Imprinted Kisses

Waterlily Photos I took- wading through mud and slime to take

Imprinted Kisses

In all things of Nature

are the Imprinted Kisses of the Divine-

that Intelligence of Design,

the Wonders of Change and Growth,

that Energy creating Dualities,

creating Relationships and Relativities-

the Unseen creating the Seen-

Imperfections allowing Perfections,

a Dot becoming a Square,

the This Here and That There,

and Our Kisses saying We Care.

March 2, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


Tiny Bubbles

Your life and mine are tiny bubbles…

Tiny Bubbles

Your life and mine

are tiny bubbles

in the ever-flowing

Stream of Life

moving Seen and Unseen

throughout the Universe.

We are tiny bubbles,

part of the Stream Itself,

Life Itself, ever Life,

the Great Mystery,

moving, flowing,


ever-changing forms

then disappearing

as bubbles disappear

into the air around,

into the Unseen

and the Formless.

We are part

of Life Itself,

ever Life Alive,

ever Life Energy

appearing, disappearing,

flowing Energy

Seen and Unseen.

From Source we come.

To Source we return.

We are Ever and Always


August 31, 2022- February 28, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC



I gaze through my ‘looking glass’,

spellbound in Fascination.

The sight stirs Imagination.

I watch a young Tree sway,

led by a charming Winter Wind-

both dancing a slow waltz.

She dances sleepily, this young Tree,

her upper limbs moving lazily

with the gentle push and pull of Wind.

He charms and bends her body slightly

to Nature’s rhythms, holding tightly

as Nature’s music plays.

Wind instruments enchant with air.

I hear them all so clearly.

Off to the side, an old Tree stands,

his days now coming to an end.

Nature’s music barely moves him.

His scarred body tells old stories

to birds and squirrels passing by

or staying in his refuge home.

Ah, now the dance has ended.

An Eagle circles slowly overhead

as I start writing in my bed.

(February 23, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC)



We are all Triune Beings,

Sentient Bio-Gems

of the Creator Life Itself-

that Prime Source Spirit

of Purest Love and Light

Creating and Recreating

through the Wondrous, Glorious

Nature of Itself- Visible Nature

of Formless, Invisible Spirit-

Many-Faceted, Sparkling

Consciousness Energy

Pervading Myriad Forms.

We are all Triune Beings,

Sentient Bio-Gems,

Souls Co-Creating Ourselves

through Wondrous Light-

that Sparkling Energy

Ever-Moving, Exploring Itself

as Light-Spectrums of Mind

through Functions of Brain

and Colour-Spectrums of Emotions

that Move to Free or Bind,

Enriching Our Understandings,

Experiencing Our Lives.

We are all Triune Beings,

Sentient Bio-Gems,

Bodies of Mysteries and Senses,

of Taken-For-Granted Wonders,

Cohesive Atomic Structures

Appearing Solid and Firm

yet Carrying Quantum-Space,

Carrying Liquids and Gases, Bodies

Appearing Solid and Firm and

then Disappearing From Sight-

Each Body a Universe In Itself,

Parts of the Cosmic Universe,

Reappearing in Constant Change.

We are Sentient Bio-Gems-

Wonders of Life, Wonders of God,

all Beautiful to Behold,

Beginning to Understand…

February 20, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Shy Amaryllis

This Amaryllis prefers soft candlelight to harsh glare. (She whispered her preference to me. She also prefers a bit of distance from harmful fire and heat and bows humbly even with a little support.) I posted this morning’s photo on my other site- another side that I hope will bloom to its potential at FlowerpoetShelley.

February 18, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

A Moody Sky

I took this photo today on a drive along the Beach Drive in Victoria. This is a colour photo appearing greys, blacks and whites of a noir like setting. A moody sky. I posted a similar shot on my second site called FlowerpoetShelley launched today. It will also be devoted to my interests in Arts and Crafts including Photography. Today I also started playing with mixed media using acrylics and paper mosaics on canvas. Nothing planned as usual…. feels like more fun when it’s a spontaneous creation. I’ll post a photo of it if it’s something worth sharing.

A Young Species

We are a young Species.

Like young Children,

we grow in greater Awareness

of other Beings, other Humans

and strange-looking Creatures

sentient or not,

evolving fast or slow,

loving, friendly,

fearful, hostile,

appearing strange in many ways.

Like young Children,

we grow in greater Awareness

of where we live,

of Other Rooms and Spaces

Beyond the first we knew.

Some of us reach out

to touch the heavens,

eager to explore and know

The Wonders waiting Beyond

Closed Doors and Curtained Windows,

Beyond what we now see.

Some of us go deep within us

to know where our life began,

to know again The Womb of Heaven,

know again The Oneness

and The Wonder of It All.

Like young Children,

we grow in greater Awareness,

we Make Believe and Make It So

creating and co-creating

a myriad Dreams as Realities

Playing Out as we grow.

Beings of Older Ages, Other Places, watch

and sometimes even guide us

as we Play, Evolve and Grow.

December 4, 2022- Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

So What

People poop and pee, burp and fart.

It’s part of the Process of Life we’re in

as Humans of bones and blood and skin,

Nature transforming what we take in

as solids, liquids, gases and energies

of frequencies we can detect

that nurture, preserve and protect

or harm, destroy and decay

our bodies as lifeforms passing away,

no longer serving the Life we are.

Where did the ‘shame’ of Functions start?

This is Nature at work of which we’re a part.

What is this immature fascination,

this ‘shameful’ denial and rejection

of all Body Functions, Nature’s way

maintaining health, sustaining Life.

People poop and pee, burp and fart.

So what, I say. Grow up!

May 17, 2022

Shelley Wilson

Owl Tales

Philosophy, The Love of Wisdom

I believe that everything we experience in life here on Earth has a Spiritual Purpose- the ‘good’, the ‘bad’, the ‘beautiful’, the ‘ugly’- and that every manifestation of all our loves and fears eventually leads to Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom when we turn within to Remember our Essential Nature, our Spirit. This can be achieved in one moment of one lifetime or through the course of many lifetimes. We are all co-creators with God, the God Force, the Life Force, the Process and the ‘chi’ of everything.

The crown of Wisdom is symbolized beautifully in the crowns of Royalty here on Earth and in the halos depicted around the heads of Spiritual Masters. These are recognitions of the majesty, power and glory of Spirit in everything and the Great Oneness of Ultimate Reality.

Life on Earth can be messy, chaotic and intimidating as we experience ‘predator and prey’ realities in our limited and linear world of spiritual amnesia, but even this has Spiritual Purpose.

Owl Symbolism

Owls have come to represent Earthly Wisdom, a positive symbol in Western Cultures and a more negative one in Eastern Cultures. The Owl sees and hears through the darkness (of ignorance) what others cannot see or hear, like clairvoyants and clairaudients, having abilities to know what others try to hide- their secrets. The Owl doesn’t waste energy. It observes carefully before acting.

Owl See You

My dear Mother, Dixie, a compassionate, empathetic, gregarious woman with psychic abilities, identified with the Owl. Shortly after she died in Northeastern Ontario, September 2015, my daughter, Alissa, and I were gifted by the visit of a Barred Owl sitting in a tree here in Victoria, BC. We learned through the Humane Society later that the Owl died shortly after capture. It had been accidentally electrocuted just before we saw it, so it was a Miracle that it was still able to fly to that tree and sit there while we shared those special moments.

The Owl At School

I grew up in the presence of a stuffed and mounted Great Horned Owl in my Grandfather’s ‘Man Den’ where stuffed trophy fish decorated the walls with a sign that read ‘All Fishermen are liars except you and me and I’m not so sure about you!’ (The mailman, the milkman, the salesman and just about any man passing by his garden were often invited in to have a drink and share their hunting and fishing stories. The Owl witnessed it all.)

I brought the Owl to my young classmates at Queen Elizabeth Public School one day for ‘Show and Tell’. It’s head mysteriously disappeared there. I had to bring the headless bird home.

I learned some Wisdom that day. You can ‘lose your head’ by showing and telling your Wisdom, a price to pay through the ignorance of the less mature, mentally and spiritually one might say.

Owl Power

My Husband, Roger, and I were trudging through Winter snow and ice on our way home in typical Northeastern Ontario mid-Winter temperatures. It was a long walk from our little log cabin in the wilderness. Along the way, we had the company of a large, white Snowy Owl. It followed us, with periodic observational rests, for several kilometres, flying from one hydro power line pole to another as it kept us in sight. I envied its ability to fly, remembering so many dreams of me freely flying over and between power lines. ( No, not a sex dream, Mr. Freud, just a ‘chi’ freedom dream…) I thanked the Snowy Owl and Mother Nature when it finally flew away.

Something Unusual

A few years ago, Alissa and I were hiking through the forest of East Sooke Park, here on Vancouver Island, down to the coastal trail there along the Salish Sea. Along the way, I said to Alissa, “We’re going to see something unusual today.” We continued walking and saw nothing unusual until we turned back onto the trail leading back to my car. A few hikers were gathered on the trail, looking up and taking photos of something. As we approached, we saw that it was a Barred Owl and her two Owlets. They were calmly sitting on low tree branches, eyes wide open, watching the behaviours of humans. It looked like ‘Owl Class’ to me. Having two children myself, I quickly identified with Mother Owl. She and her ‘children’ observed us with piercing intensity. After about fifteen minutes of Shared Observation, the three Owls flew away. Alissa and I left with reverent wonder of Mother Nature and God’s creations- Life in those forms- and the precious experience we shared.

In all the times we’ve hiked those trails, in all seasons, we’ve never encountered Owls there before or after this sighting.

Tea With An Owl

Alissa and I were renting the lower half of a back-split house in Westshore, a part of Victoria, where our large deck faced a wooded area adjacent to a park. Alissa was at work and I was enjoying my usual, solitary cup of tea after lunch. I glanced out our large living-room window and was surprised to see a Great Horned Owl sitting on the lower branch of a tree near the deck fencing. It was staring in the window at me, or perhaps it was staring at the little pewter Owl head window hanging? I reached for my cell phone and took numerous focused and out-of-focus photos and videos. It continued to stare in the window through much of the afternoon, closing its eyes then opening them again to survey the ground and woods where many Squirrels stopped all movement. (The Squirrels visited me so often, Alissa started calling me The Squirrel Whisperer.)

The Owl continued staring and stretching its wings and tail, not bothered by my movements or that of the Internet Service Provider Technician on call and clearly in view on his walks to and from his service truck.

I began to wonder if that Owl was going to be my ‘Harry Potter Pet’ but it eventually flew away. Well, it didn’t actually go far because it woke me up many nights with its hooting and the sounds of Squirrels going Home With God. Yes, I prayed for both Predator and Prey. That’s the reality of this planet.

Who Gives A Hoot?

Somewhere in the ‘Conversations With God’ or other books by Neale Donald Walsch, God suggests we do the ‘Who’ exercise- standing in front of a mirror and staring deeply into our own eyes, we begin asking something like”Who, Whoo, Whooo am I?” or it was “Who, Whoo, Whooo are you?” I forget…lol…I’ll have to look that up again. Anyway, its the same Message that Krishnamurti and other Spiritual Teachers also advised. “Know Thy Self”. Perhaps that was ‘my’ Owl’s Reminder Message to me too.

Who gives a hoot? Who, who, who?

I do. I do. I do. Look deep within to see.

I Am In You and You Are In Me!!!

Okay, that’s not a great Impromptu Poem, but it works for me.

God is Omnipresent. Now that’s a Feast of Thought!!!

The Pharaoh/Queen Hatshepsut (Queen of the South) travelled far to seek the Wisdom of Solomon in the land of ‘Punt’, the ‘Holy Land’, bringing many valued ‘trade’ gifts. Some day that hidden history will be known. What will we be or do to gain Wisdom?

(True stories and a bit of Philosophy- believe it or not- retold November 3, 2021)

Thank you Mother Nature!

Shelley Wilson

Moose Tales

This and Other Realities

Moose Tales

In the Medicine Wheel, the Moose is my Totem Animal in the East. I am a ‘white woman’ now but have lived several Indigenous lives with loved ones on this North American continent, both in male and female forms. (It’s fine if you don’t believe that.)

Mother Nature has gifted me with many sightings and encounters with Moose throughout my years when living in Northeastern Ontario. I am deeply grateful for having those experiences.

Great To Be Alive…

Some years ago, my Husband, Roger, and I journeyed to the Lady Evelyn and Smoothwater Lakes by canoe, having entered the winding access river off of the Beauty Lake Road.

I was filled with thoughts about ‘timing’ just before our little electric motor died, then later after a portage in rough waters, my paddle split down the middle of the bottom half. It happened at the mouth of Smoothwater, a crystal clear lake renowned for sudden high waves and drownings. The wind was threatening and against us so we paddled closer to shore. It suited my mood and the desire to live a solitary life once the children were out of the nest.

When we stopped to pitch tent on a beach, I went to gather sticks for our fire. Some distance away from camp, with my aching arms full, I stood quietly looking at my beautiful, wild surroundings. I was overcome with a wonderful feeling of how great it was to be alive. My concerns and worries dissolved in those few minutes of contemplation.

Just as I returned to camp, Roger and I heard a very loud, crashing sound. There, on the very spot of the shoreline where I had just stood, a Bull Moose appeared as if running for its life, went straight into the water and swam as fast as it could toward the distant shore. He was a magnificent sight to behold.

Then, just moments later, a large Grey Wolf appeared on that very same spot. It watched the Moose intently, hungry and having lost its prey. Then it turned to stare directly at us. That stare pierced my mind and heart. I, truly, felt the Call of the Wild.

What a thrill and honour to see both of these amazing creatures!!

Moose In Paradise…

Years ago, my Dad, Aunt and Uncle and I went on a day trip fishing in Dad’s 12 foot aluminum boat. It was another of several of my journeys into the Lady Evelyn, Dufferin and Smoothwater Lakes where I often saw Moose, Bears and many species of wildlife. My Uncle remarked that it looked as if I’d just entered into Paradise.

On that particular day, my Aunt and I encountered a towering Bull Moose with a heavy rack just a few short yards from our path. We all stopped suddenly. My Aunt, Helen, pulled out her belted knife and I said softly, “Please put that away and don’t move.”

The Moose stood staunchly appraising us for several minutes, then turned back, trustingly, into the bush. We sighed with relief. Then I chuckled with great respect for my wonderful Totem Animal of the East.

Saved By A Moose…

During my late teens, I had another memorable experience with a formidable Bull Moose. To this day, I believe that creature of Mother Nature was Heaven-sent to save me from a potential rape when I prayed for help.

A young man who was dating my cousin in Southern Ontario made a surprise visit to my family home one summer day. He wanted me to take him for a day of fishing. Dad suggested I take him to Lone Wolf Lake, north, towards the Arctic Watershed sign.

I recall the strange thought, ‘I’ll give him a memory he won’t soon forget,’ then wondered why I’d thought that thought.

Off we went on our adventure.

It was a hot, sunny day with swarms of mosquitoes and blackflies all around us as we threw our baited lines into the water. Within minutes, I discovered that I was the bait. Our visitor gave me a ravenous, unwelcomed kiss. I said to the mosquitoes and blackflies, “Oh, oh! What next!” When I looked deep into his eyes, I saw he was being tempted to rape me. I must have made a desperate mental call, a prayer to God, to Mother Nature, to the Angels, because just then a gigantic Bull Moose came charging out of the bush and stood very close to where we were. I had the sudden instinct to drop my fishing rod and run towards the Moose. He turned swiftly and headed back into the bush running, with me chasing after him, unarmed, like a crazy, wild woman. I had a distinctly wolfish, predatory feeling all through this strange experience. The southern visitor began chasing after me too but was slow to catch up. Then the strange feeling passed and I finally stopped, leaving that blessed Moose to its solitary run deeper into the wilderness.

My visitor caught up. He had a frightened, sheepish look in his eyes now. I said, “It’s time to leave.” We didn’t talk on the way back to Kirkland Lake and I heard he headed back south immediately.

I didn’t speak of this experience for many years but chuckled to myself whenever it came to mind. In a family of Moose Hunters, I was saved by a Moose…

(True stories of Northeastern Ontario retold November 2, 2021)

Thank you Mother Nature!

Shelley Wilson

Beaver Tale

This and Other Realities:

Beaver Tale

Mother Nature has gifted my family and I with many cherished memories through the years, often presented as pleasant surprises.

It was Canada Day, July 1st. My husband, Roger, and I decided to bring our two less-than-enthusiastic, pre-teen children, Alissa and Aaron, on a day trip of boating and fishing with our aluminum boat and outboard motor. We drove to an access point near Matachewan on the Montreal River. It’s a 220 km (137 mi) long tributary, with its own tributaries, of the Ottawa River stretching another 1,271 km (790 mi).

There, we loaded the boat with all the essentials , including the children.

It was a long ride to our destination during which Roger manned the outboard motor, I watched for the thrills of seeing wildlife and potential hazards, while the children watched the water- the waves, the ripples, the sprays- and the sky- the passing clouds in the bright sunlight, the birds flying by- and the shoreline of rugged Northeastern Ontario trees, shrubs, rocks and driftwood, all of which lulled them to sleep. While Roger and I were mapping, they were napping.

Part of our journey included a challenging portage. We all had to get out of the boat and slowly winch it up, with our gear and heavy motor, using a vintage winch pulley kept there to aid travel up the overland incline. It was a strenuous, exhausting task made more uncomfortable with the hot temperature, mosquitoes and blackflies. Like explorers and pioneers, we were on our determined way again.

Finally, we reached our chosen spot for fishing. Baited lines were all thrown in the water, not caring whether we actually caught any fish. The time of day, hot temperature and cooked bait were ignored as minor details. I recall that we were all focused on the contents of our cooler more than anything else.

Once satiated, we all drifted into silent reflection on our surroundings. That’s when Canada’s Totem Animal, a Beaver, swam up close to our boat, then loudly slapped its tail on the water. Some folks would say it was the Beaver’s territorial warning but we called it “The Canada Day Salute”.

( A true story retold November 1, 2021)

Thank you Mother Nature!

Shelley Wilson

Picture Puzzles

Poetry In A New Paradigm

Picture Puzzles

Picture Puzzles Help To Teach Us

the Great Value of Flexible Thinking,

to Seek and Expand Our Understandings,

to Just Set Aside What Doesn’t Work

When Linking Pieces to Others-

‘Clues’ that Just Don’t Fit, or

‘Clues’ that Fit But Don’t ‘Actually’ Fit-

to Continue to Look For Answers

Even When Seeing the Picture Whole

In Healthy Humility As We Grow-

Always Something More To Know…

Puzzles Teach Appreciation For Uncertainties,

the Value of Honest Doubt- the Value

of Questions With Need For Evidence,

For a Willingness to Question ‘Dog-mas’-

that of Our Own or Others-

Valid Yet Incomplete Answers,

‘Collars’ that Fit but Don’t ‘Actually’ Fit-

a Willingness to Move Forward

to Higher, Wider, Deeper Understandings

that Help Us Collectively To Grow…

Some Puzzles Become More and More ‘Complex’

Exercises of a Mental Evolution

Where Intuition Breaks Through

to Aid Powers Of Intelligence,

Where Curiosity First Leads Us

To Explore Piece By Piece, Bit By Bit,

With Logic and Powers of Deduction,

With Shape and Pattern Recognition

Then To Sudden Leaps In Awareness

Beyond The Computer Mind-

a Direct, Intuitive Knowing

Then Comes To Our ‘Defence’-

an Inner Force ‘Activates’

When We Truly, Truly Care-

Helping Us To Find Our Answers-

Even That ‘Missing Piece’ of the Puzzle

Hidden Under Our Own Chair…

God Is Giving Us A Whole Universe

Of Wondrous, Invisible Puzzles,

Puzzles To Invite Us All To Grow

and To Stretch Far Beyond

What We Think We Know…

September 14, 2021

Shelley Wilson


Sunlight Through Raindrops:


Beauty is subjective thought

and feelings stirred within

with Powers to delight

our minds and hearts

then carry us to Bliss.

Beauty is God’s Kiss.

Even when Beauty seems strange,

Strange Beauty is Life’s Kiss.

Our Senses come alive-

touching, tasting, hearing, smelling, seeing,

Life’s Wonders then unfold

in Beauty we behold.

Though some may judge as ‘Ugly’

the Beauty that we see and feel,

we’re held in Beauty’s warm embrace

and there we choose to be.

October 30, 2021

Shelley Wilson

The Beauty of Peacocks

God’s creations of splendorous beauty,

living symbols of Eternity…

Handsome Peacocks open to display,

inviting drab hens to come their way

to mate and procreate,

to bring more beauty to this world

of ugly jealousies and insults hurled,

self-righteous moralities, beauty maligned,

Nature oppressed and reasons to find

fault, to deny the wonders of God

revealed in the Peacocks’ eyes…

February 20, 2021

Shelley Wilson