Acrylics on paper on canvas. This is a ‘loose weaving’ of strips of my recycled paintings. It was a fun project for using my previous creations in a different way. I don’t know if I’m the first to do this or if I’m just ‘reinventing the wheel’. Lol

Mosaic 4

Acrylics on paper on canvas. This is the last of this series of four ‘mosaics’ created for the fun of it just as I did as a child. Now 70, I can still feel that quietly focused immersion in the joy of simple artistic creations even in this challenging world created and co-created for our evolutionary spiritual growth.

Stay At Home Mosaic 1

Afternoon sunlight on my mosaic creation of acrylics on paper on canvas changes the colours in a subtle and pleasing way to my perception. I have three more to do. Paint. Cut. Paste. Seal. Share. I have discovered that my mosaic projects are in colour harmony with Hubble’s release images of The Cosmic Reef. Wonders of the Universe!🀩😍😁

Gift Yourself

May you write your life with


May you draw freely from

a grateful heart.

May you paint and sculpt and weave

your precious days

with the music of your Soul.

May you gift yourself the Present

as your Yesterdays depart

creating your Tomorrows

with Spirit in your art.

Shelley Wilson- December 24, 2019

See Life Sea Life

Acrylics and metallic paint on canvas. I’ve noticed that all the photos I took of my paintings posted on my WordPress sites, Instagram and Pinterest miss out on the small details which create the character of the pieces. I hope this photo of See Life Sea Life does a better job. 😁