Gender Justice For Women

Love does not oppress, repress or suppress Women. May our Humanity evolve through Love not Fear.

Celebrating Women

In Respect and Praise of Women.

Celebrating Women

In Respect and Praise of Women,

we celebrate around the World,

Women for Women, Men for Women too-

Men enlightened by the Spirit of Love-

true and genuine, ringing true.

Women dress themselves in Colours,

many Colours- bright or subtle Hue-

Bodies and Auras, Minds and Hearts

like the shades and tints of Blue-

calming, comforting, resilient too.

The Divine Feminine is Ever Present

in this Realm our Souls are passing through,

ever creating and evolving Life being

and becoming, Celebrating Life as we do.

(for March 8th on the Global Calendar)

March 3, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC