Summer Solstice June 20, 2020

I took this photo at 10:30 p.m. The lighting on the trees is from an intermittent light on our building. I was particularly fascinated by the colours in the passing clouds and the varying shades and tints of blues still in the sky even at that time of night. I had to auto edit the photo to show the way I was actually seeing this view rather than the darker version my camera chose. The lighting is more accurate in this ‘edit’. I find that rather interesting.


Acrylics on paper on canvas. This is a ‘loose weaving’ of strips of my recycled paintings. It was a fun project for using my previous creations in a different way. I don’t know if I’m the first to do this or if I’m just ‘reinventing the wheel’. Lol

Mosaic 4

Acrylics on paper on canvas. This is the last of this series of four ‘mosaics’ created for the fun of it just as I did as a child. Now 70, I can still feel that quietly focused immersion in the joy of simple artistic creations even in this challenging world created and co-created for our evolutionary spiritual growth.

Exercising Imagination

During a short walk for exercise near my home, I came upon this sight of tiny flowers. How small they are, I thought. Then my imagination zoomed in to see them from the viewpoint of an even smaller creature of Nature, an insect. How large they are, I thought. Now my imagination lifted me to the perspective of a space traveller. Gone were the flowers. Gone was the planet Earth and the Solar System. I wonder what’s over there, I thought as I passed by while exercising my healthy imagination.

(April 29, 2020- Shelley Wilson)


Flow of Poetry. Acrylics on paper on canvas boards. I created these three ‘mosaics’ by cutting up some of my acrylics on paper paintings I wasn’t pleased with into smaller and smaller pieces 😁 during stay at home time. After completion I went for a walk and came across these pretty blue ‘forget- me-nots’ which I photographed for this layout of my art. It’s been a fun project.