What’s the Matter?

What’s the Matter?

“What’s the matter?” we say to each other.

“What’s going on? What’s happening here.”

Religion and Science ask these Questions too,

with varied Answers throughout the Ages

held tight or slowly evolving still.

“What is Matter? What’s going on?”

“Who or What created, creates?”

These Questions have been Argued, been Answered,

Answered in Words and Numbers- in Symbols

Explaining All or Parts of the Mystery.

When ‘Answers’ mean Power and Control

to our Primitive, Young Species, some zealously seek

to Dominate and are willing to Kill, to Harm,

to Force, so certain of their ‘Right Answers’.

‘Right Answers’ attack ‘Right Answers’ still

in this Technological Space-Age Day.

Sometimes it’s a matter of ‘Language’-

different ways of Expressing, Describing,

Defining the Same ‘Values’ and Understandings-

‘Arguing Semantics’ of Religion and Science.

Consider this, if you will.

From the Unseen comes the Seen

ever returning to the Unseen…

From the Formless comes the Forms

ever returning to the Formless…

From Spirit comes Matter-

the Formless in Forms of Matter

ever returning to Formless Spirit again…

From Pure Energy comes Matter

Transforming and Rearranging

Life like Jesus coming again-

Life like Buddhas reincarnating-

Life like Particles appearing, rearranging again…

Impersonal Forces and Processes, Personal Deities…

Impersonal Laws like Gravity

and Personal Saviours like Jesus

throughout World History…

Unseen-Seen, Formless-Forms,

Spirit-Pure Energy-Matter All One…

Life Itself-Nature respected or disrespected…

all Interconnected, a Unity Diverse,

a Unity of Life, seen or unseen by Humans

even ‘Arguing Semantics’ and perceiving Life

through their shared or different World Views…

We are Spirit, Energy, Formless, Forms…

In Essence, we are all One- Parts of Life’s Body-

Simultaneously In Essence Being Many

yet One great and glorious Mystery, One…

God-Spirit-Pure Energy-Life Sacred and Holy

Bless Us, Every One.

February 26, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


Another Perspective

How easily we believe what we’re told through gossip, the modern Media and the Scriptural News of old slanted to steer behaviours through trained perspectives, beliefs and World Views. Even our questions are coloured lines, patterned attitudes and contained beliefs- those old ‘boxes’ in which we see Life and from within which we create our collective and individual experiences. When we choose to step out of one such box created in a distant past, we often jump into another. Out of the box, we become a threat to the ‘status quo’ as heretics, unbelievers, doubters, exiles and outcasts.

I am reminded of Hagar, the ancient bondwoman of Sarah, wife of Abraham- a tribal chieftain who entertained the ‘men of God’ with food and drink and who agreed to a pact, a contract to fight in their wars in return for great promises. The identities of these men who ate, drank and threw bones to predict and tell fortunes have been translated now as ‘messengers of God’ and as ‘angels’ and as ‘God’. I am guessing that they were actually part of some ancient religious order with ties to extraterrestrials fighting for control of Earth. Just a guess, of course. I could be wrong.

Hagar is portrayed as a jealous servant who deserved to be cast out of the camp with her child to die in the desert when Sarah had given birth to her own son. He was to be the ‘rightful heir’ to promises of power, riches and many offspring with the help of these ‘angels of God’, ‘messengers’, ‘men of God’. The Scriptures ‘testify’ to this ‘contract’ of promises in return for warriors.

Seen from another perspective, Hagar was an Egyptian ‘bond-gift’ given to serve Sarah, the beautiful woman desired and favoured by the Pharaoh of that time. Hagar was forced to serve Sarah, attend to her needs like combing her hair- a personal attendant much like later ‘ladies of the court’. Hagar was forced to have sex with Sarah’s husband, believing false promises, in order to produce a surrogate child for Sarah by her command. Then, when Sarah, herself, was ‘miraculously’ inseminated, suddenly fertile, giving birth to her own child, both Hagar and her offspring became a threat to Sarah and her son. An excuse to be rid of them was easily created. Such circumstances with intrigues have been repeated in places of power throughout history.

Hagar was made into a symbol of powerless bondage and slavery while Sarah became a symbol of freedom, grace and God’s favour- all to justify and sanctify struggle for power ‘rightly won’.The consequences of these ancient actions have spread ripple effects through time even to this day.

From Sarah’s perspective, she did what was ‘right and just’ for herself and her son. Hagar was in bondage and had no rights, especially the right to glorified power, so Hagar was ‘in the wrong’ to assume power for her son despite false promises made to her by Abraham and Sarah herself. I am guessing that it did not ever occur to Sarah that bondage and slavery itself was ‘wrong’ and spiritually unjustifiable. The primitive culture of her time and of primitive cultures before her had accepted and lived in those ‘boxes of belief’ that bondage and slavery were acceptable, right, just,and the ‘will of their God’ as told by ‘men of God’. She’d believe this without question.

It’s amazing how men and women of intelligence fail to question the ‘status quo’’ even today. It’s also amazing how men and women of intelligence fail to see the ample contradictory evidence of a capricious God of Love and Condemnation, Love and Damnation, of Loving and Hating, of Comforting Grace and Angry Revenge, of Ultimate Power and Complete Powerlessness except through Fear and Need for Sacrifice- both animals and human life. Such versions and visions of the Creator, God, were brought to us by ‘men of God’ in many ancient cultures. How great the needless suffering has been because of this!

We must rise out of our ‘boxes of beliefs’ to a higher perspective, like a higher view seen of the Earth, a higher World View, and come to realize that we are all one, a unity of Life expressing diversity. Then we shall see God everywhere through new eyes, new ‘I’s’, as a more highly evolved Humanity. The assumption here is that we don’t destroy ourselves and our precious home planet first.

November 13, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

God Recycles Life We Are Life

God Recycles Life We Are Life

Don’t believe this. I don’t care.

God recycles Galaxies. God recycles Life,

another Name for God. Call It what you like.

Heaven is Home. We don’t have to stay there.

We can take on any form. We are Life.

Our form has gender but we do not.

Our form has race but we do not.

Our form has age but we do not.

We take on any form. We are Life.

Don’t believe this. I don’t care.

What the Ancients didn’t know

they made up, passed on in Stories.

Science wants Proof of Theories.

Old Theories are Religion’s Sacred Beliefs.

Religion kills those of Different Beliefs

creating Laws and Edicts even now,

the ever present Muse of Politics.

Even Children die for ‘Wrong Beliefs’.

Soon comes the mighty power of A.I.

Resistance is futile. Assimilate or die.

Will this end the Human Story?

Are we creating our Solution

to Human ignorance and pollution,

giving our lives over to A.I.?

Are we choosing our Evolution

to be the Robots of A.I.?

Don’t believe this. I don’t care.

God recycles Galaxies. God recycles Life.

We can take on any form. We are Life.

(July 1, 2021- Shelley Wilson)

Evolutionary Descendant

I wish with all my being

these words could last ten thousand years.

Forgive us Evolutionary Descendant,

our Future now in our Past,

Traveller through SpaceTime,

Observer, Messenger, Hostage

to our Political and Religious Dogmas

clearly seen in action, filmed

Interrogation Inquisition- inhumane

actions of primitive mindsets

that torture and kill without conscience

any being who does not look or think like us-

your Primitive Ancestors.

I am truly sorry, so truly sorry,

for what was done to you,

our Evolutionary Descendant,

the Inheritor of our Savage Wars.

No one has all the Answers

whether ‘dead or alive’, ‘past or future’,

but I have a Message for you too.

Life Itself is the Creator, the Great I Am,

in every being and in every thing-

every drop of water, speck of dust,

in, as, everything physical and not,

in All That Is, in you and me,

in Nature, in all the Universes.

Your Future is Divine Consciousness

co-creating with the Creator in you,

Beloved Evolutionary Descendant,

regardless of Timeline events

in the Ever Only Here Only Now.

You are Ever Present, Ever Alive

Divine Freedom, Love, and Sacred Light.

It matters not in the least

whatever forms we take, Dear One,

our Evolutionary Descendant.

April 16, 2021- Shelley Wilson

Religions and Cultural Appropriation*

Many people find comfort and social acceptance in Religions originally foreign to their race and culture such as in the Middle Eastern Religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam or in Indian Religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism where Yoga originated. The current trend of condemnation for any ‘cultural appropriation’ is a sign of misunderstanding the nature of spirituality and cultural growth.

(July 26, 2020- Shelley Wilson)

Values (Free Verse)

My Politics (my digital music composition)

Values (Free Verse) do our Moral Values change like Fashions- ‘Cultural Clothing’ we choose to wear, even like Styles and length of hair- or do we pride ourselves in Never Changing from a Fashion of the Past… what Evolves or Stays the Same… what is ‘Better’…what is ‘Best’… do we Kill or Die for Fashions, Moral Values, this ‘Cultural Clothing’ we enforce or choose to wear just to show ‘How Much We Care’… does Politics follow ‘Value Fashions’… what kind of Governments do we wear… are we Open or Closed Societies… are we Commanded or are we Convinced… do our Leaders have their ‘Leaders’… does World Industry Dictate now… (what Leader leads without Its Support) Nothing is Hidden or Secret for long as Lenses of Techno-Transparency become World Values fashioned now… can Politics transcend all ‘ism’s- those Blinders that Limit Our Views as ‘ist’s make the ‘ism’s and ‘ism’s make ‘ist’s… True Believer ‘ist’s (even mostly Silent ‘ist’s) and Zealous ‘ist’s who’ll do dark deeds for the Glory of their Cause- for Rewards and for Applause as they ‘Party’ on, as they party on, speaking the Language of Values translated in so many ways- speaking the Language of Power, weaponed words and deeds for vicious play… yet who in Power will speak and act for Love- Love of All Humanity, an attainable Peace on Earth, and the inherent Spirit of Freedom acknowledging All Humanity’s Rights and Worth… are we limited to ‘self interest’, Blind to Consequence in War, inheriting ever more ‘Fallout’ of Hells we make on Earth… what will we Evolve to See in the histories of Every Nation- in the stories of every year’s news- Violence, Revenge, and Hatred… Stories of ambitious Believers, perceptions distorted, brainwashed ‘Love’ that ever twists the meaning of all that’s Kindness and Compassion… where is Love’s Respect for Human Dignity, Love’s Evolved Reverence for Life, the Sacred Energy of Life Itself… truly ‘we know not what we do’… are there not Other Ways that Righteous Anger and Inner Strength have won the ‘Hoped For Day’… who will stand for a healthy Humanity- for Heal Thy Humanity- Life Free of Global Insanity- as Unbelievers of Any ‘ism’ die cruel deaths or live tortured days in prisons… can we even Envision Life Free of Political Paranoia (spies everywhere, no one to trust, ever threatened and destructive, ‘Superior Power’ at any cost no matter who or what is lost)… can Religions transcend all ‘ism’s- ancient Gods we strive to emulate, Their warring Angels and Demons all- Their ‘World Views’ of ‘Need for Sacrifice’- ‘Need’ to Conquer and Defeat, ‘Need’ for Allies and Pacts and Covenants, Rituals and Vows and Blind Obedience- the Dictatorship of the ‘Divine’… can we take our Dark Glasses and Blinders off and just see through the I’s of Love… can we let go our Gods of Judgment and our Gods of Irrational Wrath… can we cast out Their ‘Hell’ and ‘Torment’ Fears that drown this World in Blood and Tears… will we rise to new directions- up to where there’s no Power Through Fear, no ‘Reward or Punishment’ Fictions- no worship of Persons and ancient Deities to slavishly serve, obey, and seek to please, Capricious Gods and Elitist V.I.P.s who’d ever have us on our knees… can our Allegiance be to Love That Frees from ‘Only Way’ Politics’ and Religions’ Inherited Prejudices and Convictions that drown this World in Blood and Tears- that flood this World with Insane Fears… when will we truly Value Life on Earth, this Little Planet of our birth… can we Accept Unity in Diversity… can we Tolerate Differences Anywhere in this Little Universe… will we Explore New ways of Being, Empowered by Love, the Golden Rule, and All That’s Good in Our Humanity as we traverse the ‘Heavens Above’… once we do, the Heavens will Open… we’ll Understand Love’s Values and we’ll Understand Our Worth. (With Love, Shelley) written October 19, 2014                 May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

Creating and Evolving


Creating and Evolving (my digital music composition)

Creating and evolving,
creating and evolving,
we move so swiftly through our days
on interconnecting trains and planes
of Others’ thoughts and ways to be,
repeating, repeating what we’re told
from our youth to when we’re old…
Religions, Political Systems, Sciences too
tell us what to think and do.
In every Age and place They say
“Our is The Better Way. Ours is The Only Way.”
The Power Elites these all create
compete to rule our Common Fate.
Soon Super Computers will join the act
of telling us how to think and act
in ways ‘Programmers’ deem is ‘Best’
with penalties if we don’t obey
E-Manuals written as Light in air
or suffer death if we so dare
to disagree or question ‘Why?’…
Implants are cost-effective and ‘clean’.
None of that messy Military Scene.
These Gods you don’t disobey and still live…
No Money or Secret Deals to live.
No Scape-goats to offer up and give.
No Mythologies ‘to justify’.
No Theologies ‘to justify’.
No Sacrifice of Another ‘to pay’.
Then, then… Someone will break free
choosing ‘Another Way’ to be
with ‘Another World View’ to see
Who We Are and Why We’re Here
creating and evolving,
creating and evolving…

Shelley Wilson November 17, 2013

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

A Little Prayer

A Little Prayer

Beloved Creator
of ALL Souls everywhere,
hear this little prayer I pray.
Rebirth all males of every place,
every religion, and every race
back as females of THAT place,
THAT religion, and THAT race.
Rebirth all females of every place,
every religion, and every race
back as males of THAT place,
THAT religion, and THAT race.
Then help us ALL find the way
to live Life TRULY in Love’s Grace.
June 12, 2011

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


Religions…Hypatia ponders…
are the blessing and bane of human existence—
mankind’s glory and curse—
vehicles for power and conquest—
justification for countless cruel injustices,
authoritarian tyrannies, and horrendous destructions…
Religions…Hypatia reflects…
are messengers of love—
humanity’s bright hope
announced by alien angels and saintly souls—
institutions destined to embody universal love or die
in the vast aeons to come…
With or without religions…Hypatia realizes…
God is forever present throughout the Universe.
And with or without Religions—
these great catalysts of love and fear—
Spirit and spirituality will never cease to be.
November, 1996