The Red Sari-

My desire in a lifetime.
Delayed by a few.
A thrift store red sari.
So long overdue!

My cousin Alan Thicke has left Fame and Fortune for Home with God. As a Canadian/American entertainer he touched many lives with laughter and tears. In this family photo he is visiting our Grandparents with his Mom and Dad. ðŸ’–✨

How still the silent night sky clad with shades of gray, moon-charmed with mystic light that fades with break of day. (an excerpt from my poem Winter Night)

Christmas… Christ, Compassion, Charity, Company, Cooking, Carols, Creativity, Crafts, Claus, Consumerism, Credit, Candycanes…hohohaha🎄🎨🙏🏻✨😉💕

I stand on the ethereal mountain though I stand on a distant shore. If only the body I leave behind could join me as I soar. (a poem I wrote after I photographed this scene)

Christmas Creations

Glue on our hands
Sparkle dust
in our tea
fun for you and me