I Hear The Robin Sing

resonating reverberating rippling sound energy everywhere

I Hear The Robin Sing

i hear the robin sing sweet

songs in tune with my soul

once to me a herald of spring

now even a winter companion

a herald of spring in my soul

a song in my heart- my mind

composing many bird symphonies

uplifting and endearing

music of soul and heart and mind

resonating reverberating rippling

into the cosmos forever

first here- then there-

there and there and there…

i hear the robin sing sweet

its song spreads into the cosmos

sound energy everywhere…

those able to hear its song

have their own signature sounds

spreading out in the cosmos too

sound energy everywhere

whether or not we hear them too…

March 9, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


Go Within



 (my digital music composition ‘Every Winter Ends With Spring’)

Go within. Go within.

Close your eyes.

Let ‘Busy Thoughts’ rest.

Let ‘To Do’s sleep

for there are Treasures

in your deep space within.

Rest your mind. Rest your mind.

Just be aware.

Now you’re aware.

You are aware

of Treasures there

so deep within:

your resources,

your riches,

your wealth within,

Life’s wealth within.

Spend Time within.

Open your chest.

Open your heart

to wondrous Treasures,

transforming Treasures

you’ve carried within.

Treasures to value

are buried deep within.

Here’s Life Itself.

Here’s Brilliant Love

and Beautiful Peace,

Precious Freedom

and Sparkling Joy.

It’s all within.

Feel the wonder

of Life’s presents

in Its Presence.

…Breathe It in…

Then…breathe It out…

This is what

your life’s about.


(Shelley Wilson- 18/03/2016)




The Shift


(my digital music composition created through purchase on Catooh/Magix Music Maker- I called it ‘Love Only Love’)(I created this painting in the photo as well:)

We read the News and wonder Why

Humanity is so Impoverished, Desperate,

Oppressed by Fear, Enslaved by Greed,

MOST living without Basic Needs,

while Cultures of Violence spread everywhere.

Our News is ‘Old Stories’, History Repeated, ‘Renewsed’.

Dinosaurs of War STILL Dominate Earth.

Reptilian Gods of Aggression and Deception

with Technologies and Psychologies

STILL Command Human Blood Sacrifice,

feeding Energies of Terror and Pain

to Parasites of this and other Dimensions.

Their Global Agenda: Control the Masses-

Scripting Traditions, World Views, and Tragic Events

to bring themselves Great Wealth and Gain.

POWER OVER is the Name of their Game.

We are Deceived and made Hollow

for Reptile Hearts and Dragon Minds

UNLESS Love is Strong and Hope Remains.

Now Humans Must Learn to Question and Discern.

We Must Adapt, Grow New Senses More Aware,

to Grow in Love and Show we Dare

Be More than Fodder, Feed, and Toys.

Our God is LIFE, with Reverence for Life.

Our God is LOVE, with Respect for Life.

Our God is FREEDOM, liberating Life.

Our God is PEACE, sustaining Life.

Our God is JOY, creating Joy through Life.


We are United in Values of Life’s Worth

as Energies SHIFT to Earth’s Rebirth.


(Shelley Wilson- 09/03/2016)

Names and Numbers


(my digital music composition ‘Fragile Thread’)


How Humanity loves to Name and Count,

Name and Count, Name and Count.

We Name Numbers and Count Names.

From Birth to Death we are Names and Numbers,

Names and Numbers, Names and Numbers.

Without Name and Number, do we Exist?

Did we ever Exist?

We Measure and Weigh our Beingness

through Names and Numerical Scripts.

We see all Life through Lenses of Name and Number.

Everything must have a Name. An I.D.

‘Flora’, ‘Fauna’, the ‘Elements’, ‘God’, et al…

We Multiply Languages. We Multiply Names.

Everything must be Counted and Measured.

Observe. Record. Teach. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat…

Memorize. Computerize. Robotize…

Through Filters of Prejudice we Create and Destroy

using Powers of Numbers and Names.

The Civility of Civilizations is Measured

by Names and Numbers. Tested. Observed.

And so it is with us

and all Species who Name and Count

among the Nameless, Countless Stars.



History As Story-Telling


   my digital music composition ‘The Prejudices of Geography’

How we love our Stories,

Old and New,

even with Facts and Fictions

mingled too-

Histories, Hi Stories,

both False and True.

What to Believe? What Not?

Do we Question? Or Not?

Bright ones Dare. Most do Not.

Our Storytellers know

to Repeat…Repeat…Repeat…

Our Story Writers know

their Power…Power…Power…

How we love our Stories,

Old and New,

even with Facts and Fictions

mingled too-

Histories, Hi Stories,

both False and True.

Dancing Galaxies


Dancing Galaxies

swirling galaxies dance

divinely dance

the sacred streams

flowing through space

sacred streams

of subatomic particles

and waves

singing frequencies

planets and stars

moons and comets

singing frequencies

with such divine

emotion, e-motion

creating and evolving

beauty evoking bliss

power evoking awe

the cosmic dance

of Source Energy

veiled in layers

layer upon layer

countless transparencies

of lives and forms

moving, ever-moving


through, throughout

the watery layers

that flow ever

from the Source

as whirling galaxies

singing and dancing

these sacred streams

all made of Love

boundless Love


flow through space

ever-sacred space

(Shelley Wilson   August 24, 2015)

Evocative Scents

Evocative Scents

phlox blossoms

and watermelon

open to whisper

their presence

with evocative

cool sweetness


so like the

subtle scent

that whispers

through woods

and fields


Fall’s first snow

the mind begins

to wonder

but the senses

already know

the mind begins

to wonder

will we let

our greed

consume us

as we breathe

polluted air

when does need

transform to greed

when is

so much more


what fragrance

will we gift

our future Earth

to wear

phlox blossoms

and watermelon

faintly whisper

when is

so much more


August 11, 2015scent

Love Applied


Love Applied   (my digital music composition)

Is Race, Religion, or Country your pride

while all others you deride?

Do Cultural Prejudices rule and guide

the Social Laws where you reside?

Do Ancient World Views and Feuds divide

and lead to Human Rights denied?

When will you, you, decide

too many have suffered, too many have died?

When will you, you, provide

your World with hope of Love Applied?

Life creates each and every form

in constant change. You’ll be reborn.

Perhaps into all you now despise.

Perhaps into all you now deride.

Then will you, you, decide

too many have suffered, too many have died?

Then will you, you, provide

your World with hope of Love Applied?

(Shelley Wilson   May 24, 2015)

Message To Self


Message To Self (my digital music composition)

Message to self:

You are what you eat-

that tasty and delicious meat

of creatures legally tortured in life

and terrorized in painful death

-without conscience or integrity-

-without mercy or gratitude-

-an insatiable greed for sacrifice.

You are what you eat.

Can you face this truth of all that you’ve become?

Investigate and educate yourself.

You’ll see there’s so much more.

Your body has no true need

to be a human carnivore

when Nature offers so much more

healthy fare to feed your body’s need.

Your cells will sing with gratitude.

Another one free of the heartless tyranny,

all Nature will sing with gratitude,

thankful for what you eat

and all you’ll now become.

February 23, 2015

why i understand

why i understand   (my digital music composition)

i have feasted in Palaces of Power

and starved, powerless, In The Streets…

i’ve been exalted in Victory’s Hours

and denigrated in Days of Defeat…

so many Lives, so many Griefs-

so many Lives, so many Beliefs…

i’ve shouted the loud, angry Battle Cry

and used a small, soft Voice to Question Why…

i’ve seen this World through many Views

and acted (sometimes) on Love’s Clear Cues…

sometimes i ignore or attune to my Soul

whispering ‘Only Love’ as the Glorious Goal

(not ‘Stuff or Status’, Wealth or Fame)

as i travel Life’s Journeys and play Life’s Games…

i’ve explored many Values, both Dark and Light,

to find Understanding and gain Insight…

sometimes i Remember, sometimes i Forget

but each Life is precious and none i regret

whether Human or Other- as in Lives yet to be

Creating and Evolving through Love’s Energy…

Shelley Wilson

written October 26, 2014


Still Silence   (my digital music composition)

was Narcissus enchanted

by the Beauty of his Reflection

like Philosophers, Poets, Thinkers even today…

was he deep or shallow as they say…

did Narcissus clearly see

the Wonder and Beauty of God

reflected in Life’s Mirror,

every Atom created by Love…

was Narcissus stuck in vanity

or was he simply enraptured

in A Moment’s Eternity

seeing All Life as being Love…

what say Ye Love…

(With Love, Shelley)

written October 25, 2014

Fragile Thread

Fragile Thread (my digital composition)


Thoughts of you come to mind. I wonder how you are.
We haven’t communicated in so long. Too much time and distance…
I sit by the patio door, now open, with a cup of tea resting on the table by my chair.
I am silent and quietly aware.
A gentle breeze flows in. I know its presence through my chilled skin
and the sight of leaves shivering on the vine and shrubs outside.
Now sunlight informs me of a fragile spider thread. It’s attached to the vine at one end
but no longer connected at the other.
Fascinated, I watch this fragile thread as the breeze lifts and carries it directly to me.
Ah, I see!

short story by

Shelley Wilson
July, 2014


May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

When I Sleep


Water (my digital composition)

When I Sleep
it matters not
the dramas of the day.
All woes and worries
lie forgotten.
All worldly cares
just slip away.
When I sleep
I just let go
and drift into The Deep.
I float in Dreams
where I can be
anything I wish.
It matters not
whatever I choose.
I’m free
of all that binds
or limits, dulls
or decays.
The World of Rules
just fades away.
My Dream Time World
has brighter hues-
more vibrant shades
of colors come alive.
Senses heighten
where the mind’s
Imagination thrives.
I smell jasmine
as never before.
I taste of fruit
unknown before.
Images become
Messages to Self.
What does this mean?
What does that mean?
I ask myself.
Sometimes I
even hear and feel
a symphony of sounds
so rich and full,
a Music I adore
carried on a breeze.
This otherworldly
symphony uplifts
to higher frequencies.
It raises me
to higher realms
and higher sight.
Then I just soar
in Freedom’s bliss,
pure Joy and Peace,
where I again
Remember this-
the Mystery,
the Unity,
Loving Energy,
my true Home,
the timeless
knowing Light,
most radiant,
brilliant Light.
When to my body
I return,
so much less,
I may forget
all that I’ve known
of Life and Death.
It matters not.
My Life’s a Dream-
an Energy Play
I co-create
through every Night
and every Day.
It matters not.
Awake, asleep,
it matters not-
for Matter is nought
but Energy Play
that Life thought up
and thinking still
creates the Dreams
and Dreamers all.
Forms ever change
as I move through
the many I’s I Dream.
All Life, my Life,
continues on
so wonderful,
so strange.
Particles and Waves.
Particles and Waves.
Now here. Now gone.
Into the formless
Mystery beyond.
Then here again
in ever, ever
Constant Change.
I am-We are
Energy Droplets
and Energy Waves,
each One and Many-
One and Many.
I am-We are
of Universes
seen and unseen
in many Dimensions.
So many Mysteries.
Infinite Mysteries
to explore.
Our Source Energy
creates and grows
and Macrocosms
expanding Life
in countless Numbers-
in countless Thoughts
transmitting Energy
rippling everywhere.
I am-We are
countless Creations
and Transformations
redefining who we are
and who we choose to be-
the gift of our Source Energy.
Life lives and breathes
a Great Cosmic Sea,
a Great Sea
of Eternal Energy.
The One in Many
dreams our Dreams.
When I Sleep
I just let go
and drift into The Deep.

Shelley Wilson
May 28, 2014


May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

The Prejudices of Geography


The Prejudices of Geography (my digital composition)

We Humans are a funny lot!
Our Intelligence has not
evolved beyond the prejudices
of where we’re from
or where we now live
as if it is the sum
of who we really are.

Pre-judgments abound
with reasoning unsound
determining value and worth
of sacred life upon this Earth
based on where we’re from
or where we now live
on this tiny orb spinning in Space.

We attach our loves and hates
to North or South, East or West,
even Up and Down,
where notions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’
fill so many minds with fears
and all the primitive prejudices
of a perceptual Geography.

We Humans are a funny lot!
Shelley Wilson (April 20, 2014)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley