as well. In that, he would have known that Souls can be at Peace in Heaven and also relive any part or whole of any of their lives, even making different choices in those diverse lifeforms.

With Reincarnation and Repetition as Resurrection, the Dead live again.

Also, if we truly understood Reincarnation, the Recycling of Life, we would experience a different World. We would see the Process of Life more clearly..

Understanding Reincarnation, many Prejudices ‘for or against’ our own or others’ Physical Lifeforms would be Spiritually and Mentally Illogical. Just as Prejudices ‘for or against’ our own or others’ Physical Bodies and Minds- Characteristics and Abilities, Race and Species, Gender, Age, Intelligence, etc. would seem both Spiritually and Mentally Unreasonable, Foolish and even sometimes Irrational- so, too, would Prejudices ‘for or against’ Family Status, Social Status, Choice of Religious or Political Beliefs and Affiliations or None, etc.

Understanding Reincarnation, we might see ourselves as Soul-Actors putting on various ‘Costumes’ of Physicality here in Life’s Complex of Theatres to play our Soul-Chosen Free Will Roles of Spiritual Evolution. Understanding both Reincarnation and Repetition as Resurrection, we can see the Grace of God in action. We can also Stay Home (Heaven) and ‘watch the plays’ so to speak.

March 28, 2022

Shelley Wilson


Owl Tales and Photos

A Note To My Previous Post: Owl Tales

‘Owl’ tell you something else.

Pharaoh/Queen Hatshepsut was part Nubian.

Despite all attempts to erase her name and memory, much of her constructions, relics and artifacts- like her jewellery, still exist (made by her jewellers, though claimed to be that of following rulers, a common practice of inheritance and even grave-robbing by secret royal orders- or royals claiming greatness by falsely putting their name on more ancient structures like Pharaoh Kufu-Cheops- blatantly false claims to the Pyramids.) Even today, Hatshepsut’s love poems written to and with Solomon (called The Songs of Solomon) still exist, though confusingly interpreted now as ‘Holy Scripture’. Well, ‘everything is the meaning we give it’.

This Pharaoh/Queen Hatshepsut, chosen by her Father and fully Initiated, ruled Upper and Lower Egypt, Nubia, Ethiopia, a part of the Arabian Peninsula called Saba (Sheba)…and other Tribute Lands, trading extensively throughout the surrounding areas. She travelled to ‘Punt’, the Egyptian name for ‘the Holy Land, with exotic ‘gifts’- a ‘trade mission’- bringing her ‘entourage’ of highly skilled people, including Architects. Punt, ‘the Holy Land’, had also grown wealthy due to King Solomon’s ‘Wisdom’, his ‘Connections’, through several foreign marriages- alignments to foreign ruling families, and his Business Connections with Hiram of Tyre who owned a fleet of ships profitably transporting cargo between countries.

King Solomon was not as wealthy or powerful as Pharaoh/Queen Hatshepsut but was considered by her and her advisors as a suitable partner for a royal marriage, offspring and trade connections. All of this infuriated his powerful priests, his court and many others, as with the powerful families and priests- those power structures- of her lands. Yes, all of this became ‘translated’ into the supposed Anger of God in ‘the Holy Land’ and the Anger of the ‘Gods’ in Egypt. It became a mystery for scholars to ponder for centuries, for others to create myths or tamper with evidence and dates, and for tourist guides to repeat like gossip for a pay-check.

There’s ‘nothing new under the sun’ where Competing Powers are concerned, though most of us ‘don’t give a hoot’ unless we’re personally impacted. Many were, many still are…

Truly, we are a very young Species.

November 5, 2021

Shelley Wilson

Nothing New Under The Sun

Nothing New Under The Sun

As an ancient writer once wrote, ‘there’s nothing new under the Sun’. Old stories and old ways merely change enough to ‘reinvent’ themselves for us throughout human history.

The ‘new’ sciences of psychological and psychic warfare now used by shadow governments and their militaries for those seduced by their powers are nothing new.

Psychological and psychic ‘experiments’ and practices are just a ‘reinvention’ of something very ancient.

It’s called Black Magic.

July 5, 2021

Shelley Wilson

My Political Views

My Political Views

1. In a True Democracy, there’s No Deception, No Coercion, to gain Support and maintain Power.

2. In a True Democracy, Honesty and Responsibility anchor our Rights and Freedoms.

3. In a True Democracy, Differences do Not lead to Conflicts that Damage and Destroy Lives.

4. Democracy can be Explained and Demonstrated Simply, even to Educate a Little Child.

5. As an Adult, I Observe that Every Political ‘ism’- Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism and Every Theocracy, Every Democracy, Every Political Structure in History is a Pyramid of Power, Top to Bottom.

6. Changes come and go, fast or slow, yet always one Elite just Replaces another.

7. It has been said that Politics is our Spirituality Demonstrated. I have No Religion or Political Affiliation. My humble Vote goes to Those who Actually Demonstrate a Clear Understanding of True Democracy, with No Deception or Coercion, who Demonstrate Honesty and Responsibility, Respect for Rights and Freedoms, and Choose Peaceful Ways of Being.

(May 16, 2021- Shelley Wilson)


Pollution of land, water and air…

Pollution is now everywhere…

Pollution is now our food and drink

of disease and disaster everywhere

created by those who do not care-

driven by powers of greed and fear-

that Pollution of heart and mind

leading Mankind to the brink…

(09/02/2021- Shelley Wilson)

Different Choices

I am still in the process of creating my little photo book I call ‘Memos To Myself’ for my loved ones.

I’m making different choices of presenting the same words, the same flower, like the same Soul in a Parallel Life as a different presentation of our Self experiencing different choices in the same Timeline.

Or, like a Repeat Performance of our Same Life in the Same Timeline, creating new effects, impacts, and consequences, New Life Stories, by the simple process of making Different Choices as we evolve in this God Given Free Will Universe.

We are beginning to wake up and remember how wondrously Multi-Dimensional we actually are.

It’s time to leave behind our Humanity’s primitive ideas about God, about Life, about Humanity, about our Self- all the myths of fear and guilt and shame and vengeful judgments- as a child leaves behind scary tales and unlearns rooted thoughts that don’t serve a Life of well-being and healthy mentality.

We need to wake ourselves and each other up from the false and harmfully nightmarish realities we’ve created through Humanity’s early beliefs.

I am waking myself up through connecting to inner knowing and the help of such messages as the ‘Conversations With God’ books by Neale Donald Walsch, as well as many other global awakening Messengers of God, and through an ‘osmosis’ of the Collective Consciousness now making a great Evolutionary Shift.

The Alarm Clock is ringing. It’s Time To Wake Up to who we are as Co-creators with God, Life, and to make Different Choices for a Healthier World.

Memos To Myself. 20

We OWN NOTHING. Nothing. We only Think and Believe we do until we have to Leave it all behind, everything, every matter and every Matter.

Sometimes we get ‘previews’ of this while on Earth. Always we Experience this when we leave the Body in ‘Death’. Then No ‘THING’ Matters.

Life Continues On in the Experience of our Essence moving into the Great Oneness from which we came and into which we return again and again…

Memos To Myself. 19

Valuing Diversity enriches our Experience of the Essential Unity of All Life on Earth.

Celebrating Differences and Similarities makes Unity stronger in Human Cultures.

Gratitude for Diversity in Forms and Diverse Expressions of Being in Life’s Unity creates Well-Being in Healthy bonds of All Relationships, Well-Functioning and Life-Sustaining Systems and Beneficial Evolutionary Adaptations.