You are invited to question…
What does Paradise mean to you?
Humanity’s Childhood Stories

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See You Later

See You Later

Though it’s been fun

being here- reading

and writing, it seems

my eyes do need

a rest from screens.

I’ve had a good run

these past few days.

You’ve enriched me

in many ways

and I hope too

the same for you.

Still, my eyes need

a rest from screens.

I’ll rejoin you

in a short while.

Sending a hug

and a happy smile.


March 11, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

My Heart Remembers (revised)

My Heart Remembers

some think rebirth a fiction

but my heart remembers you…

i look into your eyes and see

deep buried love that used to be

the wonder the joy in other lives

our souls both true love graced…

my heart remembers you…

another time another place

a different name a different face

despite it all i recognize

your being in another guise

your soul in its disguise…

my heart remembers you…

free to travel time and space

by our spirits’ loving grace

here and now we meet again

forgetting what once was

till only love itself remains…

my heart remembers you…

we are a mystery to solve

ever changing to evolve

finding love held deep inside

entangled love that never dies…

here and now we meet again

strangers not strangers once again

now once more you say to me

you seem so familiar

have we met before…

yes my heart remembers you…

February 18, 1993- revised 2005-

revised March 10, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Play It Again…

Play It Again…

a song a film a game

plays over again again again…

a feeling of deja vu…

here we’ve done it again

with ifs and wishes and dreams…

it all seems so familiar

your clothes your face your hair

have we done it all before

it feels like we’ve been

playing out another version

of a story lived before…

you see me and i see you

a dance of time in repetition

same rhythms same pace

moving through space and place

yet open to free will choice

moving in differently directions

moving together again…

have we done this before

how do i seem to know you

i’ve always loved your…

but you’ve never seen it before…

many open potential-portals

many entrance and exit points…

someone i’d like you to meet…

do you move forward or retreat

oh- perhaps another time…

or- will i see you again

it all depends… how do you feel

please don’t take that…

i have a feeling you say…

or- why don’t we take a chance

i have a good feeling i say…

a song a film a game a life

shall we play it over again

shall we add a few revisions

to words to dids and didn’ts

perhaps cut and redo it again…

March 10, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Celebrating Women

In Respect and Praise of Women.

Celebrating Women

In Respect and Praise of Women,

we celebrate around the World,

Women for Women, Men for Women too-

Men enlightened by the Spirit of Love-

true and genuine, ringing true.

Women dress themselves in Colours,

many Colours- bright or subtle Hue-

Bodies and Auras, Minds and Hearts

like the shades and tints of Blue-

calming, comforting, resilient too.

The Divine Feminine is Ever Present

in this Realm our Souls are passing through,

ever creating and evolving Life being

and becoming, Celebrating Life as we do.

(for March 8th on the Global Calendar)

March 3, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Glimpses of Pastimes 3

One of my Acrylics on Canvas Paintings
Weaving in Progress for Memories of Egypt
Digital Computer Art of my Photograph
Creating a Vision Board and an old photo of me at Le Foret Enchante in a former trading post, Eastern Quebec
Crafts done years ago with my husband

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Why Did I Buy This?

I often asked myself ‘Why did I buy this?’ Four expandable wooden trellis packages took up space in our storage closet for two years. Even when I purchased them, I asked myself ‘Why am I buying this?’

When my daughter and I decided to move, I offered the trellises to two people. They each declined. I felt peculiarly pleased. I couldn’t even bring myself to put these ‘useless things’ into my carloads of downsizing donations. ‘Why not?’ I wondered.

There was a rental ad for a unit in an apartment building in our preferred location in the city. Ground floor facing a parking lot with no patio. While we made plans to view it, I kept seeing a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ balcony and the same numbers ‘101’ I’d been seeing ‘pop out’ at me for over a year. I was puzzled.

The day arrived for our viewing. Once in the building, the manager informed us that the advertised apartment was already rented but another unit was available. We were shown ‘101’ with a lovely little balcony.

On the day we moved in and began unpacking I now knew exactly where my wooden trellises and climbing ivy plants would go.

(July 8, 2020- Shelley Wilson)

Our balcony with trellises and ivy