Craft Table

Taking time out from crafting, my daughter and I are enjoying these flowers and puzzle on our table for a while. Like breathing, inspiration will eventually come to start the creative process for new projects to be expressed here on our craft table. Then, when these flowers and puzzles and projects are long forgotten, this photo will help us remember this time and this table of flowers and the puzzle we worked on together.

Coffee and Clutter

I’ve been a minimalist at times throughout my life by choice and circumstance but I now find having a wee bit of clutter more comfortable and interesting. The aged embroidery was done by my English born Grandmother, Dorothy Thicke, in 1949 and I always felt it was to welcome me, born in 1950. The chair, dog, and blazing log were actually part of my childhood as well. My daughter, Alissa, gifted me with these flowers and plants. My son, Aaron, gifted me with this yarn. I gifted myself these candleholders to add ambience to the evenings. So as I sip my coffee, I am filled with a deep feeling of gratitude for this bit of clutter in my life.