Glimpses of Past Times and Places

glimpses of past times and places- thanks for this James Webb

Glimpses of Past Times and Places

With ever an attitude of gratitude,

I closed my eyes, put ego to rest

and felt my way through Time-Mists…

I passed by Local, International News-

those Future World History Lessons-

here and there slanted like towers

built toward egos with myopic views,

some News recorded, distorted, confused,

Events staged, enacted, reported, like Plays,

Histories forgotten, deleted, erased…

I moved through the Mists feeling

my way, seeing through Ancient Eyes…

I moved past the births of Western Cultures,

past the beginnings of Rome,

past the beginnings of Greece…

I flew past the Middle East,

past Moses, the Pillars of Light Spaceships,

past Abraham, the War, the Promised Land…

past the beginnings of Egypt-

past first Egyptians after the Flood

and the Great Pyramids designed and built

by a Technological Atlantean Race,

designs even elsewhere in Space…

When Egypt was born, India was Old.

I saw many a slow rise and fall

of India’s changing Civilizations…

I saw Ancient Star Wars, Wars

In the Heavens, the Reptilian Nagas-

those Colonists too, not from here…

I saw the Off-World Race with skins of Blue

like Krishna, a man of flesh and blood,

a King and Spiritual Teacher

Awake, Adept, Enlightened…

I saw a World of Space-crafts-

some called Vimanas in India,

some called Dragons in the Orient,

other names of flying ships in the Americas-

a World explored, inhabited, evolving

in Climate Change even then…

I saw a World of Giants-

Giant Animals and Giant Humans,

Animals now displayed, Humans hidden away.

I stood with the ‘Sons of God’

and the Female ‘Goddesses’ too-

Awakened, Remembering Spirit…

From there, I saw Mars at War

and before, Sirius and the Pleiades

and much more- Life exploring Star Systems –

Worlds of Strange Beauty too…

When I returned to This Here and Now,

I opened my eyes, humbled in gratitude…

Ah, but skeptic ego jumped up and said,

‘Was it all just a Dream?’

Then I remembered a wise old song

often repeated, recently heard-

‘Row, row, row your boat

gently down the Stream…

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily-

Life is but a Dream.’

March 1, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


Evolutionary Descendant

I wish with all my being

these words could last ten thousand years.

Forgive us Evolutionary Descendant,

our Future now in our Past,

Traveller through SpaceTime,

Observer, Messenger, Hostage

to our Political and Religious Dogmas

clearly seen in action, filmed

Interrogation Inquisition- inhumane

actions of primitive mindsets

that torture and kill without conscience

any being who does not look or think like us-

your Primitive Ancestors.

I am truly sorry, so truly sorry,

for what was done to you,

our Evolutionary Descendant,

the Inheritor of our Savage Wars.

No one has all the Answers

whether ‘dead or alive’, ‘past or future’,

but I have a Message for you too.

Life Itself is the Creator, the Great I Am,

in every being and in every thing-

every drop of water, speck of dust,

in, as, everything physical and not,

in All That Is, in you and me,

in Nature, in all the Universes.

Your Future is Divine Consciousness

co-creating with the Creator in you,

Beloved Evolutionary Descendant,

regardless of Timeline events

in the Ever Only Here Only Now.

You are Ever Present, Ever Alive

Divine Freedom, Love, and Sacred Light.

It matters not in the least

whatever forms we take, Dear One,

our Evolutionary Descendant.

April 16, 2021- Shelley Wilson

What Will We Bring?

What will be bring to the heavens

with the sciences of our species

exploring the vast cosmic seas?

Will we bring our human proclivities,

the dark and light of vices and virtues,

versions of God in religions we choose,

‘divine right’ and ‘might is right’

philosophies, commands for exploitation,

violent aggression and domination,

current moralities, hierarchical views?

Will we bring our spiritual tendencies,

compassion, kindness and caring,

curiosity, courage and daring,

expanding awareness, evolving visions

of Life and of who we are?

Will we be just like the other gods

exploring Life among the stars?

(February 22, 2021-

Shelley Wilson)

Exercising Imagination

During a short walk for exercise near my home, I came upon this sight of tiny flowers. How small they are, I thought. Then my imagination zoomed in to see them from the viewpoint of an even smaller creature of Nature, an insect. How large they are, I thought. Now my imagination lifted me to the perspective of a space traveller. Gone were the flowers. Gone was the planet Earth and the Solar System. I wonder what’s over there, I thought as I passed by while exercising my healthy imagination.

(April 29, 2020- Shelley Wilson)

Like A Spaceship


Like A Spaceship (my digital composition-thanks Magix/Catooh)


a spaceship

to the skies…

Like a spaceship to the skies,

we shall rise. We shall rise!

With a love of all Humanity,

we’ll be free. We WILL be FREE!

We’ll cast off thoughts of fear and strife

for a true, sustaining LOVE OF LIFE.

We’ll leave the realms of Fear behind

to explore the best of heart and mind.

We’ll journey far amidst the stars-

not to bring old plagues of wars

or exploit with all-consuming greed

(disguised dark deeds as ‘justified’ need).

We’ll be the best that we can be,

offering LIFE our service with integrity.


remembering the SPIRIT OF LOVE as ‘HOME’,

showing the Universe how we’ve grown.

As we go humbly, deeper, to Grace within

we’ll forgive ‘guilt-trips’ of shame and sin.

We’ll bring to the heavens, Heaven within.

We’ll bring to the heavens, Peace within.

Like a spaceship to the skies,

we shall rise. We shall rise

to where we all can clearly see

LIFE as one vast and glorious Unity

experiencing ITSELF in wondrous Diversity.

Differences and similarities, we’ll celebrate,

leaving behind all fear and hate.

We’ll rise to free ourselves at last,

moving beyond our primitive past

and the shadows it once cast.

We’ll save the best of LOVE EXPRESSED

and just let go of all the rest

with gratitude for lessons learned

through consequences of Karma earned

by nations and persons put to the test,

finding their way to LOVE at last.

We shall not fail in our ascent

when LOVE OF LIFE is our intent.

Great adventures await Humankind

as limits and boundaries no longer bind

to slavish world views we will outgrow-

beyond beliefs that we now know-

evolving and creating as we go.

To higher truths we will ascend-

no lesser dogmas to defend.

Like a spaceship to the skies,

we shall rise. We shall rise

to where we all can clearly see

LIFE as ONE, a wondrous UNITY!

Like a spaceship

to the skies…

we shall


(Shelley Wilson- September 7, 2015)

Dancing Galaxies


Dancing Galaxies

swirling galaxies dance

divinely dance

the sacred streams

flowing through space

sacred streams

of subatomic particles

and waves

singing frequencies

planets and stars

moons and comets

singing frequencies

with such divine

emotion, e-motion

creating and evolving

beauty evoking bliss

power evoking awe

the cosmic dance

of Source Energy

veiled in layers

layer upon layer

countless transparencies

of lives and forms

moving, ever-moving


through, throughout

the watery layers

that flow ever

from the Source

as whirling galaxies

singing and dancing

these sacred streams

all made of Love

boundless Love


flow through space

ever-sacred space

(Shelley Wilson   August 24, 2015)