World Climate


The Shift


(my digital music composition created through purchase on Catooh/Magix Music Maker- I called it ‘Love Only Love’)(I created this painting in the photo as well:)

We read the News and wonder Why

Humanity is so Impoverished, Desperate,

Oppressed by Fear, Enslaved by Greed,

MOST living without Basic Needs,

while Cultures of Violence spread everywhere.

Our News is ‘Old Stories’, History Repeated, ‘Renewsed’.

Dinosaurs of War STILL Dominate Earth.

Reptilian Gods of Aggression and Deception

with Technologies and Psychologies

STILL Command Human Blood Sacrifice,

feeding Energies of Terror and Pain

to Parasites of this and other Dimensions.

Their Global Agenda: Control the Masses-

Scripting Traditions, World Views, and Tragic Events

to bring themselves Great Wealth and Gain.

POWER OVER is the Name of their Game.

We are Deceived and made Hollow

for Reptile Hearts and Dragon Minds

UNLESS Love is Strong and Hope Remains.

Now Humans Must Learn to Question and Discern.

We Must Adapt, Grow New Senses More Aware,

to Grow in Love and Show we Dare

Be More than Fodder, Feed, and Toys.

Our God is LIFE, with Reverence for Life.

Our God is LOVE, with Respect for Life.

Our God is FREEDOM, liberating Life.

Our God is PEACE, sustaining Life.

Our God is JOY, creating Joy through Life.


We are United in Values of Life’s Worth

as Energies SHIFT to Earth’s Rebirth.


(Shelley Wilson- 09/03/2016)

Nature of Earth



Nature of Earth (my digital music composition)

Blessed and beloved Nature

birthed and sustained by

this great and glorious Being

we call our Mother Earth-

we are one with you

and you are one with us.

Our Species, our Humanity,

our growing awareness,

our evolving sentience,

is but part of your Story,

Sacred Nature of Mother Earth.

Your health is our health.

Your well-being is ours.

We are ever and always one.

Our bodies are part of you.

Star-seed and Earth-seed,

we’re all a part of you-

breathing your Air,

drinking your Water,

consuming the food of your Soil.

Our Elements are part of you…

part of all Creatures here,

both great and small.

What conditioned insanities

continually create harm

to our minds and bodies,

our Sacred Nature, Mother Earth?

Help us release our fears

to you, our Beloved Mother Earth.

(Shelley Wilson-March 9, 2015)

Awe and Wonder


Awe and Wonder  (my digital composition)

I live my life in awe and wonder.
So much to question. So much to ponder.

When my heart soars and my mind lifts,
a higher awareness brings its gifts.
I love this body that I wear-
flesh and bones, eyes and hair-
fed by water and soil, by light and air.

I feel more deeply and I care
for all Life’s forms evolving here
between the poles of love and fear.

I sense the others deep in space,
wishing to see them face to face
or mind to body, however strange,
as fast or slow we all change
our ideas and our beliefs
that cause our troubles and our griefs.

I sense the others here on Earth
coming from different domains of birth
amidst the stars and distant places
with different cultures and different races.

I sense there’s so, so much more
than anything we’ve known before.

We are as children in our knowing,
yet reaping all that we are sowing.
The ‘Do No Harm’ that we ignore
becomes the harm that we deplore.

Yet, I sense a shift in sight-
a New World View so clear and bright
that dark powers just disappear
with all their structures built by fear.

Our Spirit awakens and shows us how
nothing and no one can stop it now.
We gather our courage and find new ways
to live our precious, wondrous days.

We live our lives in awe and wonder.
So much to question. So much to ponder.

(Shelley Wilson June 15, 2014)


May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

The Prejudices of Geography


The Prejudices of Geography (my digital composition)

We Humans are a funny lot!
Our Intelligence has not
evolved beyond the prejudices
of where we’re from
or where we now live
as if it is the sum
of who we really are.

Pre-judgments abound
with reasoning unsound
determining value and worth
of sacred life upon this Earth
based on where we’re from
or where we now live
on this tiny orb spinning in Space.

We attach our loves and hates
to North or South, East or West,
even Up and Down,
where notions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’
fill so many minds with fears
and all the primitive prejudices
of a perceptual Geography.

We Humans are a funny lot!
Shelley Wilson (April 20, 2014)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

Do Dinosaurs Still Rule This Earth

 Love This Earth (my digital composition)

Do Dinosaurs still rule this Earth,
this precious planet of our birth?
What characterizes Reptilian life-
a world of fear, a world of strife,
domination at any cost,
indifference to life-forms harmed or lost.
Third Chakra Beings intent on control
slow Evolution as dark deeds unfold.
Brilliant Minds lacking Brilliant Hearts
tear countless lives and worlds apart,
turning Intelligence to a curse
that ripples throughout the Universe.
The Truth, when all is said and done,
is that All Life, All Beings, are One.
Why would higher Intelligences then self-destruct
in created Realities we, together, construct?
The darkness of a world gone mad
forming Realities tragic and sad
can change in an instant when Love shines through
by what we choose now to think and do.
Love is the measure of our true ‘worth’,
not the mere Species of our birth.
No glory is greater than the Spirit of Love.
Life’s true Masters wear bright crowns of Love.
Seventh Chakra Beings of Brilliant Love
unite Radiant Energies both here and above.
Love is the Great Light that outshines all
in every Dimension’s Here and Now.
Self-mastery is ever the true Masters’ goal,
not subjugation, repression, and mass control.
Leaps of Evolution, mysterious and strange,
are Life’s wondrous growth and constant change.
Let fears be just memories of a primitive past,
as we remember our Spirit, Love Itself, at last!!!

Shelley Wilson (August 31, 2013)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


Embracing Change (my digital music composition)

golden leaves fall to the ground
golden deserts-once ancient seas
silent tears to laughter sounds
world powers fall- no more to be
hidden agendas come to light
plagues of fear technologies
forms transform, fast and slow
hidden worlds come into sight
intelligence and awareness grow
deeper waters- higher lands
green leaves bud on future trees
green forests- once desert sands
Time’s illusions fade away
mythologies of guilt and sin
no more an ancient god to please
guidance and wisdom from within
Life is constant change all ways
none can enslave what Spirit frees

Shelley Wilson
August 19, 2013

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

Those Held Dear

Those Held Dear (my digital music composition)
We weep the loss of those held dear.
We hold their memory with our tears,
with flowers and stones
that honour their names,
releasing their bodies to earth,
to water, to air, and to flames.
We note the dates of their birth and death
with comforting words to those they’ve left.
Were they loving? Were they kind?
What were the things they left behind?
How did they define their life and worth?
We celebrate and mourn with grief,
repeating inherited or chosen beliefs
as words of power to banish fear
in knowing our turn, too, is drawing near.
Were we loving? Were we kind?
What were the things we left behind?
What defined our values and our worth
co-creating our life on Earth?
I sit in the cemetery’s morning light
watching such a heart-welcomed sight.
Three brave and gentle, beautiful deer
quietly approach me, ever so near.
I send them feelings of joy and peace,
finding freedom in cares release.
I share their calm presence, so gentle, so brave.
They feed on wildflowers growing on graves.
I share their gift of Here and Now,
no longer concerned by when or how
the stories of our lives will end.
This Present draws me gently in
to that ever still and timeless space within-
into the Light I see so clearly-
into the Love I hold so dearly-
Communion, Compassion, and Mystery.
No one is separate, forsaken, alone
for this Light is pure Love and Light is our Home.
Space and Time are wonder-filled Life at play
creating magic everywhere, everyday.
Space-time is fabric woven of Life Itself,
interwoven, vibrating Energy
creating Experience, experiencing all,
All That Is Itself, Its glorious Self.
Everything is expanding Consciousness.
Life moves and creates and feels through us-
the Observer that sees behind our eyes, all eyes-
the Divine in everyday, common disguise.
Everything is Source Energy-
different frequencies, varying degrees
of evolving Awareness-
even all that seems dead and inert
like mountains, rocks, sand, and dirt.
We watch to see how things behave-
disappearing particles, dancing waves-
surprising evidence appearing strange.
We jump the boundaries of our Age.
All Matter is Energy in a Process divine.
Form and Energy are One in Truth sublime,
yet forms do ever change and disappear
so we weep the loss of those held dear.
I feel grateful and humble as I can be,
enjoying this morning’s company
of silent deer and thoughts of those held dear.
But they’ve gone beyond and are not here.

Shelley Wilson
June 22, 2013

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Like Butterfly and Bee

bee_Painting1 butterfly_Painting1

Like Butterfly and Bee

So many boring lawns
give me sighs and yawns.
Like Butterfly and Bee,
it’s Flowers that I seek.
Whenever they are found,
I stand on ‘holy ground’
in awe of what I see-
timeless Beauty before me.
These forms of priceless worth
are treasures of our Earth-
Life’s precious Flower and Seed
gifting our global need.
How barren would this Planet be
if not for Flowers of Plant and Tree
kissed by Beauty’s Butterfly and Bee?

Shelley Wilson
February 3, 2013
(Note: This poem leaps from boredom to awe to a question. Another
question arises. Where are the Shield Technologies and Inventions for
harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies created by our Modern
Technologies, especially Telecommunications, that are having an
increasingly devastating effect globally on Human health (particularly
cancers that cause great suffering and death) as well as harming other
Life-forms? Every action and inaction has individual and collective
consequences. Our health and well-being depends on the health and
well-being of this Planetary Biosphere in which Food-producing
Flowers and pollen-carrying Butterflies and Bees play such an
important part. It is a known fact that Humanity’s Technological
Electromagnetic Frequencies are having a disruptive and destructive
impact on the whole Biosphere. Everything is connected and
interdependent. Where are our protecting Shield Technologies and

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

Love This Earth

observingearth planet earth

‘Love This Earth’ (my digital music composition)


O Life, how I do love this Earth,
this precious Planet of our birth.
Guide us to the proper care
for healthy water, soil, and air.
Help us to truly understand
effects of our ‘Consumer Demand’
and our Responsibility
for healthy water, air, and land.
Help us see the connecting Links
of our World Views and how we think-
trading toxicities and destroying lives-
as unintelligent and unwise.
Fools say “Who cares about the rest!”
Yet every toxin we create
is our own Legacy and Fate.
Life recycles, so we’ll ingest,
breathe, absorb, and bodily store
toxic energies- more and more.
Chemical warfare in food and drink
is much more common than we think.
Frequency warfare now abounds-
destructive Sciences all around
this little Globe, our Planet Earth.
Why has our Humanity here
created so much pain and fear?
Every Harm that we create
is our own Legacy and Fate.
Is this ‘intelligence’ we see
greater than Fox or Crow or Bee?
Is our ‘wisdom’, seen as fact,
just foolish self-destructive acts?
True Intelligence understands
all Life- in water, air, and land-
all Life- on water, in air, and on land-
of this Planet orbiting the Sun
exists because It’s All One.
O Life, how I do love this Earth,
this precious Planet of our birth.
Guide us to the proper care
and healing of US Everywhere!

Shelley Wilson (January 27, 2013)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

A Multi-verse Grand Universe

A Multiverse Grand Universe (my digital music composition)

A Multi-verse Grand Universe?

Into Mystery we go.
We magnify.
We lift and leap
our boundaries to know.
We turn within
and search without
to understand
what Life’s about.
Still, the Mystery grows.
Quantum Science-Math-
and Cosmology…
We hasten to create
Languages of Symbols
to Communicate
what we’ve come to know
or boldly speculate.
Signs- and Maps-
Accumulated Answers
and Questions to explore…
Our Understanding grows
as our Awareness goes
beyond translated texts
written long ago.
The God that’s ‘He’
and before that ‘She’
is ‘Life The Process’ now,
and Every Time Is Now
on the Spindle of Eternity.
Life’s Energies transform.
Every Living Form
and Life not yet defined
by the Human Mind
ever moves to Change
in Magical Transitions.
Our ‘either/or’s merge
into ‘both/and’s…
Simple or Complex…
Simple Complexity and
Complex Simplicity…
Definitions dissolve
and Intelligence demands
Intelligent explanations.
Every ‘one time’ truth
may be as true,
appearing once,
as multiple repetitions.
Life is ever, ever
Inventing, and
We see only through
limited views.
Yesterday’s Verities
now seen as Today’s
revealed Falsities
by changing perspectives
may morph Tomorrow too.
Still, the Universe grows.
Our Heavens and our Earth
are but One of Many,
Parallel and Diverse.
Fractal and Varied,
Worlds and Lives in
different Frequencies wait
beyond our exploration.
Endless Possibilities abound.
Even in This Here and Now,
we can ride the Deja Vu
of Time-lines
exploring Different Choice
as Real as our Reality.
We are more than only
brains and flesh and blood.
The Universe a Multi-verse?
The Process writes Itself
as Divine Esoteric Poetry,
Multi-dimensional Poems
in Multi-vibrational Frequencies
of veiled Realities
and dancing Galaxies,
Unity as Diversity.
A Multi-verse Grand Universe?
Still, the Mystery grows.
The growing Many are One.
Creating and Re-creating,
The Process continues on
and on and on and on…
Infinity laughs and goes on
in All Directions… on and on…
Awe…what Perfection!
Ah!!…what Wonder filled Fun!!!

Shelley Wilson (January, 2013)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

World Scriptures

World Scriptures

How enlightening it is to actually read

the Scriptural Legacies of the Past,

focused and partial historical records,

tribal histories, family connections,

leaders and lambs and cows and camels,

fearless angels and fearsome demons,

these World Scriptures have it all…

Here cultural messages abide

with ruling commands and admonitions,

‘heroes’ empowered, ‘ungodly’ defeated,

or ‘heroes’ cursed, ‘villains’ blessed,

depending on where one stands

to view the history of Ancient Man…

Scriptures are wondrously complex

and intriguing works of religious ‘art’,

inspiring poetry, songs, and prayers,

guiding dreams, and inner visions,

ritual practices, and mysticisms…

Here we’re told of prophetic ‘previews’

and warnings heeded or not,

of revelations, confirmations, justifications,

aggressions, wars, and insane genocide…

The deadly game of seek and hide,

persecutions and executions,

tortures creating martyrs and saints,

grief creating brainwashed killers

hostaging Freedoms of Belief…

Behind veils of cloaking symbols,

both concealing and revealing,

walk Ancient Wisdoms, Ancient Traditions,

Ancient Thought personified…

In mists of Ancient Mysteries

secret signs quietly exchanged

with whispered Initiation passwords

(secret word and number codes)

defy curious interpretations

or bury under erring translations…

Hidden meanings often hide

in Scriptural Poetry’s layered language—

metaphors, allegories, analogies, ‘et al’…

Here, too, fantastic fables, ancient fairytales,

campfire stories of ghostly glories

portrayed in convincing theatrical solemnity

fire the kindled imaginations

of our slow/fast evolving Humanity…

Creation and Dissolution Myths still hold

weight of unyielding gravity and serious conviction

as Life continues to create and dissolve

Worlds, Galaxies, and Universes we now see.

Even as we break the bonds of Earth,

humans still persecute or kill for unbelief,

aggression’s ever-insatiable greed,

endless feuds of revenging hate,

addictions to armed terror and fear-based power…

Whirlwinds of blood-lust violence, they are,

in madness claiming their ‘love of God’…

This is Not Love, nor ever was!!!

In the light of Today we must ask ourselves,

What are the Values in these valued Scrolls and Books?

What are their Spiritual Legacies—-

Separation and Supremacy or Unity in Diversity?

We need not judge, just merely observe,

for when all is said and done,

God’s Great Truth is ‘We’re all one!’

January 20, 2008

shelley wilson—‘ariel-shelley’ Note re: ‘fantastic fables…’

Moses Maimonedes, a famous Rabbi, Jewish theologian and

historian, Talmudist, philosopher, and physician once wrote:

“Every time that you find in our books a tale the reality of which

seems impossible, a story which is repugnant ro both reason

and common sense, then be sure that the tale contains a profound allegory veiling a deeply mysterious truth; and the greater the absurdity of the letter, the deeper the wisdom of the spirit.”


Genesis tells us of the passage of three days and nights and the appearance of vegetation on earth before the creation of the sun

(the greater light to rule the day), and the moon (the lesser light

to rule the night), and that all the stars in the firmament were made

to give light upon the earth.

Example: a man called Joshua made the sun and moon stand still

Example: a man called Noah, and his little family, gathered two of every living thing upon the whole earth into a small ark

These things were written, not to confuse and stifle intellectual

questioning and intelligent reasoning, but to challenge us to think more deeply and spiritually as we evolve in understanding and


Every World Scripture employs symbolic meanings.

Love is the Highest Wisdom.

Oneness is our Source and Destiny.


A Force For Good

A Force For Good
Fear shall not rule the nation of our heart,
nor Terror command the world in which we live.
If in loss and death we play our part,
then our precious lives we’ll gladly give…
No evil act can strike our Spirit down.
No terrorist or tyrant can kill our Soul.
Though blood be drawn from every city and town,
we’ll pay the price of Freedom’s heavy toll.
Above racist and religious hate, we must evolve,
united in our values of great worth—
a force for Good. Our determination and resolve
shall win its victory on our Earth.
Flowers shall grow from tears that fall
on the ground of our grief and pain.
For Freedom’s Love we’ll give our all,
knowing that we shall rise again.
September, 2001