I am in love, in love and in awe of ‘zer0′.
I look through the symbol, the number, the numerical sign. What does it mean? What does it mean to me?
I look within ‘zer0′ and enter in. I circle and spiral within.
I merge my little self in ‘naught’.
I laugh in a natural high of feeling and thought. I am myself and not.
I float in this ‘void’, this ‘womb of creation’, this formless energy, alive,
awake, aware, and in awe.
Still and silent, a mystery, still, yet it moves in singing frequencies
throughout all dimensions, in all directions, everywhere at once, yet
ever here and ever now, a mystery, an infinite mystery.
What is this formless ‘no thing’, this ‘void’, without beginning and end
wherein occur all beginnings and endings?
How is this divine process processing itself, self-generating perpetual power forming and transforming all that is out of its infinite, formless self?
Why is this consciousness, this creator creating constantly changing creations out of its being? Why not?
Ah, the wonder of what I’m seeing. The whole is greater than the sum of all its parts.
I drift in this timeless peace, the space where dark and light emerge,
where values are born, positive and negative numbers, thoughts, feelings, and actions, their evolutions and revolutions, ever returning back to source.
I move in this wondrous energy, this all-pervading force of freedom, boundless, joyous, the essence of life itself. Freedom needing no defence, this is true and divine intelligence. Sublime, profound, glorious, it is intelligence beyond my embryonic understanding. Humble and grateful, I reach for more.
All-embracing love envelops me. Then I laugh again, for even little ‘I’ am ‘zer0′, ‘no thing’, formless and informing energy. Yes, ‘that’, I laugh out loud.

Shelley Wilson (September 16, 2017)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Child of the Universe

Child of the Universe

I am a child of the Universe.
I am in the Universe
and the Universe is in me.
I just close my eyes
and swiftly rise above
my little self, now free.
I travel at the speed of thought
through the atmosphere
transcending limitations
and boundaries of fear.
I see my Home, my place of birth,
the swiftly changing planet Earth.
I see my Home, the Universe,
both Challenge and Opportunity
to be all that I can be
in every moment of my lives
lived simultaneously.
Through everywhere I trek and roam,
through every size and shape of form,
I know I’m ever still ‘At Home’.
I am a child of the Universe.

(Shelley Wilson September 13, 2017)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Who Are We

Who Are We

I stand in hushed silence,

wrapped in wordless awe and wonder.

Then Bird and Beast declare

the awaited rising of the Sun.

Dawn-dyed misty morning veils

hang o’er spellbound hills and dales

‘till transformed as stronger light prevails.

Now things once hidden come clear to sight.

This is a realm of wonders in which we live.

Everything has whatever meaning we choose to give.

Everything is a message and a sign.

Ever-evolving creations, all things are divine.

Everything everywhere is sacred and divine.

All beings, all bodies, all space…divine.

So, who are we? What is Humanity?

Our bodies are sentient embodiments

of Earth, our Sun, Space, and Stars beyond.

We are the bodies and voices of That,

the Universe, Nature, and Life before,

cells and atoms and so much more

than Earth dust and Star dust. More.

God is Process. Being and Becoming More.

Nothing is separate. Imagine That!

(Shelley Wilson September 3, 2017)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Crayon Spears

Crayon Spears

I will not throw crayon spears at you, declaring my colour or colours ‘superior’ or ’best’. Let’s put that childish idea to rest.
I will not stamp my feet and make loud noise using force to take your ‘toys’, your treasures of ‘stuff’, your sacred anything. Neither will I rob you of respect, dignity, or right to ‘be’.
I will not push you down so I can win some ‘game’ of competition for fortune and fame, so often a gamble with greed and shame.
I will not make you fear ‘Who Rules’ the playground hill. I will not shout ‘Comply or Die’, nor threaten with ever watchful great ‘Eye’. Fear is the domain of less evolved beings. We can do better than that.
I will become wiser, more loving, more kind, more aware, more peaceful and free as I humbly grow into maturity.

Shelley Wilson August 28, 2017

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Dirty Windows

Dirty Windows

Tourists beware! There is a grand global conspiracy to ruin your eagerly anticipated, once-in-a-lifetime special moment, treasured souvenir holiday photos!
Well, okay, it isn’t a conspiracy, but you must admit that dirty windows are a truly global problem. Your eyes may deny what they see, but your cameras shout “Look! Look! Dirty windows here, there, and everywhere!”
On airplanes, trains, ships, tour boats, automobiles, and buses- your recorded view is corrupted by smudges and smears. Your cameras groan “Not again!”
Does anyone transporting Tourists care that those precious photos of people, sights and events you eagerly wish to share have unsightly window scribbles or cataract effects? Must all your travels be edited or deleted?
Forget that some people actually smear others or want to see their world, human life, sex, and politics as ‘dirty’- Tourists unite and demand:- Clean the damn windows!!

Shelley Wilson (August 23, 2017)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Perceptions and Profiles

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Perceptions and Profiles

Ever wonder? How do people around you perceive you, the you of Yesterday or the you of Today?
We know that others view us through their personal filters of opinions, beliefs, ideas, and judgments- whether held firmly or easily released.
We know that sometimes these views are subject to a group or ‘herd’ mentality which can be either benevolent and beneficial or malevolent and harmful.
We can be regarded with love, affection, respect, and admiration, or even hated, feared, disrespected, and ‘demonized’ by those who actually have no true knowledge or experience of us whatsoever.
Perceptions, reputations, and profiles can be easily contaminated by prejudices, misinformation, misunderstandings, false assumptions, intentional misinterpretations, slander, lies, deceptions, staged fabrications, hostile ‘hacks’, and hidden agendas.
We can either live in fear of often fickle perceptions others have of us, or, we can live the wisdom of ‘To thine own Self be true’, courageously living our own Self-defining truths of who we are and freely choose to be in every changing moment of ever changing Life.
Even in Today’s world of growing false security through loss of freedoms, psychic attacks, and increasing use of violence, I choose the latter way of moving through my Time-line. All Life on this planet suffers from the insanities of Mankind. That needs to be healed.
Throughout my childhood and early adult years I freely explored local and global World Religions looking for the most loving-kind expressions of Spirituality in them. It shone through all of them in many ways. Each Religion contained clear proclamations of the precious Wisdom of the Golden Rule.
Alas, I also found that in every Religion I studied through Scripture and History, either Race, Gender, Social Status, Culture, Geography, or differences in various Belief Systems were used to deny or ignore this same Spiritual Golden Rule of attitude and behaviour. How can intelligent people not see such insane contradictions? How can intelligent people not question their inherited ideas about God and their own Nature?
Is it any wonder that both God-loving people and Atheists alike do choose No Religion in their lives?
Even while genuinely respecting all Religions and having the deepest love for God and Humanity (indeed the Divine Oneness of all Life), one can claim and express their own Spirituality without religious affiliation- despite denials to the contrary. Yes, despite continuing ancient and modern persecutions and killings through Religion itself , we can freely choose No Religion. I do.
Similarly, one can search for, explore, and respectfully value universal expressions of Spirituality and ethical integrity in all Political Systems that Humanity has created, yet have No Political Affiliation.
I have No Political Affiliation, no fixed membership, throughout my life. In Canada’s Federal and Provincial Elections I have voted Liberal, New Democrat, Green, and Conservative. My loyalty was and is to Freedom, Love, and Respect for the Unity and Diversity of all Life, myself included, however that presents itself to my understanding.
Inherent Human Rights and Freedoms respected by Political Parties and Governments resonate most with me, a veteran of many lifetimes.
Alas, global Politics contaminated by elitism, selfish and insatiable greed, systemic corruption, fear tactics, justified oppressions, and indifference to suffering have caused many to see the crazy contradictions between platforms, promises, and political actions. Still, we can continue to hope for healing Evolutionary Leaps into a better Today and Tomorrow for all Life on Earth.
In true humility, I see myself and my family, that is Humanity itself, as so much more than grass to be trod upon or sheep to be led to a fold, milked, sheared, or even slaughtered.
Ever wonder? How do people around you perceive you, the you of Yesterday or the you of Today?

Shelley Wilson
August 8/9, 2017

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

My painting ‘Somewhere A Story’ (acrylics and metallic paint on canvas) has evolved to this stage where I’ve brought attention to shapes hinting at a story beside symbols of an unknown language created from my imagination. I do love mysteries! 😁