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‘Owl’ tell you something else.

Pharaoh/Queen Hatshepsut was part Nubian.

Despite all attempts to erase her name and memory, much of her constructions, relics and artifacts- like her jewellery, still exist (made by her jewellers, though claimed to be that of following rulers, a common practice of inheritance and even grave-robbing by secret royal orders- or royals claiming greatness by falsely putting their name on more ancient structures like Pharaoh Kufu-Cheops- blatantly false claims to the Pyramids.) Even today, Hatshepsut’s love poems written to and with Solomon (called The Songs of Solomon) still exist, though confusingly interpreted now as ‘Holy Scripture’. Well, ‘everything is the meaning we give it’.

This Pharaoh/Queen Hatshepsut, chosen by her Father and fully Initiated, ruled Upper and Lower Egypt, Nubia, Ethiopia, a part of the Arabian Peninsula called Saba (Sheba)…and other Tribute Lands, trading extensively throughout the surrounding areas. She travelled to ‘Punt’, the Egyptian name for ‘the Holy Land, with exotic ‘gifts’- a ‘trade mission’- bringing her ‘entourage’ of highly skilled people, including Architects. Punt, ‘the Holy Land’, had also grown wealthy due to King Solomon’s ‘Wisdom’, his ‘Connections’, through several foreign marriages- alignments to foreign ruling families, and his Business Connections with Hiram of Tyre who owned a fleet of ships profitably transporting cargo between countries.

King Solomon was not as wealthy or powerful as Pharaoh/Queen Hatshepsut but was considered by her and her advisors as a suitable partner for a royal marriage, offspring and trade connections. All of this infuriated his powerful priests, his court and many others, as with the powerful families and priests- those power structures- of her lands. Yes, all of this became ‘translated’ into the supposed Anger of God in ‘the Holy Land’ and the Anger of the ‘Gods’ in Egypt. It became a mystery for scholars to ponder for centuries, for others to create myths or tamper with evidence and dates, and for tourist guides to repeat like gossip for a pay-check.

There’s ‘nothing new under the sun’ where Competing Powers are concerned, though most of us ‘don’t give a hoot’ unless we’re personally impacted. Many were, many still are…

Truly, we are a very young Species.

November 5, 2021

Shelley Wilson


Time Travellers

Poetry In A New Paradigm: Time Travellers

A Stream of Consciousness Poem

We all come from Prime Source, God Source,

Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Bliss,

through states of ‘Being’, sublime states,

states ‘etheric’ and ‘subtly dense’-

through many Sequential/Simultaneous

Moving Moments of Multi-Directional,

Multi-Dimensional ‘Tunnels of Time’…

We travel to Worlds such as this,

this Planet of dense physicality,

this ‘Living Museum and Library’,

this bio-diverse and resource-rich ‘Earth’,

this small gem in a vast Multi-Verse…

Each Soul Journey has an ‘Agenda’

though we pass through Ethereal Veils

of confusing Forgetfulness here,

here where we ‘gather Experiences’…

Though some ‘Return to Remembrance’

of their True Nature and Timeless State

before their ‘Death’, many others wait

their own passing through ‘Life’s Sacred Gate’…

We live in a Realm of Duality

with many a Created Reality-

Collective and Individual Realities…

We move our Heart, our Mind, our Body

through ‘Life’s Process of Constant Change’

gathering Experiences as we go-

Experiences wondrous and strange,

Experiences we already know,

Processing as we go…

We gather Life’s Information,

Experiment to See What Works

for Collective and Personal Agendas

of Life’s Creative, Ingenious Growth…

We come to eventually Value

the Transformative ‘Gold’ of ‘Wisdom’,

the ‘Silver’ of ‘Progressive Understanding’,

and the ‘Copper’ of Cumulative ‘Common Sense’-

that ‘Inner Metal’ of Instinct and Intuition

when ‘In Danger’ comes to our Defence,

when ‘In Practical Use’ simply ‘Makes Sense’…

We live Lives short and long

exploring Spectrums of Thoughts and Actions,

exploring Spectrums of Awareness

ranging between Weak and Strong…

Sooner or later, we Return to our Source-

Prime Source, God Source, our ‘Heaven’,

our True Nature and True Home-

dropping our Veils of Forgetfulness,

Remembering our Ways Back Home-

Back to All Our Beginnings

where Nothing Is Separate, Alone, Apart…

Then God Asks A Simple Question.

Do We Wish To Stay or Continue On-

‘Stay Home’ or ‘Get A Fresh Start

On To New Adventures’

in a vast Multi-Verse to roam…

We’re All Essentially Time-Travellers

Going To and From Our Home…

September 3, 2021

Shelley Wilson

I hope this gives you a chuckle too. I plan to give this T-shirt to my son last Christmas. Well, actually, next Christmas in this Timeline but the Christmas before in another. Then there’s the Timeline where I didn’t buy this T-shirt and the Timeline where I don’t have a son and the Timeline where I’m not on Earth and so I didn’t write this and you aren’t reading these words now….

Space Exploitations


(Universe  One- my digital music composition)


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Space Exploitations…


You, who have gone before,

jumping Space and Time to explore,

we also wish to come out and play,

expanding Life in our own way.


We`ll bring flowers to inhospitable Mars,

that fearsome god of ancient wars
whose offspring taught us very well
how War is ever living hell.


We’ll bring laughter to the Moons,
as we play our lively tunes,
mining orbs for all they’re worth
to enrich the richest of our Earth.


We’ll bring enslaving old beliefs
dressed up in words of love and peace.
We’ll guarantee our Human crews
pay their taxes and their dues.


You, among the stars, we so yearn
to understand and quickly learn
how you do this- in your own way.
Please- let us too- come out to play!
August 20, 2012

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Vancouver Island View





(Writing Poetry-  my digital music composition)



By far the fairest in the land,

snow-white Mount Baker floats-

a towering, ethereal castle cloud-

over distant curves and layers

of hazy, blue-gray horizons.

Romancing midsummer sunlight,

a breeze ripples water with delight

as spell-bound white sailboats

move dreamily in a slow dance

beyond the rocky, sea-grass beach.

I press magic buttons and

our side-windows yawn.

I turn my magic key.

The car engine quiets.

Conversation stops.

Fairy-dust in the breeze invites

silent reverie and dreams.

Eyes close, guards down, we rest-

two sleeping beauties-

on the Isle’s enchanting shore.


July, 25, 2011


May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

Declaring Love of Poetry

(Close Your Eyes and Ride the Stream-  my digital music composition)

P.B. Shelley

‘They say I was an atheist.

God knows it isn’t true.

I worshipped Him in Nature

with my heart a humble pew!’


I have had an enduring love of Poetry in every timeline of every life on this planet no doubt.

This Shelley says a cheery ‘Hi!



(Every Winter Ends With Spring-  my digital music composition)


Once again the Seasons change.

Winter’s white shroud weighs heavy

on dead leaves and frozen flowers

buried in Canada’s vast land of ice and snow.

Yet Spring comes early to where I live.

Today, Victoria and I walk leisurely

among visiting crowds so eager to see

her scattered rainbows of flowers,

rain-jewelled shrubs, ever-festive holly,

towering guard trees, favoured paths,

and wave-kissed coastal shores.

Everywhere we look, there are cameras

opening their eyes wide

to view the feasts of visual splendour.

I stroll along lush green grass

and watch in silence and wonder

as Victoria smiles with gracious poses.

Queen with a flower-gemmed crown,

this Spirit of Spring, my companion,

walks leisurely with me.


  Victoria, B.C. December, 2010

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Travel Deathstination



(The Prejudices of Geography-  my digital music composition)
Travel Deathstination:
The Other Red Planet of the God of War
Let’s google another layer,
Global data, people killed.
What’s our travel destination?
Red’s the color, Earth’s soil filled.
June 2009