My Heart Remembers (revised)

My Heart Remembers

some think rebirth a fiction

but my heart remembers you…

i look into your eyes and see

deep buried love that used to be

the wonder the joy in other lives

our souls both true love graced…

my heart remembers you…

another time another place

a different name a different face

despite it all i recognize

your being in another guise

your soul in its disguise…

my heart remembers you…

free to travel time and space

by our spirits’ loving grace

here and now we meet again

forgetting what once was

till only love itself remains…

my heart remembers you…

we are a mystery to solve

ever changing to evolve

finding love held deep inside

entangled love that never dies…

here and now we meet again

strangers not strangers once again

now once more you say to me

you seem so familiar

have we met before…

yes my heart remembers you…

February 18, 1993- revised 2005-

revised March 10, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC