Puzzles That Teach

Puzzles That Teach

There’s a sense of perfect timing

when you just suddenly see

the fitting and the belonging

of things you thought mystery.

Picture puzzles have taught me much,

especially patience and humility.

You can know the Picture as Whole,

as One, with such joyful clarity

while piecing together its mystery-

pieces staring you in the face

as you wonder and search for answers-

as you ponder their pattern and place.

Sometimes right answers are wrong-

pieces that fit but don’t belong-

clues of frustration and futility

when feelings tell you something’s wrong.

Those are the times to step away

or look at them another way.

Turn it around and upside down.

Be like a little Child at play,

free and willing to be wrong

until answers truly fit and belong.

Then you’re ready to move on

to new challenges of the mind-

of mind and heart and soul-

Life’s own puzzles of every kind.

Whenever I’m ready and willing

to leave unworkable truths behind

or choose to really look once more

at puzzle pieces I might ignore,

then I surprise myself to find

what I just didn’t see before.

Whenever I face an a-mazing wall,

like a Child, I question it all.

Patterns of strife in our life,

human histories that so often repeat-

aggression, conquest, defeat-

such answers don’t belong

in the Picture of a World at Peace.

Those walls that bar Peace and confine

must puzzle us all from time to time.

The Child within us wants to play,

happy and healthy in every way.

January 11, 2022- Shelley Wilson


Picture Puzzles

Poetry In A New Paradigm

Picture Puzzles

Picture Puzzles Help To Teach Us

the Great Value of Flexible Thinking,

to Seek and Expand Our Understandings,

to Just Set Aside What Doesn’t Work

When Linking Pieces to Others-

‘Clues’ that Just Don’t Fit, or

‘Clues’ that Fit But Don’t ‘Actually’ Fit-

to Continue to Look For Answers

Even When Seeing the Picture Whole

In Healthy Humility As We Grow-

Always Something More To Know…

Puzzles Teach Appreciation For Uncertainties,

the Value of Honest Doubt- the Value

of Questions With Need For Evidence,

For a Willingness to Question ‘Dog-mas’-

that of Our Own or Others-

Valid Yet Incomplete Answers,

‘Collars’ that Fit but Don’t ‘Actually’ Fit-

a Willingness to Move Forward

to Higher, Wider, Deeper Understandings

that Help Us Collectively To Grow…

Some Puzzles Become More and More ‘Complex’

Exercises of a Mental Evolution

Where Intuition Breaks Through

to Aid Powers Of Intelligence,

Where Curiosity First Leads Us

To Explore Piece By Piece, Bit By Bit,

With Logic and Powers of Deduction,

With Shape and Pattern Recognition

Then To Sudden Leaps In Awareness

Beyond The Computer Mind-

a Direct, Intuitive Knowing

Then Comes To Our ‘Defence’-

an Inner Force ‘Activates’

When We Truly, Truly Care-

Helping Us To Find Our Answers-

Even That ‘Missing Piece’ of the Puzzle

Hidden Under Our Own Chair…

God Is Giving Us A Whole Universe

Of Wondrous, Invisible Puzzles,

Puzzles To Invite Us All To Grow

and To Stretch Far Beyond

What We Think We Know…

September 14, 2021

Shelley Wilson