These are Spring Flowers in my Container Garden


Three Great World Religions-

Many Followers feuding and killing

throughout long traumatized Ages

of still evident, Primitive Man,

still feuding and killing,

still claiming or blaming all

this Insanity as Love for God,

even Losses as Acts of God.

Long ago and even now…

Many sought a War-Lord Messiah

to Save them from Slavery,

those Obedient, Faithful,

‘Destined’ to Rule the World-

those Best and Chosen Few

(Right Religion, especially Right Genes too!)

Many sought a Revelation Judgment Day,

an Army of Angels, a War-Lord Saviour

(though a Prince of Peace- being

a Contradiction to say the least!)

returning in Glory to Rule Earth –

subduing Opposition, here again

to gather the Obedient Elect-those Few

Worthy, God-Fearing Faithful- to Save them

from Apocalypse Horrors-

to bring them (willingly without Loved Ones)

to a Gated, Gold and Harp Heaven,

sending the rest to ‘Everlasting Hell’

of Tortures and Torments

(that’s some God of Compassion!).

Many sought a War-Lord Prophet,

a Militant Leader of Faithful, Obedient,

those ‘Fight to the Death’ Believers

in a Holy War for Earth and Above

(Paradise with Sensual Pleasures too-

For Men Only, a Harem of Beauties!)

Three Great World Religions-

Many Followers feuding and killing-

all in the Names of their Faith,

‘paying for their tickets’ to versions

of an After Death State of Happiness,

forgetting God as Pure Love and Compassion-

Not At War With Life In Any Way.

We are such a young Species-

even now, so Many, sadly, unhappily, see

through Filtered Distortions and Views,

the Nature of God, the Nature of Life,

the Nature and Power of True Love.

God is Peace and Joy and Love.

April 7, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


What’s the Matter?

What’s the Matter?

“What’s the matter?” we say to each other.

“What’s going on? What’s happening here.”

Religion and Science ask these Questions too,

with varied Answers throughout the Ages

held tight or slowly evolving still.

“What is Matter? What’s going on?”

“Who or What created, creates?”

These Questions have been Argued, been Answered,

Answered in Words and Numbers- in Symbols

Explaining All or Parts of the Mystery.

When ‘Answers’ mean Power and Control

to our Primitive, Young Species, some zealously seek

to Dominate and are willing to Kill, to Harm,

to Force, so certain of their ‘Right Answers’.

‘Right Answers’ attack ‘Right Answers’ still

in this Technological Space-Age Day.

Sometimes it’s a matter of ‘Language’-

different ways of Expressing, Describing,

Defining the Same ‘Values’ and Understandings-

‘Arguing Semantics’ of Religion and Science.

Consider this, if you will.

From the Unseen comes the Seen

ever returning to the Unseen…

From the Formless comes the Forms

ever returning to the Formless…

From Spirit comes Matter-

the Formless in Forms of Matter

ever returning to Formless Spirit again…

From Pure Energy comes Matter

Transforming and Rearranging

Life like Jesus coming again-

Life like Buddhas reincarnating-

Life like Particles appearing, rearranging again…

Impersonal Forces and Processes, Personal Deities…

Impersonal Laws like Gravity

and Personal Saviours like Jesus

throughout World History…

Unseen-Seen, Formless-Forms,

Spirit-Pure Energy-Matter All One…

Life Itself-Nature respected or disrespected…

all Interconnected, a Unity Diverse,

a Unity of Life, seen or unseen by Humans

even ‘Arguing Semantics’ and perceiving Life

through their shared or different World Views…

We are Spirit, Energy, Formless, Forms…

In Essence, we are all One- Parts of Life’s Body-

Simultaneously In Essence Being Many

yet One great and glorious Mystery, One…

God-Spirit-Pure Energy-Life Sacred and Holy

Bless Us, Every One.

February 26, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC