A Day To Celebrate Women

A Day To Celebrate Women

this is

a day, a way, to

celebrate women-

all women everywhere…

this is

a day, a way, to

honour women-

all women everywhere…

this is

a day, a way, to

respect women-

all women everywhere…

recognizing, acknowledging

some and all-

defining, describing

the beingness of

all women everywhere…

it’s a day, a way, to

bring women

out of the shadows

of men every day

respecting men,

honouring men,

celebrating men,

empowering men

overshadowing women…

we are all part of

an evolving species

we call humanity-

off-balanced now

claiming and blaming

various versions

of deity for how

it all came to be…

we are all part of

a young species who

is like a young child

of the universe

learning to stand

on its own two feet-

the dualities

expressing more or less

male and female,

both designed to

support the weight

of a whole body

yet even at this age

rising and falling

over and over again

in the rise and fall

of civilizations

until we respect,

honour, celebrate


March 8, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

How can we not see

that ‘superiority’ is a false assumption?

How can we not see

that ‘masculinity’ dominating

‘femininity’ is just a presumption?

Why do some see societies

with advanced Technologies

as more evolved and enlightened?

Why do some see societies

more in harmony with Nature

assigned labels of ‘inferiority’?

Will Humanity ever see itself as one-

neither males nor females superior,

neither females nor males inferior?

The Life, the Soul, within all

is without Gender at all.

Human societies are simply different-

different expressions of Life, that’s all,

some even a mix of cultures

enriching Human Experience, all.

I celebrate Life Itself in all-

the wonders of Life in all.

March 7, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Tiny Bubbles

Your life and mine are tiny bubbles…

Tiny Bubbles

Your life and mine

are tiny bubbles

in the ever-flowing

Stream of Life

moving Seen and Unseen

throughout the Universe.

We are tiny bubbles,

part of the Stream Itself,

Life Itself, ever Life,

the Great Mystery,

moving, flowing,


ever-changing forms

then disappearing

as bubbles disappear

into the air around,

into the Unseen

and the Formless.

We are part

of Life Itself,

ever Life Alive,

ever Life Energy

appearing, disappearing,

flowing Energy

Seen and Unseen.

From Source we come.

To Source we return.

We are Ever and Always


August 31, 2022- February 28, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

What’s the Matter?

What’s the Matter?

“What’s the matter?” we say to each other.

“What’s going on? What’s happening here.”

Religion and Science ask these Questions too,

with varied Answers throughout the Ages

held tight or slowly evolving still.

“What is Matter? What’s going on?”

“Who or What created, creates?”

These Questions have been Argued, been Answered,

Answered in Words and Numbers- in Symbols

Explaining All or Parts of the Mystery.

When ‘Answers’ mean Power and Control

to our Primitive, Young Species, some zealously seek

to Dominate and are willing to Kill, to Harm,

to Force, so certain of their ‘Right Answers’.

‘Right Answers’ attack ‘Right Answers’ still

in this Technological Space-Age Day.

Sometimes it’s a matter of ‘Language’-

different ways of Expressing, Describing,

Defining the Same ‘Values’ and Understandings-

‘Arguing Semantics’ of Religion and Science.

Consider this, if you will.

From the Unseen comes the Seen

ever returning to the Unseen…

From the Formless comes the Forms

ever returning to the Formless…

From Spirit comes Matter-

the Formless in Forms of Matter

ever returning to Formless Spirit again…

From Pure Energy comes Matter

Transforming and Rearranging

Life like Jesus coming again-

Life like Buddhas reincarnating-

Life like Particles appearing, rearranging again…

Impersonal Forces and Processes, Personal Deities…

Impersonal Laws like Gravity

and Personal Saviours like Jesus

throughout World History…

Unseen-Seen, Formless-Forms,

Spirit-Pure Energy-Matter All One…

Life Itself-Nature respected or disrespected…

all Interconnected, a Unity Diverse,

a Unity of Life, seen or unseen by Humans

even ‘Arguing Semantics’ and perceiving Life

through their shared or different World Views…

We are Spirit, Energy, Formless, Forms…

In Essence, we are all One- Parts of Life’s Body-

Simultaneously In Essence Being Many

yet One great and glorious Mystery, One…

God-Spirit-Pure Energy-Life Sacred and Holy

Bless Us, Every One.

February 26, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

An Old Candle

An Old Candle

An old candle rests upon a shelf.

Perhaps it gathers dust and dreams

like me in my old age…

I delight in my old photographs.

A lighted candle softly glows,

‘still life with atmosphere’…

Out of the dark, a memory appears-

little candles lit for loved ones,

bare-headed little girls Must Leave…

my little-self Religion-curious,

How could Jesus take offence?

Then came the Bible-Thumper years,

a paradigm I left behind…

I studied World Religions,

their Philosophies and Doctrines,

many a valued Holy Book.

Love of God still burned bright,

different ways of knowing God within

free of ‘guilt and shame and sin’

that blinds the sight to Peace within…

When still and quiet, Mind at rest,

my Heart shines like candlelight,

even flames in holy rapture-

Experience speaks true- God’s Love

and Presence Ever, Always here

known by those who Go Within…

I create and co-create my life

and Never does God take Offence

no matter what I say or do-

Nothing Offends, no mistake, no error,

my God is Ever, Always LOVE…

Even passing through old age, I feel

that Love-Energy, Pure and True and Real.

I may rest in dust on a shelf

but the Divine still shines Within.

(February 24, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC)

The Whys Surprise

The Whys Surprise

I seem to be developing

a Cultural Case of ‘The Whys’

that comes to me as a Surprise.


Why did Men make up a Story

many people still believe,

a ‘Shame and Blame Story’,

the Tale of Adam and Eve-

Woman, the Seductive Temptress

(corrupted by an Evil Snake)

so willingly and able to lead

astray, to disobey, to deceive

Man, the ‘Fallen Innocent’,

the ‘Victim’ who must pay-

cast out from Paradise,

the Son who ‘lost his way’

because Woman ‘disobeys’-

a ‘Cautionary Tale’

told to so many Children

through the Ages and Today???

(The message here of course-

Do Not Dare To Disobey!)


Why did Men conceive their God

as Male with ‘Body Parts’ like them,

punishing and condemning,

a commanding Father-Figure,

a Fearsome Final-Authority

(often Imagined with a Beard)

they’d best Worship and Obey,

denying Females any rights

or they’ll lead all Men astray???


Why must Women hide their hair,

hide their bodies, hide their faces,

hide their intelligence and abilities,

(Disobedience demand ‘penalties’

harsh and cruel, some Cultures say.)

only serving Men to please

still Today in many Cultures

claiming God demanding these

Gender Laws and Rules to please

Deity or is it Deities???

(It may depend on where you live.)


Why are Women in some Cultures

painted, filmed, stripped nude

then judged indecent, even lewd,

an ‘Em-bar-rass-ment’ to Women,

(though some Women desire Women)

a ‘Sex-As-Dirty Tease’ for Men-

(though some Men desire Men)

Men believing they’re all Superior

from Stories told by other Men,

like God is Male with ‘Parts’ like them,

they’re ‘in His Image’ after all,

didn’t God talk to Mostly Men

in Scripture Stories, Tales for Men

and those Compliant Women

living well by pleasing Men???


As in Science, we Advance

through our Courageous Questions

to help us Understand.

(Perhaps even become ‘The Wise’?)

Who has Intelligent Answers

to Beliefs we carry still

in World Views, in Laws that guide us,

in God-Beliefs we kill and die for

even faring into Space?

Respecting All, the Human Race,

maybe now we’ll discover

God is Ever, Only Love.

(God Bless Us All, Everyone.)


February 23, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, Bc



I don’t know your Soul’s agenda.

I don’t know the Path you take

co-creating and navigating

the life you have or wish to make.

I don’t know your life story,

what has brought you peace or worry,

what now gives your life meaning,

the values of your being.

I don’t know who you are

as a Stranger near or far

living the life you’re in,

your thoughts and feelings within.

Perhaps someday, somehow we’ll meet

greeting each other as a Friend,

sharing our thoughts with trust,

never because we must vent hate.


Celestial beings and bodies, we gravitate,

we orbit, we move and resonate

with push and pull of forces

bringing us together, pulling apart.

Evolving to ‘Global Consciousness’, then

‘Citizens of the Universe’ so very

strange and beautiful and diverse, we’ll see

that ‘strange’ isn’t wrapped in fear

when true Love of Life grows here.

Even now, some live in higher Awareness,

Caring Connection, Spirit of Unity,

Voluntary Sharing, Global Community,

Re-Defined, Re-Divined Family-

inclusive, not exclusive,

expressing a higher form of Love

and Respect for Life far above

what most of Humanity sees now.

Most Humans have few Opportunities,

few Basic Necessities, food and shelter,

no indoor plumbing, electricity,

rights and freedoms, that we Humans

all could have if we’re All Willing,

not declaring “It can’t be done “

or “thank God” because Those Billions

don’t include you and me.

Have we made ourselves ‘Strangers’

to a God of Pure, Unconditional Love by

justifying selfishness, greed, indifference,

or acting out anger as violence (offence-defence)

‘claiming’ and ‘blaming’ an Angry God, even

a Fearsome, Vengeful, Violent God.

Are we even ‘Strangers’ to ourselves?

The Spirit of God is Love and our Spirit is too.

God Bless Us Everyone.


February 23, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

(photo taken by my daughter last year)



We are all Triune Beings,

Sentient Bio-Gems

of the Creator Life Itself-

that Prime Source Spirit

of Purest Love and Light

Creating and Recreating

through the Wondrous, Glorious

Nature of Itself- Visible Nature

of Formless, Invisible Spirit-

Many-Faceted, Sparkling

Consciousness Energy

Pervading Myriad Forms.

We are all Triune Beings,

Sentient Bio-Gems,

Souls Co-Creating Ourselves

through Wondrous Light-

that Sparkling Energy

Ever-Moving, Exploring Itself

as Light-Spectrums of Mind

through Functions of Brain

and Colour-Spectrums of Emotions

that Move to Free or Bind,

Enriching Our Understandings,

Experiencing Our Lives.

We are all Triune Beings,

Sentient Bio-Gems,

Bodies of Mysteries and Senses,

of Taken-For-Granted Wonders,

Cohesive Atomic Structures

Appearing Solid and Firm

yet Carrying Quantum-Space,

Carrying Liquids and Gases, Bodies

Appearing Solid and Firm and

then Disappearing From Sight-

Each Body a Universe In Itself,

Parts of the Cosmic Universe,

Reappearing in Constant Change.

We are Sentient Bio-Gems-

Wonders of Life, Wonders of God,

all Beautiful to Behold,

Beginning to Understand…

February 20, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Compassion Acts-Two

Compassion Acts-Two

When our World shakes and quakes,

moved by deadly Forces of Fear

that divide, fracture, collapse

even the strongest, most powerful

Systems, Structures and Lives,

some Minds fall down into Despair.

Some Hearts crack open wide

to let the Love inside come out.

Even hard Hearts break to show Care,

to be the hands and tools of God

ever present in our World.

Words alone are never enough

to touch and heal deepest Sorrows

and to Free us from our Fears.

When Need calls out, Compassion Acts

without self-interest calculated.

Is the ‘Only Way’ or the ‘Direct Way’ blocked?

We find Another Way, Another Road,

or make one fast beside, even rough,

letting go what doesn’t work and

determined to break through-

bulldoze away ‘It can’t be done’.

We bring in Rescue Angels from above

with wings and blades to carry

like planes and helicopters

swiftly Overcoming Limitations

and Delays intentional or not.

We are all creators, problem solvers,

here to Experience, to Choose

who we are and to Decide

for ourselves who we’re not.

We all live in a quickly changing World

of increasing Challenges that shake

us to our Foundations, our Spirit

calmly observing whether we ‘live or die’.

(Our Spirit knows it cannot die.)

In every Challenge, we may ask

‘What would Love do now?’

then our Spirit can reveal ‘the How’.

God helps those who help themselves

and others. Compassion Acts.

February 9, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Compassion Acts

Compassion Acts

Many minds grow cold and numb

to traumas, to conflicts and violence

when world views clash and take

form to shake a fragile World.

Bombs and bullets shake the World.

Weapons of light and sound shake the World.

Alarms and warnings go unheeded.

Some minds calculate, analyze, strategize

how to kill and kill and kill.

Some minds calculate, analyze, strategize

how to keep alive, alive and well,

the unresponsive Heart of Man

shocked again, again, again,

whether shocked for good or ill.

The Living know full well

that when Humanity has a will, a will

to live in peace, it finds a way.

God helps those who help themselves

and others. Compassion acts.

February 8, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Reaching In Reaching Out

Reaching In Reaching Out

We grow from Infancy

enlarging, expanding

our perceptions,

our experiences,

our knowing,

reaching in reaching out

of our Cradle, our Home,

our World, our Universe,

our great Unknown…

Once we seemed

the very Center

of all Creation

by One or More Beings,

Powerful Caring Giants

focused on nurturing,

providing for all

our Human Infant needs

or not…

Slowly we outgrew

our Cradle, our Home,

our World, our Universe

reaching in reaching out,

enlarging, expanding

our perceptions,

our experiences,

our knowing at last

we Live On The Edge…

Then we began to wonder,

Is this the only

Earth-like World

or are there Many?

Is this the only

Inhabitable World

for forms of Life

unlike our own,

different Evolutions,

perceptions, experiences

unlike our own?

Is this Universe

the only Evolving Creation

by a Divine Being-Beings,

a Divine Energy-Energies,

a Divine Force-Forces,

a Divine Process-Processes,

Quantum and Cosmic,

or not…

Is this the only

Universe of Galaxies

or are there Many,

Many Universes,

Multiverses Seen Unseen

with Many Big Bangs?

Is this the only

Conscious Universe,

the only Seen Unseen

Intelligent Creation

creating, evolving,

perceiving, experiencing,

knowing Itself

even through All That Is,

even through the Many

Infant Creators, us?

Are we all Part Of

a Conscious Multiverse

reaching in reaching out…


February 3, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC



You are More

than your Life Story

no matter

where you’re from-

be it a mansion

or a slum-

no matter

how you got to

where you’re now


be it in wealth

or poverty.

You are More

than your Racial,

National, Cultural

and Family History-

that Identity

that tells you

who you are.

You are More

than your Personality-

all those likes, dislikes,

those hates and loves,

all those trendy

ways of being

you’ve grown to own,

so very many

not of your own

telling you who

you need to be.

You are More

than Age, Gender,

Colour, Shape and Size

such as comprise

how others see

and treat you too.

You are More

than only Matter

and Physiology

of a Human Animal

called Humanity-

a mix of Elements,

Liquids, Solids, Gases,

Atoms in Constant Motion…

You are Energy

appearing as Matter.

You are Life Itself

and Its Mystery.

You are Wondrous,

Glorious, Miraculous

and So Much More

than you now know.

February 1, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC