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I walk in Clouds

who laugh and weep

their sorrows and joys

as loving Sunrays

and caring Moonbeams

dance the short days

round and round…

I walk in Showers

of Raindrops and Snowflakes

who whisper secrets

as they gently fall-

in Blizzards that blind

and freeze with indifference-

in fierce Storms that shout

with violent fury…

Water holds Memory,

blessings and curses,

clarity and pollution…

In countless lives

Water is Aware-

Aware of us in us as us

and so much more…

In Tides and Currents and Flows,

Water moves in Bodies

great and small-

rises unseen and descends

with powers to transform

all that is immersed

in what it has become…

I walk in Rains

immersed in Water

within and beyond my skin

that once bordered Awareness,

grown borderless now

as Torrents and Floods

sweep away boundaries

and Human definitions…

I walk in Mists

of vaporous thoughts

infused with emotions-

in wildly thunderous or

blissfully calm billows

of ever-changing Clouds

now here, now gone

as am I…

Water watches all

on little Planet Earth-

watches Landscapes

shift and change,

Water and Land

advancing, receding

over and over again…

Water watches

the dramas of Evolution,

slow cycles and lightning leaps,

as Flora and Fauna disappear-

watches Humans

appear and disappear

like Streams above and under ground…

Water watches, watches and awaits

another Great Earth Age-

an Age of Un-Named Forms…

March 18, 2013- February 11, 2020

February 24, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC