Ugly ‘Love’

There is a ‘love’ so ugly-

the jealousy-ridden kind.

It isn’t true love at all.

It poisons the heart and mind,

killing our relationships

with ugly fears entwined.

(Religions, Rulers, Lovers,

Spouses, Children, Pets…)

It seeks to ‘own’ another.

(God, People, Animals, Earth…)

This ‘love’ is truly ugly-

the jealousy- ridden kind.

(Shelley A. Wilson- February 18, 2019)

unloving love

Thank you! Thank you All!

Thank you Lights and Shadows

in us, all around, and ‘above’,

for helping us to See and Heal

all of our unloving love.

We begin to remember

Everything as One.

Our inner eyes open

and our Freedom is won.

In forms and formless,

as creators and created,

we See the plays of Light and Shadow

of which we are a part,

both being and becoming One.

Now we begin to See.

In all Realities and Dimensions,

we are All One being Many,

a glorious Spectrum,

a glorious Spectrum

of Diversity and Divinity,

a Spectrum of Lights and Shadows,

of Powers, Energies, Densities,

Individualities, Galaxies,

visible and invisible,

in us, around us, and ‘above’.

Lights and Shadows-

we Respect your Power

exercised for good or ill.

You teach us well

as we grow into our own.

Once Awake and Aware…

We are God’s information

and ever part of Source.

We are diamonds forming.

Press on! Press on!

Thank you Angels and Demons

in us, around, and ‘above’

for helping to release us

from creating more prisons

of our unloving love.

From dull coal to sparkling diamonds

we transform

for the sake of All beings

all that once was

into Most Benevolent Outcomes

for All,

graced by true Love’s cause.

Thank you! Thank you All!

(Shelley Wilson- September 4, 2016)


Greeting Dad

Dad slipped away quietly in his sleep today. He was 88. Now he and Mom are reunited and as joyful as two butterflies I watched circling each other as they rose straight up towards the shining sun. I wrote this poem in April 2003.

Greeting Dad

I am older than that Trickster Time

and his mercurial Mother Nature-

older than the stars and Earth

in continuous, evolving creation

with its dramas of rebirth.

I am part of ageless Spirit-

even in this ever-aging body of mine.

Yet when I greet my Dad

I become a child of three

with love-bright eyes and trusting hand.

He’s a humble man of inner strengths,

inspiring and reminding.

I’ve watched his quiet patience

master time and circumstance.

Dad is the northern wilderness to me,

the forests, the water, and the land I love.

Like a little child I see

through my heart when I greet Dad.


A Call To Arms of Love

Let go your deadly weapons of fear

and all destructive harm they bear.

Free yourself of every belief

that leads to others’ pain and grief.

Disarm your thoughts of prejudice

killing goodwill through injustice.

Rise out of hate’s violent insanity.

You can be the hope of Humanity.

Be loving, kind, gentle, and caring.

Value all lives, freely sharing.

Celebrate Life’s great diversity.

Celebrate Life, expressing unity.

Be You- courageous, free, and strong.

Be the blessings for which you long.

Release ‘Old Stories’. Make your Peace.

If not, your Wars will soon increase.

Gather yourself to the arms of Love

here on Earth and in the Heavens above.


(Shelley Wilson-June 18, 2016)


Be Calm

Fear not


and events to come.

Calm your heart.

Calm your mind.

Freedom’s defence

is inner peace,

good will to all,

hearts and minds

loving and kind-

not killing weapons

for fear’s oppressions.

Deep down you know

your power within.

Courage and strength

arise from within.

Seek not to destroy

the ones you call ‘foe’.

Heal your ‘enemy’.

Let your fear go.

Help your body

to align

with values healthy

and benign.

Killing beliefs

must now go.

Calm your heart.

Calm your mind.

Leave the realms

of fear behind

for inner peace

is where you’ll find

powers transcending

space and time.

Calm your heart.

Calm your mind.

Leave all conflicts

far behind

for inner peace

is where you’ll find

freedom and love

that is divine

triumphant Life

through space and time.

Bless all beings.

Bless Life in all

lives self-aware

or not at all,

 creatures great

and creatures small

of this world

or not at all.

Transmit peace

and calm to all

just by being

serene and calm

when Life transforms

the lives of all.

Know Love

as your being,

true nature

and true goal,

the higher agenda

of every Soul.

What tries to block,

destroy, deny,

deceive, disempower

and confuse,

forcing compliance

cannot long stand

where Love is strong.

Free and peaceful,

you will know

what to do

and where to go

when Changes come.

Just stay calm.

Go within. Within.

Remember who

you really are,

not a mindless

tool of war.


rise and fall.

Energies shift.

Powers shift.

Land masses

rise and fall.

Life forms appear

then disappear.

You appear

then disappear.

Life recycles

and goes on.

Life cannot die.

Life carries on.

You cannot die.

You carry on

in other forms,

you carry on.

Calm your heart.

Calm your mind.

leave the realms

of fears behind

for inner peace

is where you’ll find

your life transcending

space and time.

Fear nought.

Be calm. Be calm.

(Shelley Wilson, May 29, 2016)

Free Energy

LOVE-ENERGY frees all

of power over

and power under,

dramas of domination,

binding Consequences,

reversing roles,

shifting poles

of cold indifference,

needless suffering…

Units and Collectives

of Species galactic,




a telepathic message

(a paradigm shift)


evolving in all as all:

We are all One.


what that means.


Humanity awaken.

Shift Consciousness.

Raise Frequencies

of Awareness.


FREEDOM comes from WITHIN.

PEACE comes from WITHIN.



serves LIFE’S Agenda.

LOVE empowers.

LOVE IS Power.

Penetrate inertia.

Dissipate illusion.

Think Love.

Feel Love.

Radiate Love.

Show Love.

You are a Toroid.

Not an Energy Parasite

enslaving and enslaved.

Be a Toroid

of moving



pervading all Dimensions.


to light all Worlds,

to enlighten all Beings,

healing all Beings’

illusions of separation.

Honour all paths.

Celebrate Diversity

and Unity

with respect for LIFE,

with reverence for LIFE,

informing all Life,

LIFE in all Forms.

The Source of all Life

is in all, as all, through all,


connecting all always:



Go Within



 (my digital music composition ‘Every Winter Ends With Spring’)

Go within. Go within.

Close your eyes.

Let ‘Busy Thoughts’ rest.

Let ‘To Do’s sleep

for there are Treasures

in your deep space within.

Rest your mind. Rest your mind.

Just be aware.

Now you’re aware.

You are aware

of Treasures there

so deep within:

your resources,

your riches,

your wealth within,

Life’s wealth within.

Spend Time within.

Open your chest.

Open your heart

to wondrous Treasures,

transforming Treasures

you’ve carried within.

Treasures to value

are buried deep within.

Here’s Life Itself.

Here’s Brilliant Love

and Beautiful Peace,

Precious Freedom

and Sparkling Joy.

It’s all within.

Feel the wonder

of Life’s presents

in Its Presence.

…Breathe It in…

Then…breathe It out…

This is what

your life’s about.


(Shelley Wilson- 18/03/2016)