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I Once Believed

I Once Believed

I once believed in a God of Contradictions, a Parent Almighty, a Loving Creator God of Unlimited Power who was Powerless to Make Humans Obey, especially Women, a God who Needed the Help of Men to Fight Ancient and Modern Wars, to Obey and Kill on Command, Obedient to Commandments and Punishing Laws, a God of Wrath.

I once believed in a God of Sacrifice, a Death Dealing God who Required us to Demonstrate Obedience through our Self Sacrifice and the Sacrifice of our Loved Ones, especially the Innocents, the Child, the Children of God, Sons and Daughters of Man, the countless Sacrifices of Harmless Animals to a Primitive God still worshipped by many.

I once believed in a God of Rewards and Punishments, Rewards of Heaven, of Paradise, for Blind Faith and Blind Obedience, for the Right Genes, the Right Religion, the Chosen, the Elect, the Superior Few- a God of Jealousy, Vengeance and Cruelty to All Others- the Unbelievers, the Infidels, the Heretics, People of the Wrong Religion or Race or Politics, the Wrong History and Geography, the Wrong Beliefs, a Very Exclusive and Elitist God.

I once believed in a God who used Angels (those Humans and Extraterrestrials) with powerful Weapons to Destroy whole Cities, even the Children too- Innocent Infants, Toddlers and Teens, Children of Men and Women in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time (Collateral Damage), Justified Death, Horrific Killing for Power and Control of Earth. Was it they who told us about the Horrors of Hells? I wonder.

I once believed in a God of Retribution, a God of Karma Making us, Forcing us, to Return Again and Again until we Got It Right, until we Outgrew our Unacceptable Behaviours, our Sins born of Ignorance that Mother of Evils, until we finally Saw the Light in our Meditations and Prayers or through our Devotions, Adorations and Rituals Considered Needed to Get It Right, Enlightened At Last.

I walk in the Wonder of Life Itself Letting Go of anything Less than Pure Love and True Freedom, those Other Names for God…

January 19, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

I Wonder

I Wonder

I wonder about many things- things beyond my intellectual and emotional comprehension as well as those things I think and feel that I understand in some small measure.

‘How great Thou art’ I often say to Life, to God Present in the Essential Nature of Every Being and in Every Atom of Everything, in the Forces and Elements of Nature and in the Great Mystery Beyond Everything- the Great Oneness of It All.

I wonder about ‘big things’ and ‘small’.

This morning I was wondering about our Human uses of Earth’s Resources. Where would we be in our Technologies of Information and Communication, our Technologies of Transportation, our Manufacturing and Distribution of so much of our Building Materials, our Furniture, our Adornments, our Medical Technologies, our Food Production, our Basic Needs and Comforts and Entertainments that we enjoy- if not for Mining whether judged by some as ‘exploitations’ or ‘wise use’ by others? How would we be living without our Mining Industries?

Even more ‘Technologically Primitive’ Civilizations Mined to create Weapons and Utensils, Mining from Earth’s Resources too. How would they have lived without Mining?

When we are Mining the Moon, the Asteroids and the Planets, like Mars, how will Humanity benefit? Will very few benefit, as it is today? Or, will our Insatiable Need for Weapons to solve Problems, resulting in Extensive and Irrational Inventories of Weapons with the Profiting Need for their Use so more can be made, work to create our End? Will we create better Solutions through Spiritual Evolution of Understandings and Actions before we Self-Destruct? I wonder.

We are Complex Creatures, even more Complex than our present Machines, though A.I. in Machines is Advancing rapidly with our help- to the Point where it may soon go Beyond Serving us into Completely Ruling us. Our Creation, our Machine World, may Replace us Bit By Bit, Part By Part. We may laugh and scoff now, but what will we Become?

Where are we heading as we ‘Advance’, as we Move Forward? How will we Change Direction if we don’t like where we’re headed? How do we Navigate a Path Between Extremes?

As Individuals, we just pop in and out of Life Here on Earth. Where is our Collective Free Will of Humanity- as a Species of Human Animals and as Spirits in God-given Flesh- taking us?

In this Century, we have Almost taken some Exits from Life Here, as has happened with other Species. That Potential is now with us every single Day through those in Power (elected or not) as well as through Transformations of the Planet Itself creating Its Own Solutions.

In some Timelines, we’re all no longer here. I wonder what the Story of This Timeline will be?

January 16, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Love, Joy and Peace

My Christmas Eve prayer is simply this:-

May our Love flow through and beyond

our temporary personality and mindset

to shine our Spirit’s wondrous Star-Light

of Christ-in-you, Life living as

the Way of Love.

May our Joy be the Remembering of

our Spirit, our True Nature, sacrificing

selfishness and self-interest in Caring,

Sharing and Good Will to All Beings as

living the Way of Joy.

May our Peace come through Respect

for Freedom and Freedoms, through

overcoming all Obstacles, Prejudices and

Misunderstandings about Life Itself, through

Respect for Life as both Unity and Diversity,

through Good Will as living

the Way of Peace.

Amen and Aumen.

December 24, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Love, Joy and Peace

Another Perspective

How easily we believe what we’re told through gossip, the modern Media and the Scriptural News of old slanted to steer behaviours through trained perspectives, beliefs and World Views. Even our questions are coloured lines, patterned attitudes and contained beliefs- those old ‘boxes’ in which we see Life and from within which we create our collective and individual experiences. When we choose to step out of one such box created in a distant past, we often jump into another. Out of the box, we become a threat to the ‘status quo’ as heretics, unbelievers, doubters, exiles and outcasts.

I am reminded of Hagar, the ancient bondwoman of Sarah, wife of Abraham- a tribal chieftain who entertained the ‘men of God’ with food and drink and who agreed to a pact, a contract to fight in their wars in return for great promises. The identities of these men who ate, drank and threw bones to predict and tell fortunes have been translated now as ‘messengers of God’ and as ‘angels’ and as ‘God’. I am guessing that they were actually part of some ancient religious order with ties to extraterrestrials fighting for control of Earth. Just a guess, of course. I could be wrong.

Hagar is portrayed as a jealous servant who deserved to be cast out of the camp with her child to die in the desert when Sarah had given birth to her own son. He was to be the ‘rightful heir’ to promises of power, riches and many offspring with the help of these ‘angels of God’, ‘messengers’, ‘men of God’. The Scriptures ‘testify’ to this ‘contract’ of promises in return for warriors.

Seen from another perspective, Hagar was an Egyptian ‘bond-gift’ given to serve Sarah, the beautiful woman desired and favoured by the Pharaoh of that time. Hagar was forced to serve Sarah, attend to her needs like combing her hair- a personal attendant much like later ‘ladies of the court’. Hagar was forced to have sex with Sarah’s husband, believing false promises, in order to produce a surrogate child for Sarah by her command. Then, when Sarah, herself, was ‘miraculously’ inseminated, suddenly fertile, giving birth to her own child, both Hagar and her offspring became a threat to Sarah and her son. An excuse to be rid of them was easily created. Such circumstances with intrigues have been repeated in places of power throughout history.

Hagar was made into a symbol of powerless bondage and slavery while Sarah became a symbol of freedom, grace and God’s favour- all to justify and sanctify struggle for power ‘rightly won’.The consequences of these ancient actions have spread ripple effects through time even to this day.

From Sarah’s perspective, she did what was ‘right and just’ for herself and her son. Hagar was in bondage and had no rights, especially the right to glorified power, so Hagar was ‘in the wrong’ to assume power for her son despite false promises made to her by Abraham and Sarah herself. I am guessing that it did not ever occur to Sarah that bondage and slavery itself was ‘wrong’ and spiritually unjustifiable. The primitive culture of her time and of primitive cultures before her had accepted and lived in those ‘boxes of belief’ that bondage and slavery were acceptable, right, just,and the ‘will of their God’ as told by ‘men of God’. She’d believe this without question.

It’s amazing how men and women of intelligence fail to question the ‘status quo’’ even today. It’s also amazing how men and women of intelligence fail to see the ample contradictory evidence of a capricious God of Love and Condemnation, Love and Damnation, of Loving and Hating, of Comforting Grace and Angry Revenge, of Ultimate Power and Complete Powerlessness except through Fear and Need for Sacrifice- both animals and human life. Such versions and visions of the Creator, God, were brought to us by ‘men of God’ in many ancient cultures. How great the needless suffering has been because of this!

We must rise out of our ‘boxes of beliefs’ to a higher perspective, like a higher view seen of the Earth, a higher World View, and come to realize that we are all one, a unity of Life expressing diversity. Then we shall see God everywhere through new eyes, new ‘I’s’, as a more highly evolved Humanity. The assumption here is that we don’t destroy ourselves and our precious home planet first.

November 13, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Moose Tales

This and Other Realities

Moose Tales

In the Medicine Wheel, the Moose is my Totem Animal in the East. I am a ‘white woman’ now but have lived several Indigenous lives with loved ones on this North American continent, both in male and female forms. (It’s fine if you don’t believe that.)

Mother Nature has gifted me with many sightings and encounters with Moose throughout my years when living in Northeastern Ontario. I am deeply grateful for having those experiences.

Great To Be Alive…

Some years ago, my Husband, Roger, and I journeyed to the Lady Evelyn and Smoothwater Lakes by canoe, having entered the winding access river off of the Beauty Lake Road.

I was filled with thoughts about ‘timing’ just before our little electric motor died, then later after a portage in rough waters, my paddle split down the middle of the bottom half. It happened at the mouth of Smoothwater, a crystal clear lake renowned for sudden high waves and drownings. The wind was threatening and against us so we paddled closer to shore. It suited my mood and the desire to live a solitary life once the children were out of the nest.

When we stopped to pitch tent on a beach, I went to gather sticks for our fire. Some distance away from camp, with my aching arms full, I stood quietly looking at my beautiful, wild surroundings. I was overcome with a wonderful feeling of how great it was to be alive. My concerns and worries dissolved in those few minutes of contemplation.

Just as I returned to camp, Roger and I heard a very loud, crashing sound. There, on the very spot of the shoreline where I had just stood, a Bull Moose appeared as if running for its life, went straight into the water and swam as fast as it could toward the distant shore. He was a magnificent sight to behold.

Then, just moments later, a large Grey Wolf appeared on that very same spot. It watched the Moose intently, hungry and having lost its prey. Then it turned to stare directly at us. That stare pierced my mind and heart. I, truly, felt the Call of the Wild.

What a thrill and honour to see both of these amazing creatures!!

Moose In Paradise…

Years ago, my Dad, Aunt and Uncle and I went on a day trip fishing in Dad’s 12 foot aluminum boat. It was another of several of my journeys into the Lady Evelyn, Dufferin and Smoothwater Lakes where I often saw Moose, Bears and many species of wildlife. My Uncle remarked that it looked as if I’d just entered into Paradise.

On that particular day, my Aunt and I encountered a towering Bull Moose with a heavy rack just a few short yards from our path. We all stopped suddenly. My Aunt, Helen, pulled out her belted knife and I said softly, “Please put that away and don’t move.”

The Moose stood staunchly appraising us for several minutes, then turned back, trustingly, into the bush. We sighed with relief. Then I chuckled with great respect for my wonderful Totem Animal of the East.

Saved By A Moose…

During my late teens, I had another memorable experience with a formidable Bull Moose. To this day, I believe that creature of Mother Nature was Heaven-sent to save me from a potential rape when I prayed for help.

A young man who was dating my cousin in Southern Ontario made a surprise visit to my family home one summer day. He wanted me to take him for a day of fishing. Dad suggested I take him to Lone Wolf Lake, north, towards the Arctic Watershed sign.

I recall the strange thought, ‘I’ll give him a memory he won’t soon forget,’ then wondered why I’d thought that thought.

Off we went on our adventure.

It was a hot, sunny day with swarms of mosquitoes and blackflies all around us as we threw our baited lines into the water. Within minutes, I discovered that I was the bait. Our visitor gave me a ravenous, unwelcomed kiss. I said to the mosquitoes and blackflies, “Oh, oh! What next!” When I looked deep into his eyes, I saw he was being tempted to rape me. I must have made a desperate mental call, a prayer to God, to Mother Nature, to the Angels, because just then a gigantic Bull Moose came charging out of the bush and stood very close to where we were. I had the sudden instinct to drop my fishing rod and run towards the Moose. He turned swiftly and headed back into the bush running, with me chasing after him, unarmed, like a crazy, wild woman. I had a distinctly wolfish, predatory feeling all through this strange experience. The southern visitor began chasing after me too but was slow to catch up. Then the strange feeling passed and I finally stopped, leaving that blessed Moose to its solitary run deeper into the wilderness.

My visitor caught up. He had a frightened, sheepish look in his eyes now. I said, “It’s time to leave.” We didn’t talk on the way back to Kirkland Lake and I heard he headed back south immediately.

I didn’t speak of this experience for many years but chuckled to myself whenever it came to mind. In a family of Moose Hunters, I was saved by a Moose…

(True stories of Northeastern Ontario retold November 2, 2021)

Thank you Mother Nature!

Shelley Wilson

Partridge Tale

This and Other Realities:

Partridge Tale

It was Christmas. Our little town in Northeastern Ontario had been gifted with another heavy snowfall. Fresh snow sparkled through the windows of our ‘doll house’ home. The beautiful white pine and shrubs of our garden all glittered like a Christmas card sent from the Heavens.

Inside, we enjoyed the colourful sight of hand-crafted ornaments on the Christmas tree and a bounty of holiday gifts beneath it. Our young children, Alissa and Aaron, played carefree games in the living-room as my husband, Roger, and I prepared dinner in the kitchen. Music drifted through the rooms in wave after wave of carols: ‘Silent Night’, ‘The Holly and The Ivy’, ‘Deck The Halls’ and another favourite- the countdown carol ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ our children loved to sing along with…”and a Partridge in a pear tree”…

The children’s excitement intensified that memorable day with the priceless gift of a very special visit. A glance outside had revealed the presence of a Partridge perched on our cherished crab-apple tree beside the dining-room window. Roger and I rushed into the room to watch this unusual sight. There was our own version of a Christmas carol come to life!

The plump bird didn’t seem to mind us watching it dine on the tiny crab-apples still clinging to the dormant tree. We were all so amused to see how much its heavy weight bent the branch it sat upon.

I recall wondering how this solitary Partridge could be so stout given the frozen state of the wilderness near our home. I also remember wondering how this naturally ‘shy’ bird found its way to our street and our house and tree with such perfect timing. How we loved Nature’s wondrous presence and presents!

I am still filled with thoughts and feelings of gratitude and wonder to this very day.

(A true story retold October 29, 2021)

Thank you Mother Nature!

Shelley Wilson

Exercising Imagination

During a short walk for exercise near my home, I came upon this sight of tiny flowers. How small they are, I thought. Then my imagination zoomed in to see them from the viewpoint of an even smaller creature of Nature, an insect. How large they are, I thought. Now my imagination lifted me to the perspective of a space traveller. Gone were the flowers. Gone was the planet Earth and the Solar System. I wonder what’s over there, I thought as I passed by while exercising my healthy imagination.

(April 29, 2020- Shelley Wilson)

Intersection of Timelines

Intersection of Timelines?
The air smelled fresh on a cool but sunny Autumn day in Kirkland Lake. There, the sky can be more beautifully, vibrantly blue than in so many places I’ve been.
That day my husband was working out of the New Liskeard office of a company where he was employed as an insurance claims adjuster. Our teenage children were both at school in Englehart where we lived. I decided to visit my parents’ home in K.L. after experiencing an unusual feeling of nostalgia.
It was a perfect day for family tea and conversation, then a solitary walk through familiar places. I marvelled at the clarity and blueness of the sky as I strolled the same streets I’d walked so many times before. The familiarity of those streets and sidewalks felt so safely ‘comfortable’ and ‘predictable’. I sipped those feelings like a cup of favoured tea as I came to the intersection of three streets close to my former home.
As I began to cross the road, I saw something that remains vivid in memory to this very day.
I stopped to watch as a car drove by. Waiting for a car to go by so as to cross a road without cross walks is nothing out of the ordinary but this was different. As this vehicle slowed down at the intersection, I faced the driver’s side with a clear view of the man driving. He seemed completely oblivious to my presence as I waved enthusiastically to acknowledge my husband at the wheel of that car just a few feet away. I thought ‘How strange! He’s supposed to be in New Liskeard today.’ Just then I noticed that he was wearing a different coloured suit. Gray, not the navy blue suit he wore when he left that morning. ‘Why would he need to change suits?’ The car held a surprise for me too. It was the same make, model, and colour of our car but as it passed I clearly saw that the license plate was not ours!
I stood at that intersection transfixed with overwhelming feelings of bewilderment, and all the ‘what ifs’ of past and present choices speeding through my mind. Years later, after watching the movie ‘What The Bleep Do We Know’ about Quantum Physics, I wondered if I had played the role of ‘the Observer’ witnessing a ‘Timeline’ of different life choices on that truly strange Autumn day. I wonder…
(A true tale that still puzzles the family—Shelley Wilson)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

How I Became A Tree

Was it fairy dust and magic wands?The Spirit of Trees in the park had called me to a solitary walk among them. I was happily enchanted by their beauty and strength as I walked past or stopped to gaze up and touch them with tenderness and reverence for Life in them. I was about to leave the park when I decided to stop for a drink of my bottled water. As my thirst was quenched, I noticed a grey Squirrel several yards away watching me. I became still and silently observed its fearless, direct approach with fascination. Without hesitation the Squirrel began climbing one of my unmoving legs.

Well, I didn’t plan to become a Tree, but there I was standing silently among the beautiful Trees of a park with a grey Squirrel climbing up my leg. It was clearly intent on reaching my upper limbs and head.

I reacted by swiftly bending to gently stop the Squirrel’s ascent with an offering of bottled water at the level of my knee. The confused creature paused, looked into my smiling eyes, then quickly backed down. It showed no interest in the water as it scampered a few feet away to stare at me curiously.
My body felt immediate and grateful relief from release of the grip of sharp claws. I had imagined a graffiti of scratches on exposed skin of my trunk and face. I began to tremble and chuckle at the same time.
Now two male Mallard Ducks waddled closely before me. One stopped within a few inches of my sandalled feet. He looked up without the slightest sign of fear or caution. Like the Squirrel and I, the Duck stood rooted in silent wonder.
After a brief eternity, the Duck rejoined his companion.
I was amazed. ‘I have no food to offer’ I thought. ‘Why are they acting like this?’
Then I recalled the previous weekend at a ‘Roots’ gathering to support the Ancient Forest Alliance. It was a mix of instructive talks about Nature and Energy, guided meditations, music, forest walks, Tree hugging, sharing perspectives, plant and artisan sales. I bought a bottle of herbal oil mixed with the Spring resin of Poplar buds for medicinal skin care. Applying it with another mixture of cream containing organic Bee products for my face, hands, and feet became part of my daily self-care. ‘Ah, of course, I must smell like a Tree!’ I mused.
This memory led me to pondering about ‘Tree Energy’ in my stroll through Beacon Hill Park. I’d lovingly touched several old Trees with a silent blessing for each. I even asked one Tree to kindly impart some of its ‘Tree Energy’ so as to calm and clear unwanted ’empathic Energies’ I’d recently experienced. A peaceful stillness breezed through me, leaving a grounded and serene visceral feeling. This happened minutes before I encountered Squirrel and Duck. It was ‘medicine’ and ‘communion’ with Nature at the same time. Everything is Energy.
Did I look like a Tree? Well, before I decided on my walk to the park that morning, I chose to wear taupe brown pants, a top coloured with muted shades of green, and a Spruce green vest. They just felt ‘right’ somehow.
Looking back now, I have to laugh. I’d worn Tree colours, Tree scent, and Tree Energy. That’s how I became a Tree.

(Earth Day 2016)
(a true tale)

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Fragile Thread

Fragile Thread (my digital composition)


Thoughts of you come to mind. I wonder how you are.
We haven’t communicated in so long. Too much time and distance…
I sit by the patio door, now open, with a cup of tea resting on the table by my chair.
I am silent and quietly aware.
A gentle breeze flows in. I know its presence through my chilled skin
and the sight of leaves shivering on the vine and shrubs outside.
Now sunlight informs me of a fragile spider thread. It’s attached to the vine at one end
but no longer connected at the other.
Fascinated, I watch this fragile thread as the breeze lifts and carries it directly to me.
Ah, I see!

short story by

Shelley Wilson
July, 2014


May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Happy Birthday


(Fragile Thread-  my digital music composition)


Happy Birthday!!!!

**My Four Wishes For You**

*May you see what others cannot see.

(Know the Oneness connecting all Life.)

*May you hear what others cannot hear.

(Observe your continual conversation with Life.)

*May you live a long life.

(Let go of judgments to embrace Love and Respect

for every stage of Life in your ever-changing body.)

*May you seek the powers of self-mastery, excel in

your artistry, and rejoice in the beautiful freedoms

of ‘imperfections’.

(Feel the true joy of co-creating happy imperfections

with your Creator, Life Itself.)

Best Wishes,


May, 2012

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley