The Legacy of Racism

The bodies of 215 Indigenous Children have now been discovered in a mass grave outside the Kelowna Indian Residential School once sponsored by the Canadian Government and run by the Roman Catholic Church. Similar histories of Abuse and Death come from Vancouver Island and elsewhere in Canada.

How could this happen here? or anywhere?

The Global Legacy of Racism in Church and State, in Religions and in Governments has ever been proclaimed as ‘The Will of God’ from ancient times until now. This ‘Will of God’ is ever a False Claim and its Legacy is Abuses of Power and Death for so many.

Governing Laws and Personal Actions based on these kinds of Religious Doctrines justifying Racism are not and never were ‘The Will of God’.

God did not create Racism. Humans did. Not only did early Humans create Racism and its Outcomes everywhere on Earth, they created Violent, Vengeful and Racist God(s) with Stories, Scriptures, Doctrines, Policies, Laws and Institutions to support, justify and maintain these Pyramidal Structures of Oppressive Beliefs ( Racial and Gender Supremacy, Domination and Colonization- ‘Divine Right’ and Aggression…) still evident today.

Apologies are Acknowledgements that Mistakes have been made. To Heal, Humanity must objectively, thoroughly Examine and Understand All Causes of Racism and then Activate True Compassion wherever Harm has been done.

My tears flow Orange today…

(May 31, 2021- Shelley Wilson)


Racial, Religious, Political, Social, Cultural, National

Are we a Civilized Species?

Still prevalent Primitive Beliefs of Racial, Religious, Political, Social, Cultural and National ‘Superiority’ and ‘Domination’ have a long, inhumane history of countless sufferings and persecutions, deaths and destructions on this Earth. These Beliefs continue to lead ‘sheeple’ into violence and slaughter.

We must evolve our understandings of God, of Life, of Nature, of ourselves, to create a more highly evolved Planetary Humanity capable of peaceful interactions with any clearly benign and benevolent Beings of Extra-terrestrial and Inter-dimensional origins (the ‘Heavenly Angels’ of ancient texts).

We need only let go of these still prevalent Primitive Beliefs of ‘Superiority’ and ‘Domination’ by simply transforming our ideas about them, as adults do with childhood stories.

Then Unity with Diversity will be truly realized and celebrated on our Planet in wondrous ways.

February 15, 2021

Shelley Wilson