Dancing Galaxies


Dancing Galaxies

swirling galaxies dance

divinely dance

the sacred streams

flowing through space

sacred streams

of subatomic particles

and waves

singing frequencies

planets and stars

moons and comets

singing frequencies

with such divine

emotion, e-motion

creating and evolving

beauty evoking bliss

power evoking awe

the cosmic dance

of Source Energy

veiled in layers

layer upon layer

countless transparencies

of lives and forms

moving, ever-moving


through, throughout

the watery layers

that flow ever

from the Source

as whirling galaxies

singing and dancing

these sacred streams

all made of Love

boundless Love


flow through space

ever-sacred space

(Shelley Wilson   August 24, 2015)

Wild Dance

Wild Dance
Deanna dances with wild abandon,
robed with mist moonlight
and the magical mysteries
of velvet night and sequined stars.
She moves to the energy rhythms
of changing moods, love tides,
and sense storms swirling within her.
Then she opens her arms at last
to the quiet applause of Nature
as snowflakes gently descend
with angel-kisses for her face.
March, 1998