Food Is A Global Language

There is love in this food made by family and friend 💕✨

Food Is A Global Language

Food is a Universal Language,

a Language well understood by Animals

that giving and receiving conveys.

Food is a Universal Language,

a Language understood by Humans as well-

growing, preparing raw or cooked, hot or cold,

made and served with indifference

or enchanted by a wholesome love.

Like plants know soil, water- bodies do too,

communicating good or ill health.

Food speaks of pleasure, nourishment, health,

artistry and whether or not we care.

March 2, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


World View

World View

We’ve evolved to understand

the State of our World View-

that how wee see the World

is what we think and say and do.

Familiar Comforts of Traditions

in Cultures and Religions too,

passed on through Generations,

hold or bind us to our Past

Inspiring or even Oppressing

until we’re ‘Free At Last’.

What do we Welcome or Oppose?

What do we Embrace or Refuse?

How do we engage others-

especially those Different?

Is our Choice the Good Will Voice

of Tolerance and Acceptance

or is it Defence and Offence?

Is it Debate or Argument?

Debate can be a way

for us to Decide and Choose

what is still or now true for us,

whether ‘win’ or ‘lose’,

depending on our World Views.

Different perspectives,

even opposing viewpoints

in respectful discussions

can persuade and sway

with healthy conversations,

minds and hearts at work and play.

Rational Reason and Healthy Emotion

then align to have their say.

Arguments with fair Solutions

can vent and clear the air,

changing conditions and situations

among those who truly care

but often Hostility leads to Futility

creating Misery everywhere.

What we think and say and do

all depends on our World View

inherited through Generations,

Cultural and Religious Traditions,

Mass Entertainments and Educations,

all contributing to our World View.

January 15, 2022- Shelley Wilson

Like Butterfly and Bee

bee_Painting1 butterfly_Painting1

Like Butterfly and Bee

So many boring lawns
give me sighs and yawns.
Like Butterfly and Bee,
it’s Flowers that I seek.
Whenever they are found,
I stand on ‘holy ground’
in awe of what I see-
timeless Beauty before me.
These forms of priceless worth
are treasures of our Earth-
Life’s precious Flower and Seed
gifting our global need.
How barren would this Planet be
if not for Flowers of Plant and Tree
kissed by Beauty’s Butterfly and Bee?

Shelley Wilson
February 3, 2013
(Note: This poem leaps from boredom to awe to a question. Another
question arises. Where are the Shield Technologies and Inventions for
harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies created by our Modern
Technologies, especially Telecommunications, that are having an
increasingly devastating effect globally on Human health (particularly
cancers that cause great suffering and death) as well as harming other
Life-forms? Every action and inaction has individual and collective
consequences. Our health and well-being depends on the health and
well-being of this Planetary Biosphere in which Food-producing
Flowers and pollen-carrying Butterflies and Bees play such an
important part. It is a known fact that Humanity’s Technological
Electromagnetic Frequencies are having a disruptive and destructive
impact on the whole Biosphere. Everything is connected and
interdependent. Where are our protecting Shield Technologies and

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


(Inner Peace-  my digital music composition)


How I love the silky feel
of Leisure,
now precious and rare,
Leisure light and free
of heavy work and care…
How my skin delights
in Leisure’s lingering baths
washing worries away,
as sweet scents, exotic oils,
soothe and heal the weary days…
How I love the satin sight
of Leisure’s robes,
the draping flow and touch,
like gentle kisses and caresses
in the embrace of a soft couch…
How often I hear Leisure,
wise and patient Leisure,
call me to recline,
call me to simply ‘be’
between demands of busy Time
October 6, 2011

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

New Choices

Every Winter Ends With Spring (my digital music composition)

New Choices
When your dreams
lay shattered all around
and your hopes
lie smashed upon the ground
as your life
bleeds its joy, gagged and bound,
defeated by demons
called ‘Failure’, ‘Mistake’, and ‘Sin’—
it’s time to go within.
Release your pain.
You’re free to choose again.
who you really are.
Your Spirit
is much greater by far
than those dreaded tricksters
called ‘Failure’, ‘Mistake’, and ‘Sin’.
It’s time to go within.
Release your pain.
You’re free to choose again.

(January, 2001)
May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Your Smile

Your Smile
I see you smile at me
through the transparent barrier
as you pass by.
For a moment all seems possible.
Do you know your heart
shines in your eyes?
I wrap a smile into my bouquets.
Suddenly ming fern and purple iris
look so right together…
and then I must count the cost.
Our smiles are free, but more than that
will have a price indeed!
June, 2000

Long Ago and Far Away

Long Ago and Far Away
“Regarde, mais ne touche pas” he told himself
whenever she appeared before him
with that bewitching love in her sad eyes.
This wench had powers that made him fear her kiss
more than a bloody seige on his castle,
for already she’d invaded his dreams
and captured his imagination.
Then there were those mysterious awakenings
and yearnings in the night
driving him crazy with desire.
Sometimes he imagined her in his chambers—
imagined her invisible, starry body merged with his.
Worse still, he’d felt the first stirrings of love
for this strange, enchanting woman.
Yes, the magnetic beauty of her comely face
and the subtle seductions of her body’s grace
posed a dangerous threat to all that he had—
his heart, his mind, his family, his possessions…
The dark knight resolved then and there
he must kill her with indifference—
a look quite clear in its intended meaning.
First, a cruel, contemptuous glare,
then a cold and empty stare…
“Regarde, mais ne touche pas!”
November, 1996 revised May, 2004