You Are Light Dancing

You are Light dancing…


The Presence Within

May we evolve to value and cherish all lives here on Earth and far beyond in this free will universe, for the Prime Creator, Life Itself, is present in all lives. In Essence, we are all one.

unloving love

Thank you! Thank you All!

Thank you Lights and Shadows

in us, all around, and ‘above’,

for helping us to See and Heal

all of our unloving love.

We begin to remember

Everything as One.

Our inner eyes open

and our Freedom is won.

In forms and formless,

as creators and created,

we See the plays of Light and Shadow

of which we are a part,

both being and becoming One.

Now we begin to See.

In all Realities and Dimensions,

we are All One being Many,

a glorious Spectrum,

a glorious Spectrum

of Diversity and Divinity,

a Spectrum of Lights and Shadows,

of Powers, Energies, Densities,

Individualities, Galaxies,

visible and invisible,

in us, around us, and ‘above’.

Lights and Shadows-

we Respect your Power

exercised for good or ill.

You teach us well

as we grow into our own.

Once Awake and Aware…

We are God’s information

and ever part of Source.

We are diamonds forming.

Press on! Press on!

Thank you Angels and Demons

in us, around, and ‘above’

for helping to release us

from creating more prisons

of our unloving love.

From dull coal to sparkling diamonds

we transform

for the sake of All beings

all that once was

into Most Benevolent Outcomes

for All,

graced by true Love’s cause.

Thank you! Thank you All!

(Shelley Wilson- September 4, 2016)


A Call To Arms of Love

Let go your deadly weapons of fear

and all destructive harm they bear.

Free yourself of every belief

that leads to others’ pain and grief.

Disarm your thoughts of prejudice

killing goodwill through injustice.

Rise out of hate’s violent insanity.

You can be the hope of Humanity.

Be loving, kind, gentle, and caring.

Value all lives, freely sharing.

Celebrate Life’s great diversity.

Celebrate Life, expressing unity.

Be You- courageous, free, and strong.

Be the blessings for which you long.

Release ‘Old Stories’. Make your Peace.

If not, your Wars will soon increase.

Gather yourself to the arms of Love

here on Earth and in the Heavens above.


(Shelley Wilson-June 18, 2016)


Free Energy

LOVE-ENERGY frees all

of power over

and power under,

dramas of domination,

binding Consequences,

reversing roles,

shifting poles

of cold indifference,

needless suffering…

Units and Collectives

of Species galactic,




a telepathic message

(a paradigm shift)


evolving in all as all:

We are all One.


what that means.


Humanity awaken.

Shift Consciousness.

Raise Frequencies

of Awareness.


FREEDOM comes from WITHIN.

PEACE comes from WITHIN.



serves LIFE’S Agenda.

LOVE empowers.

LOVE IS Power.

Penetrate inertia.

Dissipate illusion.

Think Love.

Feel Love.

Radiate Love.

Show Love.

You are a Toroid.

Not an Energy Parasite

enslaving and enslaved.

Be a Toroid

of moving



pervading all Dimensions.


to light all Worlds,

to enlighten all Beings,

healing all Beings’

illusions of separation.

Honour all paths.

Celebrate Diversity

and Unity

with respect for LIFE,

with reverence for LIFE,

informing all Life,

LIFE in all Forms.

The Source of all Life

is in all, as all, through all,


connecting all always:



The Shift


(my digital music composition created through purchase on Catooh/Magix Music Maker- I called it ‘Love Only Love’)(I created this painting in the photo as well:)

We read the News and wonder Why

Humanity is so Impoverished, Desperate,

Oppressed by Fear, Enslaved by Greed,

MOST living without Basic Needs,

while Cultures of Violence spread everywhere.

Our News is ‘Old Stories’, History Repeated, ‘Renewsed’.

Dinosaurs of War STILL Dominate Earth.

Reptilian Gods of Aggression and Deception

with Technologies and Psychologies

STILL Command Human Blood Sacrifice,

feeding Energies of Terror and Pain

to Parasites of this and other Dimensions.

Their Global Agenda: Control the Masses-

Scripting Traditions, World Views, and Tragic Events

to bring themselves Great Wealth and Gain.

POWER OVER is the Name of their Game.

We are Deceived and made Hollow

for Reptile Hearts and Dragon Minds

UNLESS Love is Strong and Hope Remains.

Now Humans Must Learn to Question and Discern.

We Must Adapt, Grow New Senses More Aware,

to Grow in Love and Show we Dare

Be More than Fodder, Feed, and Toys.

Our God is LIFE, with Reverence for Life.

Our God is LOVE, with Respect for Life.

Our God is FREEDOM, liberating Life.

Our God is PEACE, sustaining Life.

Our God is JOY, creating Joy through Life.


We are United in Values of Life’s Worth

as Energies SHIFT to Earth’s Rebirth.


(Shelley Wilson- 09/03/2016)

Do Dinosaurs Still Rule This Earth

 Love This Earth (my digital composition)

Do Dinosaurs still rule this Earth,
this precious planet of our birth?
What characterizes Reptilian life-
a world of fear, a world of strife,
domination at any cost,
indifference to life-forms harmed or lost.
Third Chakra Beings intent on control
slow Evolution as dark deeds unfold.
Brilliant Minds lacking Brilliant Hearts
tear countless lives and worlds apart,
turning Intelligence to a curse
that ripples throughout the Universe.
The Truth, when all is said and done,
is that All Life, All Beings, are One.
Why would higher Intelligences then self-destruct
in created Realities we, together, construct?
The darkness of a world gone mad
forming Realities tragic and sad
can change in an instant when Love shines through
by what we choose now to think and do.
Love is the measure of our true ‘worth’,
not the mere Species of our birth.
No glory is greater than the Spirit of Love.
Life’s true Masters wear bright crowns of Love.
Seventh Chakra Beings of Brilliant Love
unite Radiant Energies both here and above.
Love is the Great Light that outshines all
in every Dimension’s Here and Now.
Self-mastery is ever the true Masters’ goal,
not subjugation, repression, and mass control.
Leaps of Evolution, mysterious and strange,
are Life’s wondrous growth and constant change.
Let fears be just memories of a primitive past,
as we remember our Spirit, Love Itself, at last!!!

Shelley Wilson (August 31, 2013)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

Those Held Dear

Those Held Dear (my digital music composition)
We weep the loss of those held dear.
We hold their memory with our tears,
with flowers and stones
that honour their names,
releasing their bodies to earth,
to water, to air, and to flames.
We note the dates of their birth and death
with comforting words to those they’ve left.
Were they loving? Were they kind?
What were the things they left behind?
How did they define their life and worth?
We celebrate and mourn with grief,
repeating inherited or chosen beliefs
as words of power to banish fear
in knowing our turn, too, is drawing near.
Were we loving? Were we kind?
What were the things we left behind?
What defined our values and our worth
co-creating our life on Earth?
I sit in the cemetery’s morning light
watching such a heart-welcomed sight.
Three brave and gentle, beautiful deer
quietly approach me, ever so near.
I send them feelings of joy and peace,
finding freedom in cares release.
I share their calm presence, so gentle, so brave.
They feed on wildflowers growing on graves.
I share their gift of Here and Now,
no longer concerned by when or how
the stories of our lives will end.
This Present draws me gently in
to that ever still and timeless space within-
into the Light I see so clearly-
into the Love I hold so dearly-
Communion, Compassion, and Mystery.
No one is separate, forsaken, alone
for this Light is pure Love and Light is our Home.
Space and Time are wonder-filled Life at play
creating magic everywhere, everyday.
Space-time is fabric woven of Life Itself,
interwoven, vibrating Energy
creating Experience, experiencing all,
All That Is Itself, Its glorious Self.
Everything is expanding Consciousness.
Life moves and creates and feels through us-
the Observer that sees behind our eyes, all eyes-
the Divine in everyday, common disguise.
Everything is Source Energy-
different frequencies, varying degrees
of evolving Awareness-
even all that seems dead and inert
like mountains, rocks, sand, and dirt.
We watch to see how things behave-
disappearing particles, dancing waves-
surprising evidence appearing strange.
We jump the boundaries of our Age.
All Matter is Energy in a Process divine.
Form and Energy are One in Truth sublime,
yet forms do ever change and disappear
so we weep the loss of those held dear.
I feel grateful and humble as I can be,
enjoying this morning’s company
of silent deer and thoughts of those held dear.
But they’ve gone beyond and are not here.

Shelley Wilson
June 22, 2013

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

We Are


One (my digital music composition)

We Are

We are All One-
‘victims’ and ‘villains’,
‘powerful’ and ‘powerless’,
richest to poorest,
famous, infamous, anonymous…
Immortal Humanity
ever reborn…
We are All One-
healthy, and not,
in body, mind, and emotion,
a constant flux
of ever changing,
ever rippling, creative
Vibrational Energies…
We are All One-
(Spirit)-Life manifesting
as atoms and cells,
elements and numbers,
dancing waves and particles
appearing and disappearing
multi-dimensional Being
creating and evolving…
We are All One-
part of The All,
Universal Life Energy,
‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ Energy
in us, in all,
in everything
of the Eternal Moment Now..

Shelley Wilson
November 17, 2012

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Choosing Our Future



Peace Project (my digital music composition)

Choosing Our Future

In the Great Hall of Anonymity,
the Altar of Modesty
lies covered, lies covered
with the names and deeds
and blood of many millions
taught to sing the praises
of a man named Mao,
sing praises to the glories
of a man named Mao.
No one mentions
‘The Great Contradiction’-
Mao and Modesty, that is…
No one mentions the madness
of so many dead Sparrows,
the deadly harvest demanded
of Nature’s Children,
and of China’s Children,
all precious lives sacrificed
to the hidden Wealth, Power,
and Agenda
of so very, very few.
Elitism adores Collectivism,
the Power
of absolute authority-
unquestioning obedience-
mass conformity and control.
Its Legacy, everywhere, is ever
death and destruction,
sacrifice and suffering untold…
Does its ‘Modesty’ deny these deeds?
No TRUE ‘Common Good’
of Politics, Religion, or Philosophy
ever stood in the Chamber
of Horror, Terror, and Fear.
Elitism creates and arms
endless games of War,
and ‘solutions’,
games of pain and need and misery
played on our little Planet here.
This ‘ism’
is not bound
to Capitalism, Communism, Socialism,
or any other ‘ism’ found
in Politics, Religion, or Philosophy,
yet uses all to its own ends.
One World Government?
Domination is NOT Oneness and Unity.
‘Superiority’ is simply Delusion.
‘Separateness’ is just an Illusion.
Domination is NOT Oneness and Unity.
Isn’t it time we let go and lose
beliefs and fear-based world views?
We can evolve, if we so choose,
to where we clearly know and see

(Shelley Wilson, November 12, 2012)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

I Am


(Awe and Wonder-   my digital music composition)


I Am
I am the call of the wild bird,
the feel of the breeze on your skin,
the color of loving laughter,
the strength of your spirit within.
I am the soil caressing your feet,
the beckoning stars of the night,
the taste of tears with tea,
the sight of dawn’s first light.
I am the sweet kiss of comfort,
the smell of the flowers you grew,
the essence of every vast atom,
the answer you simply knew.

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


(Inner Peace-  my digital music composition)


How I love the silky feel
of Leisure,
now precious and rare,
Leisure light and free
of heavy work and care…
How my skin delights
in Leisure’s lingering baths
washing worries away,
as sweet scents, exotic oils,
soothe and heal the weary days…
How I love the satin sight
of Leisure’s robes,
the draping flow and touch,
like gentle kisses and caresses
in the embrace of a soft couch…
How often I hear Leisure,
wise and patient Leisure,
call me to recline,
call me to simply ‘be’
between demands of busy Time
October 6, 2011

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Walking On Faith

(Through Ancient Eyes-  my digital music composition)


Walking On Faith

Moving forward
through shadows of uncertainty
cast by hungry human fears
that hunt and prey,
I pray
with loving trust
and growing gratitude.

Walking awareness
of Life’s great Spirit
ever present,
everywhere present,
beautiful and true
unconditional Love,
lights up
the grounding path
beneath my feet.

Moving forward,
step by step,
calmly creating
my story, my life,
and my reality,
my frequency rises,
energies shift
in evolutionary jumps
as my winged joy
greets Change.
October 6, 2011

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

God Met God On The Street

God Met God On The Street
God met God on the street today
and he paused for a moment to say
Hello—how are you this fine day?
and she replied Good! Oh, by the way
did you see the show God put on last night?
God, it was such an amazing sight!
I took out my telescope, thinking I might
see God amidst the bright starlight.
I saw It everywhere and then I knew
God as the essence of every atom too—
from supernova to morning dew—
from everything old to everything new.
I saw God dance as Northern Lights
through which God passed as satellites
watching the world from distant heights—
observing Itself in orbiting flights.
The sleeping ones don’t know It still
dreaming dreams of fight and kill
their other selves who also will
dream their many dreams until
they too wake up to God as ‘Life’.
Well, give my best to your kids and wife!
January, 2006