Crazy and Unbelievable

Crazy and Unbelievable


I Once Believed

I Once Believed

I once believed in a God of Contradictions, a Parent Almighty, a Loving Creator God of Unlimited Power who was Powerless to Make Humans Obey, especially Women, a God who Needed the Help of Men to Fight Ancient and Modern Wars, to Obey and Kill on Command, Obedient to Commandments and Punishing Laws, a God of Wrath.

I once believed in a God of Sacrifice, a Death Dealing God who Required us to Demonstrate Obedience through our Self Sacrifice and the Sacrifice of our Loved Ones, especially the Innocents, the Child, the Children of God, Sons and Daughters of Man, the countless Sacrifices of Harmless Animals to a Primitive God still worshipped by many.

I once believed in a God of Rewards and Punishments, Rewards of Heaven, of Paradise, for Blind Faith and Blind Obedience, for the Right Genes, the Right Religion, the Chosen, the Elect, the Superior Few- a God of Jealousy, Vengeance and Cruelty to All Others- the Unbelievers, the Infidels, the Heretics, People of the Wrong Religion or Race or Politics, the Wrong History and Geography, the Wrong Beliefs, a Very Exclusive and Elitist God.

I once believed in a God who used Angels (those Humans and Extraterrestrials) with powerful Weapons to Destroy whole Cities, even the Children too- Innocent Infants, Toddlers and Teens, Children of Men and Women in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time (Collateral Damage), Justified Death, Horrific Killing for Power and Control of Earth. Was it they who told us about the Horrors of Hells? I wonder.

I once believed in a God of Retribution, a God of Karma Making us, Forcing us, to Return Again and Again until we Got It Right, until we Outgrew our Unacceptable Behaviours, our Sins born of Ignorance that Mother of Evils, until we finally Saw the Light in our Meditations and Prayers or through our Devotions, Adorations and Rituals Considered Needed to Get It Right, Enlightened At Last.

I walk in the Wonder of Life Itself Letting Go of anything Less than Pure Love and True Freedom, those Other Names for God…

January 19, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

This Ochre Ribbon

This Ochre Ribbon

A mystery to me-

how did this ochre ribbon

come to rest upon my bed

when the sight on a site

of an ochre-robed monk

awakened memories

that lay sleeping peacefully

in my humble heart and head?

Where did it come from,

this ribbon tied at both ends

with ‘tales’ both short and long?

Long ago and far away,

we sat in reverent silence,

my ochre-robed Brothers and me,

our lives peaceful and serene,

disciplined, joyful simply to be

aware in the oneness of Life,

alive in the Light flowing free.

I recall the quiet contemplations,

the mystical prayers, the vibrations

of chants, the silent meditations.

This Now Version of me,

an old woman, a more worldly life,

still goes within now and then

but far less than when

I wore those ochre robes.

What have I learned/remembered

this Now Time around?

I am no victim ever

of this or any destiny.

I create and co-create it all-

every rise and fall and rise again…

I use the Wheel of Life

to Experience, to Evolve as I Revolve.

I choose it all, Ever Free

to stay Being in Perfect Oneness

or Forget my Self, then

venture forth and journey

through Wonders, Worlds, Adventures

Becoming even as this humble Human,

this Now Version, me

now holding this ochre ribbon,

a memory and mystery.

December 21, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria BC



Faith is Hope with starlit wings.

Faith carries Courage above

stormy waters of events,

circumstances, forces

that push us hard and pull us down.

Faith lifts us high in troubled times

from Worldly cares to Heavenly realms

of understandings beautiful and sublime.

Here Higher Powers appear in glory

of awesome Wonders, enlightening,

communicating the power of words

to calm, with comforting assurance,

any fears in hearts and minds.

Here Peace is crowned and Joy is found

a Heavenly Treasure beyond all measure.

Here is where Love abounds

as Love unbounded,

not bound to limitations,

fully free in every way.

When Faith rests on things untrue,

on tangled webs of lies, held tight

in dark deceptions, conspiring agendas

linked and bound by chains of silence

holding down what’s truly true

then Faith falls through such ground

of decayed, unsound foundations,

Faith’s Trust is broken, illusions shattered,

though Faith may yet still cling to these.

Faith deceived has no Freedom,

disempowers us through Fear,

creates confusions, distorts perceptions,

warps world views, spins false news,

enslaves and carries us away

from Love as God’s True Light

to guide our lives in many ways.

Faith corrupted steals and slanders,

torments, tortures, exiles, kills,

becomes the Opposite to Love

while justifying Deadly Games

of Destruction in God’s Names.

May our Faith be ever free

to grow and change, evolve,

to lift us ever higher

to higher truths and wisdoms,

to help us see ever more clearly

Life, our lives, our planet World

and what is truly true.

December 7, 2022- Shelley Audrey Wilson-

Victoria BC

Tolerance and Acceptance

Tolerance and Acceptance

This may be

your only birth

on this little planet

we call Earth.

Perhaps you

were never born here

in this wondrous World

ever once before

but I have

and will again

even many times more.

Among the stars

I’ve also lived

in other strange forms

knowing Peace and Wars.

You may see

this vast Universe

as far outside of you

but I can clearly see

it is within us too.

You may think

we were born in sin

but I do see

God’s holy Presence

the Life of our life,

as ever and always within.

You can’t prove

and I can’t prove

Beliefs we hold

from things we’re told

or of our own

Remembrances and


May we leash

our loyal dogmas

and choose a wiser way,

growing day by day

in Tolerance and


November 30, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Another Perspective

How easily we believe what we’re told through gossip, the modern Media and the Scriptural News of old slanted to steer behaviours through trained perspectives, beliefs and World Views. Even our questions are coloured lines, patterned attitudes and contained beliefs- those old ‘boxes’ in which we see Life and from within which we create our collective and individual experiences. When we choose to step out of one such box created in a distant past, we often jump into another. Out of the box, we become a threat to the ‘status quo’ as heretics, unbelievers, doubters, exiles and outcasts.

I am reminded of Hagar, the ancient bondwoman of Sarah, wife of Abraham- a tribal chieftain who entertained the ‘men of God’ with food and drink and who agreed to a pact, a contract to fight in their wars in return for great promises. The identities of these men who ate, drank and threw bones to predict and tell fortunes have been translated now as ‘messengers of God’ and as ‘angels’ and as ‘God’. I am guessing that they were actually part of some ancient religious order with ties to extraterrestrials fighting for control of Earth. Just a guess, of course. I could be wrong.

Hagar is portrayed as a jealous servant who deserved to be cast out of the camp with her child to die in the desert when Sarah had given birth to her own son. He was to be the ‘rightful heir’ to promises of power, riches and many offspring with the help of these ‘angels of God’, ‘messengers’, ‘men of God’. The Scriptures ‘testify’ to this ‘contract’ of promises in return for warriors.

Seen from another perspective, Hagar was an Egyptian ‘bond-gift’ given to serve Sarah, the beautiful woman desired and favoured by the Pharaoh of that time. Hagar was forced to serve Sarah, attend to her needs like combing her hair- a personal attendant much like later ‘ladies of the court’. Hagar was forced to have sex with Sarah’s husband, believing false promises, in order to produce a surrogate child for Sarah by her command. Then, when Sarah, herself, was ‘miraculously’ inseminated, suddenly fertile, giving birth to her own child, both Hagar and her offspring became a threat to Sarah and her son. An excuse to be rid of them was easily created. Such circumstances with intrigues have been repeated in places of power throughout history.

Hagar was made into a symbol of powerless bondage and slavery while Sarah became a symbol of freedom, grace and God’s favour- all to justify and sanctify struggle for power ‘rightly won’.The consequences of these ancient actions have spread ripple effects through time even to this day.

From Sarah’s perspective, she did what was ‘right and just’ for herself and her son. Hagar was in bondage and had no rights, especially the right to glorified power, so Hagar was ‘in the wrong’ to assume power for her son despite false promises made to her by Abraham and Sarah herself. I am guessing that it did not ever occur to Sarah that bondage and slavery itself was ‘wrong’ and spiritually unjustifiable. The primitive culture of her time and of primitive cultures before her had accepted and lived in those ‘boxes of belief’ that bondage and slavery were acceptable, right, just,and the ‘will of their God’ as told by ‘men of God’. She’d believe this without question.

It’s amazing how men and women of intelligence fail to question the ‘status quo’’ even today. It’s also amazing how men and women of intelligence fail to see the ample contradictory evidence of a capricious God of Love and Condemnation, Love and Damnation, of Loving and Hating, of Comforting Grace and Angry Revenge, of Ultimate Power and Complete Powerlessness except through Fear and Need for Sacrifice- both animals and human life. Such versions and visions of the Creator, God, were brought to us by ‘men of God’ in many ancient cultures. How great the needless suffering has been because of this!

We must rise out of our ‘boxes of beliefs’ to a higher perspective, like a higher view seen of the Earth, a higher World View, and come to realize that we are all one, a unity of Life expressing diversity. Then we shall see God everywhere through new eyes, new ‘I’s’, as a more highly evolved Humanity. The assumption here is that we don’t destroy ourselves and our precious home planet first.

November 13, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC



When Space ‘Angels’ brought Religions

to the species ‘Man’,

Oppression’s Feast of Fear actually began

through all the Binding Rules and Laws

of Must and Can’t or Can,

especially for the Gender birthing every Man.

Oppression feeds on Fear

throughout the World’s Ages

with so many bold Claims

to speak in God’s Names.

Oppression holds Power in so many ways

from false assumptions

and False appearing True.

God save us from your Followers,

especially the zealous-

those slaves from birth to death,

unquestioning, obedient

slaves to such Oppression

claiming Right of God

to persecute and kill.

God help us to Be Free at last,

Free at last!

September 23, 2022

Shelley Wilson

Writing To My Future Self

Sunlight Through Raindrops:

Writing To My Future Self

I am writing to my Future Self-

another time, another place,

another name, another race,

another shape, another face,

another version of Real Me…

Make Love and Compassion

your Constant Companions

in all your Earthly days

with those you’ve ever known

and even those unknown.

You’ll never truly be alone.

You’ll never feel alone.

When Change Appears as Monster Fears

feeding on Calamity, Catastrophe,

Conflict, Confusion, Disaster,

Danger, Destruction and Loss,

no matter what else you do-

remember the Love inside of you,

the Compassion and Love

all around you too.

That Love will see you through-

and you may come to find,

given time, the Blessings in Disguise.

Give Thanks and show your Gratitude.

That Attitude will help you live

in Inner Peace, Resilient Joy and Care

through anything that comes your way.

You will not feel Despair.

Life here is Constant Change.

Embrace it without Fear

of what may or may not Appear.

Accept what you can’t Change

so you can Let Discordance Go

with Past Regrets, with Ifs and Buts,

so you can Grow in the Flow

of how You Now Choose to Change.

You know the purpose of your Soul-

your own Evolving Self- Mastery Aware.

Despite Appearing Circumstance,

you’ll know you’re in control.

You are Spirit and Life’s Beloved Soul.

Remember your Real Me…

February 24, 2022- Shelley Wilson

You Can Tell

Flowers For Children:

You Can Tell

What makes a Happy Child

or Person in Old Age?

Is it a Heart of Hate?

Is it a Mind of Rage?

Is it a Heart at Peace?

Is it a Mind at Ease?

What makes a Happy Child

or Person in Old Age?

What makes you feel Bad?

What makes you feel Glad?

What makes you feel Ill?

What makes you feel Well?

It’s so easy to tell. You can tell.

Your Heart and Mind will tell.

How does Shouting make you feel?

How does Quiet make you feel?

When you drink Clean or Dirty Water,

how does your Body feel?

When you breathe Clean or Dirty Air,

how does your Body feel?

When Others want to Hurt you,

how does your Body feel?

Your Heart and Mind will tell

when Others mean Ill or Well.

All Animals can tell

and you can tell, you can tell.

February 22, 2022

Shelley Wilson

Be Your Own Sunshine

This is the fifth poem I’ve written for children of family and friends. I’d like to make Flowers For Children a gift book for Christmas.

Flowers For Children:

Be Your Own Sunshine

You can be

your own Sunshine

on a rainy day.

You can be

your own Hero

come to save

you from dismay.

Bad and Mad

may try to hide

your Happy Sunshine,

to take your Joy away,

but you have

Secret Powers

to Light your way

both Night and Day.

Monster Fears

may try to scare you

but come what may,

your Light is strong,

as Love of Life

can win the Day.

Storms and Troubles

may circle ‘round you

to rob your Light,

your Peace and Joy,

your Right to be

your Happy Self

but you still shine

your Inner Wealth.

Shine your Light, Child,

ever brighter.

Shine on and on…

your Light is strong.

February 21, 2022

Shelley Wilson

World View

World View

We’ve evolved to understand

the State of our World View-

that how wee see the World

is what we think and say and do.

Familiar Comforts of Traditions

in Cultures and Religions too,

passed on through Generations,

hold or bind us to our Past

Inspiring or even Oppressing

until we’re ‘Free At Last’.

What do we Welcome or Oppose?

What do we Embrace or Refuse?

How do we engage others-

especially those Different?

Is our Choice the Good Will Voice

of Tolerance and Acceptance

or is it Defence and Offence?

Is it Debate or Argument?

Debate can be a way

for us to Decide and Choose

what is still or now true for us,

whether ‘win’ or ‘lose’,

depending on our World Views.

Different perspectives,

even opposing viewpoints

in respectful discussions

can persuade and sway

with healthy conversations,

minds and hearts at work and play.

Rational Reason and Healthy Emotion

then align to have their say.

Arguments with fair Solutions

can vent and clear the air,

changing conditions and situations

among those who truly care

but often Hostility leads to Futility

creating Misery everywhere.

What we think and say and do

all depends on our World View

inherited through Generations,

Cultural and Religious Traditions,

Mass Entertainments and Educations,

all contributing to our World View.

January 15, 2022- Shelley Wilson

Just An Old Woman

Sunlight Through Raindrops:

Just An Old Woman:

I’m just an old Woman, a Mother

low on the Social Pyramid of Man,

writing and doing the best that I can.

In any formal Religion, I don’t fit in

especially those who claim we’re born in sin

or need their Exclusive Membership for

Their Version of Heaven and God they adore.

I love and honour all that’s Sacred and Good

intended by their Founders and understood.

I honour the Spiritual Masters of fame-

Krishna then Buddha, Moses then Mohammed,

Jesus then Baha’u’llah, Babaji then Yogananda

and so many more- Male and Female-

Masters of every colour and Race

in every Time and in every Place.

I honour Masters and Initiates whose names

are now hidden in the Mists of Time

since the birth of Humanity on this Earth.

I love their Spirit with all my heart,

that Love of God never separate, apart,

from Life Itself within us all-

even just an old Woman, a Mother

low on the Social Pyramid of Man,

writing and doing the best that I can.

November 28, 2021- Shelley Wilson

I Thank God

Sunlight Through Raindrops:

I Thank God:

I thank God

the Age of Kali Yuga is long passed

though some would wish to bring it back

in primitive brutalities and ignorant confusions

enslaving Humanity to Misunderstandings

about God, about Life, about Everything.

The Age of Kali Yuga is long over-

the Electricities and Magnetism now known.

Today’s Technologies are not of Kali’s Realm.

Globally, Intelligence now rises

despite all attempts to suppress,

despite Black Magic desperately clinging-

Psychological Warfare, Weather Warfare,

Science Experiments without Conscience,

corrupt Politics with Compassionless Laws,

Global Industries without Integrity,

News and Entertainments intended

to prejudice and dull Minds,

Confused Educations of a Confused Past

where Wars of Religions without Love

Caused Countless Sufferings and Deaths-

Hid Truths and Histories, the Facts

about Earth’s and Humanity’s Past

in Power Plays and War Games

throughout their Militant, Corrupted Past.

Intelligence now rises. Hidden truths become revealed.

We start to see through that World of Lies.

Intelligence gains strength in direct knowing-

a growing global momentum…

The Dead who cling will see God’s Light.

Then come Cultures of Compassion,

a Federation strong in Life’s Light,

Everything seen more clearly as we evolve,

understanding God and Life more clearly,

Wisdom profiting our Insight.

(November 26, 2021- Shelley Wilson)

Owl Tales and Photos

A Note To My Previous Post: Owl Tales

‘Owl’ tell you something else.

Pharaoh/Queen Hatshepsut was part Nubian.

Despite all attempts to erase her name and memory, much of her constructions, relics and artifacts- like her jewellery, still exist (made by her jewellers, though claimed to be that of following rulers, a common practice of inheritance and even grave-robbing by secret royal orders- or royals claiming greatness by falsely putting their name on more ancient structures like Pharaoh Kufu-Cheops- blatantly false claims to the Pyramids.) Even today, Hatshepsut’s love poems written to and with Solomon (called The Songs of Solomon) still exist, though confusingly interpreted now as ‘Holy Scripture’. Well, ‘everything is the meaning we give it’.

This Pharaoh/Queen Hatshepsut, chosen by her Father and fully Initiated, ruled Upper and Lower Egypt, Nubia, Ethiopia, a part of the Arabian Peninsula called Saba (Sheba)…and other Tribute Lands, trading extensively throughout the surrounding areas. She travelled to ‘Punt’, the Egyptian name for ‘the Holy Land, with exotic ‘gifts’- a ‘trade mission’- bringing her ‘entourage’ of highly skilled people, including Architects. Punt, ‘the Holy Land’, had also grown wealthy due to King Solomon’s ‘Wisdom’, his ‘Connections’, through several foreign marriages- alignments to foreign ruling families, and his Business Connections with Hiram of Tyre who owned a fleet of ships profitably transporting cargo between countries.

King Solomon was not as wealthy or powerful as Pharaoh/Queen Hatshepsut but was considered by her and her advisors as a suitable partner for a royal marriage, offspring and trade connections. All of this infuriated his powerful priests, his court and many others, as with the powerful families and priests- those power structures- of her lands. Yes, all of this became ‘translated’ into the supposed Anger of God in ‘the Holy Land’ and the Anger of the ‘Gods’ in Egypt. It became a mystery for scholars to ponder for centuries, for others to create myths or tamper with evidence and dates, and for tourist guides to repeat like gossip for a pay-check.

There’s ‘nothing new under the sun’ where Competing Powers are concerned, though most of us ‘don’t give a hoot’ unless we’re personally impacted. Many were, many still are…

Truly, we are a very young Species.

November 5, 2021

Shelley Wilson