Perspectives, Feelings, Interpretations

Heavy clouds bearing Winter’s messages

move swiftly through the sky

as two people pass each other by,

walking in opposite directions.

The clouds release their snowflakes

to the land and life below.

Irritated, one woman loudly curses

this bitter assault of snow

and the frozen hell she’s living in.

Elated, the other woman quietly blesses

these refreshing snow-kisses on skin

and the beautiful heaven she’s in.

They’re moving through the same information,

translating from different worlds within.

February 11, 2021

Shelley Wilson


Exercising Imagination

During a short walk for exercise near my home, I came upon this sight of tiny flowers. How small they are, I thought. Then my imagination zoomed in to see them from the viewpoint of an even smaller creature of Nature, an insect. How large they are, I thought. Now my imagination lifted me to the perspective of a space traveller. Gone were the flowers. Gone was the planet Earth and the Solar System. I wonder what’s over there, I thought as I passed by while exercising my healthy imagination.

(April 29, 2020- Shelley Wilson)

Nature of Earth



Nature of Earth (my digital music composition)

Blessed and beloved Nature

birthed and sustained by

this great and glorious Being

we call our Mother Earth-

we are one with you

and you are one with us.

Our Species, our Humanity,

our growing awareness,

our evolving sentience,

is but part of your Story,

Sacred Nature of Mother Earth.

Your health is our health.

Your well-being is ours.

We are ever and always one.

Our bodies are part of you.

Star-seed and Earth-seed,

we’re all a part of you-

breathing your Air,

drinking your Water,

consuming the food of your Soil.

Our Elements are part of you…

part of all Creatures here,

both great and small.

What conditioned insanities

continually create harm

to our minds and bodies,

our Sacred Nature, Mother Earth?

Help us release our fears

to you, our Beloved Mother Earth.

(Shelley Wilson-March 9, 2015)

Awe and Wonder


Awe and Wonder  (my digital composition)

I live my life in awe and wonder.
So much to question. So much to ponder.

When my heart soars and my mind lifts,
a higher awareness brings its gifts.
I love this body that I wear-
flesh and bones, eyes and hair-
fed by water and soil, by light and air.

I feel more deeply and I care
for all Life’s forms evolving here
between the poles of love and fear.

I sense the others deep in space,
wishing to see them face to face
or mind to body, however strange,
as fast or slow we all change
our ideas and our beliefs
that cause our troubles and our griefs.

I sense the others here on Earth
coming from different domains of birth
amidst the stars and distant places
with different cultures and different races.

I sense there’s so, so much more
than anything we’ve known before.

We are as children in our knowing,
yet reaping all that we are sowing.
The ‘Do No Harm’ that we ignore
becomes the harm that we deplore.

Yet, I sense a shift in sight-
a New World View so clear and bright
that dark powers just disappear
with all their structures built by fear.

Our Spirit awakens and shows us how
nothing and no one can stop it now.
We gather our courage and find new ways
to live our precious, wondrous days.

We live our lives in awe and wonder.
So much to question. So much to ponder.

(Shelley Wilson June 15, 2014)


May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

When I Sleep


Water (my digital composition)

When I Sleep
it matters not
the dramas of the day.
All woes and worries
lie forgotten.
All worldly cares
just slip away.
When I sleep
I just let go
and drift into The Deep.
I float in Dreams
where I can be
anything I wish.
It matters not
whatever I choose.
I’m free
of all that binds
or limits, dulls
or decays.
The World of Rules
just fades away.
My Dream Time World
has brighter hues-
more vibrant shades
of colors come alive.
Senses heighten
where the mind’s
Imagination thrives.
I smell jasmine
as never before.
I taste of fruit
unknown before.
Images become
Messages to Self.
What does this mean?
What does that mean?
I ask myself.
Sometimes I
even hear and feel
a symphony of sounds
so rich and full,
a Music I adore
carried on a breeze.
This otherworldly
symphony uplifts
to higher frequencies.
It raises me
to higher realms
and higher sight.
Then I just soar
in Freedom’s bliss,
pure Joy and Peace,
where I again
Remember this-
the Mystery,
the Unity,
Loving Energy,
my true Home,
the timeless
knowing Light,
most radiant,
brilliant Light.
When to my body
I return,
so much less,
I may forget
all that I’ve known
of Life and Death.
It matters not.
My Life’s a Dream-
an Energy Play
I co-create
through every Night
and every Day.
It matters not.
Awake, asleep,
it matters not-
for Matter is nought
but Energy Play
that Life thought up
and thinking still
creates the Dreams
and Dreamers all.
Forms ever change
as I move through
the many I’s I Dream.
All Life, my Life,
continues on
so wonderful,
so strange.
Particles and Waves.
Particles and Waves.
Now here. Now gone.
Into the formless
Mystery beyond.
Then here again
in ever, ever
Constant Change.
I am-We are
Energy Droplets
and Energy Waves,
each One and Many-
One and Many.
I am-We are
of Universes
seen and unseen
in many Dimensions.
So many Mysteries.
Infinite Mysteries
to explore.
Our Source Energy
creates and grows
and Macrocosms
expanding Life
in countless Numbers-
in countless Thoughts
transmitting Energy
rippling everywhere.
I am-We are
countless Creations
and Transformations
redefining who we are
and who we choose to be-
the gift of our Source Energy.
Life lives and breathes
a Great Cosmic Sea,
a Great Sea
of Eternal Energy.
The One in Many
dreams our Dreams.
When I Sleep
I just let go
and drift into The Deep.

Shelley Wilson
May 28, 2014


May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

The Prejudices of Geography


The Prejudices of Geography (my digital composition)

We Humans are a funny lot!
Our Intelligence has not
evolved beyond the prejudices
of where we’re from
or where we now live
as if it is the sum
of who we really are.

Pre-judgments abound
with reasoning unsound
determining value and worth
of sacred life upon this Earth
based on where we’re from
or where we now live
on this tiny orb spinning in Space.

We attach our loves and hates
to North or South, East or West,
even Up and Down,
where notions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’
fill so many minds with fears
and all the primitive prejudices
of a perceptual Geography.

We Humans are a funny lot!
Shelley Wilson (April 20, 2014)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

One Life


One Life (my digital music composition)

You say we live one life.
This may be true of you.
Perhaps it is your only life.
Of that, why should I argue?
Why should I deny your truth?
Perhaps it is your only life.
Yet I have lived before
in this and other lives.
My life’s a Deja Vu.
Endless possibilities
beckon to explore
in this and other lives
where I still live ‘before’
as in my lives ‘to come’
where I still live now too.
Life’s creations grow ever more,
the Multiverse expanding…
Life being and becoming
ever more, ever more…
I, too, am Energy Aware
playing with Space and Time,
growing in understanding
of Glorious Life expanding…
Everything is pure Energy.
Source Energy is what we are-
a Unity in Diversity-
each of us and every Star.
We are co-creating magicians
of disappearing particles
and lightly dancing waves,
appearing solid Life-forms
transcending human graves.
We are Source Energy beings-
some living in castles and caves-
in defensive, rigid beliefs
and fearful imaginings,
in griefs and judgments severe,
our lives controlled through fear.
We are Source Energy beings-
some jumping through Space and Time
between the There and Here,
between the Then and Now,
all part of the Magical Mystery
of the Only Here and Now.
Empowered and free at last,
some live our greatest joys
seeing One Wondrous Life
in countless wondrous forms,
Life’s ever-changing creations
in countless wondrous forms.
Some see choices lived before,
lives of Deja Vu,
and precious possibilities
of other choices too…
endless possibilities
in this and other lives
where we still live ‘before’
as in our lives ‘to come’
where we still live now too.
How do we fully comprehend
the Spirit of who we are?
We are part of All That Is. All Energy. One.
Though we may choose to disagree
about the nature of Life we see,
let Freedom be our guiding Force
on every journey from our Source,
being all that we can be.
Yes, perhaps this is your only life.
Yet I have lived before.

(Shelley Wilson- February 24, 2014)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

Proof and Sign

Numbers (my digital music composition)







Proof and Sign

to those Aware

Life’s Divine Design










(Poem by Shelley Wilson Victoria BC January 27, 2014)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

Every Winter Ends With Spring


Every Winter Ends With Spring (my digital music composition)


Every Winter Ends With Spring

Every end births a new beginning.

Every Winter ends with Spring.

Earth dances through the heavens.

We dance the Cycles Life brings.

Though it seems our lives have endings

and fearful judgments await,

the truth is there’s Only Heaven

and Life loves to Re-create.


December 26, 2013

Shelley Wilson

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Creating and Evolving


Creating and Evolving (my digital music composition)

Creating and evolving,
creating and evolving,
we move so swiftly through our days
on interconnecting trains and planes
of Others’ thoughts and ways to be,
repeating, repeating what we’re told
from our youth to when we’re old…
Religions, Political Systems, Sciences too
tell us what to think and do.
In every Age and place They say
“Our is The Better Way. Ours is The Only Way.”
The Power Elites these all create
compete to rule our Common Fate.
Soon Super Computers will join the act
of telling us how to think and act
in ways ‘Programmers’ deem is ‘Best’
with penalties if we don’t obey
E-Manuals written as Light in air
or suffer death if we so dare
to disagree or question ‘Why?’…
Implants are cost-effective and ‘clean’.
None of that messy Military Scene.
These Gods you don’t disobey and still live…
No Money or Secret Deals to live.
No Scape-goats to offer up and give.
No Mythologies ‘to justify’.
No Theologies ‘to justify’.
No Sacrifice of Another ‘to pay’.
Then, then… Someone will break free
choosing ‘Another Way’ to be
with ‘Another World View’ to see
Who We Are and Why We’re Here
creating and evolving,
creating and evolving…

Shelley Wilson November 17, 2013

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Through Ancient Eyes


Through Ancient Eyes (my digital music composition)

We walk the Earth
again to see
life threatened here
on land and sea.

Through Ancient eyes
so much is clear
with Higher Truths
to conquer fear.

All lands are holy
wherever we go.
All rivers are sacred
wherever they flow.

All people are
divine descent,
Souls evolving,
Creator sent.

Respect for Life
meets global needs,
not harming beliefs
and killing creeds.

We- the Ancients
of Earth’s long past
see Life as one,
minds free at last.

No fear of death
in power play
dictates our course
or blocks our way.

We know the Truth,
now understood,
being far more
than flesh and blood.

We see the lies
of Hate and Greed,
seeds of thoughts,
then words and deeds.

That harvest now
grows everywhere,
warning those
who love and care.

God needs no death
nor offering,
no sacrifice,
no war to bring.

God calls to live
a better way,
World Citizens,
a Peace-crowned Day.

Through Ancient eyes
the choice is clear,
live free or die
enslaved by fear.

Question nothing
or question all.
Be the Door
or be the Wall.

Who decides our
collective fate?
A World of love.
A World of hate.

Racist God or
Spirit of Love.
What do you seek,
here and above?

What direction
shall we all go?
(Trade partners now
were once the foe.)

Abundance shared or
Greed’s genocide,
resource wars, and
global suicide?

Has your ‘Sweet Home’
become a ‘fort’?
No leader leads
without support.

What mirrors do
they hold for you,
when Earth’s great wealth
is held by few?

What profits you,
this ‘status quo’,
when Death strips all
and you must go?

Is Heaven just
some rich resort
or do you see
it as a court?

What would you do
for your reward,
a ticket to Heaven,
a World destroyed?

God recycles.
You’ll come again.
All we’ve created
is all we’ll gain.

How shall we live?
Will ‘Home Sweet Home’
be fort or slum
or streets to roam?

Open your eyes
to all around.
You are standing
on Holy Ground.

See through your Soul’s
human disguise.
See all Life now
through Ancient eyes.

Open your eyes
to truly see
the Glory of
Life’s Great Unity!!!

Shelley Wilson
November 26, 2007-revised October 2013

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Universal Grace


Universal Grace

I could have lived on any cosmic orb,

in any species’ fleshly form,

when I in silent stillness lay,

my life a willing sacrifice…

—I offered it to the ‘fire’ of God’s great Love—

that cleansing, enlightening, enlivening Energy—

that ‘fire’ of God’s great Love.

I could have lived on any alien world,

in any body however strange,

when I in silent stillness heard

the God of all Creation say…


and in the power of those few words

of all-encompassing Oneness

I knew the Peace and Joy of Grace.

May 1995- revised May 2004- Oct 2013

Shelley Wilson

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

Not Me and Mine


Not Alone All One (my digital music composition)


Bless the ancient relics
and hold tight the gold… the gold…
Sacred words echo hollow… hollow…
and fall flat to the ground…
Not one of ours!
Not one of ours!
Compassion is big business.
Don’t ask too much… too much…
Line up
and wait your turn… your turn…
Lucky Tax Breaks
or Sad Statistics…
God looks at us
through every…every…
starving face…
Well, you say,
it isn’t me and mine!
The world is tired
of pleas and please…
Too many of us anyway! …too many…
Let’s have another War…
Use up the ammo
so we can make some more.
Kill ‘em all, the bastards!
you say…
No, leave a few… a few…
…cheap labor…
…consumer demand…
Human need
fast turns to greed… greed…
God reaches out
with every begging hand…
Well, you say,
it isn’t me and mine!
Ah! But it is. It is!
The wise ones know… know…
It Is! It Is! It Is!

(Shelley Wilson- September 18, 2013)


May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Do Dinosaurs Still Rule This Earth

 Love This Earth (my digital composition)

Do Dinosaurs still rule this Earth,
this precious planet of our birth?
What characterizes Reptilian life-
a world of fear, a world of strife,
domination at any cost,
indifference to life-forms harmed or lost.
Third Chakra Beings intent on control
slow Evolution as dark deeds unfold.
Brilliant Minds lacking Brilliant Hearts
tear countless lives and worlds apart,
turning Intelligence to a curse
that ripples throughout the Universe.
The Truth, when all is said and done,
is that All Life, All Beings, are One.
Why would higher Intelligences then self-destruct
in created Realities we, together, construct?
The darkness of a world gone mad
forming Realities tragic and sad
can change in an instant when Love shines through
by what we choose now to think and do.
Love is the measure of our true ‘worth’,
not the mere Species of our birth.
No glory is greater than the Spirit of Love.
Life’s true Masters wear bright crowns of Love.
Seventh Chakra Beings of Brilliant Love
unite Radiant Energies both here and above.
Love is the Great Light that outshines all
in every Dimension’s Here and Now.
Self-mastery is ever the true Masters’ goal,
not subjugation, repression, and mass control.
Leaps of Evolution, mysterious and strange,
are Life’s wondrous growth and constant change.
Let fears be just memories of a primitive past,
as we remember our Spirit, Love Itself, at last!!!

Shelley Wilson (August 31, 2013)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

Those Held Dear

Those Held Dear (my digital music composition)
We weep the loss of those held dear.
We hold their memory with our tears,
with flowers and stones
that honour their names,
releasing their bodies to earth,
to water, to air, and to flames.
We note the dates of their birth and death
with comforting words to those they’ve left.
Were they loving? Were they kind?
What were the things they left behind?
How did they define their life and worth?
We celebrate and mourn with grief,
repeating inherited or chosen beliefs
as words of power to banish fear
in knowing our turn, too, is drawing near.
Were we loving? Were we kind?
What were the things we left behind?
What defined our values and our worth
co-creating our life on Earth?
I sit in the cemetery’s morning light
watching such a heart-welcomed sight.
Three brave and gentle, beautiful deer
quietly approach me, ever so near.
I send them feelings of joy and peace,
finding freedom in cares release.
I share their calm presence, so gentle, so brave.
They feed on wildflowers growing on graves.
I share their gift of Here and Now,
no longer concerned by when or how
the stories of our lives will end.
This Present draws me gently in
to that ever still and timeless space within-
into the Light I see so clearly-
into the Love I hold so dearly-
Communion, Compassion, and Mystery.
No one is separate, forsaken, alone
for this Light is pure Love and Light is our Home.
Space and Time are wonder-filled Life at play
creating magic everywhere, everyday.
Space-time is fabric woven of Life Itself,
interwoven, vibrating Energy
creating Experience, experiencing all,
All That Is Itself, Its glorious Self.
Everything is expanding Consciousness.
Life moves and creates and feels through us-
the Observer that sees behind our eyes, all eyes-
the Divine in everyday, common disguise.
Everything is Source Energy-
different frequencies, varying degrees
of evolving Awareness-
even all that seems dead and inert
like mountains, rocks, sand, and dirt.
We watch to see how things behave-
disappearing particles, dancing waves-
surprising evidence appearing strange.
We jump the boundaries of our Age.
All Matter is Energy in a Process divine.
Form and Energy are One in Truth sublime,
yet forms do ever change and disappear
so we weep the loss of those held dear.
I feel grateful and humble as I can be,
enjoying this morning’s company
of silent deer and thoughts of those held dear.
But they’ve gone beyond and are not here.

Shelley Wilson
June 22, 2013

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley