I Am


(Awe and Wonder-   my digital music composition)


I Am
I am the call of the wild bird,
the feel of the breeze on your skin,
the color of loving laughter,
the strength of your spirit within.
I am the soil caressing your feet,
the beckoning stars of the night,
the taste of tears with tea,
the sight of dawn’s first light.
I am the sweet kiss of comfort,
the smell of the flowers you grew,
the essence of every vast atom,
the answer you simply knew.

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley

A Song of the Mystical Dawn

A Song of the Mystical Dawn
Awe thrilled my soul when I beheld
the Presence of Almighty God
enthroned within my humble heart.
Too much for words this union is,
yet I dare say that He is mine and I am His.
Nothing there is, or ever shall be,
can tear apart this Unity.
Content, I am, my Spirit free
to be His love eternally.
His bliss and peace descend on me
and I ascend in ecstasy.
You too can know His Presence here
when His mystical Sun in you appears
with the power of Love to cast out fears.
April, 1976 revised May, 2004

Hagar At the Fountain

Hagar At the Fountain
I stand at the Fountain of Creative Spirit
opening my heart and mind
to feel Its Energy flow over and through me.
Refreshed, I look about and see this Cosmic Power
as a sparkling stream of pure Love-Light
shining brightly throughout the Universe.
Its nature is immeasurable Love and Peace and Joy,
and our true birthright is feeling ourselves a part of It.
November, 1996

“ye are gods”…

“ye are gods”…
All souls are of a royal birth,
created by that Ultimate Power
whose Being makes the majesty and claims
of kings and queens of every time and place
symbols of a greater glory.
By virtue of that Godly heritage,
all souls are ‘gods’ born to create and evolve
as even old scriptures clearly affirm
this truth of our innermost being.
Though Spirit enthroned within us all
wears robes of humble human flesh
and we may act forgetful of our Self,
Life guards Its Truth of who we are.
One with the majestic glory
of sacred Life Itself,
our life energy cannot die
though our forms may ever change.
The dark force enemies Fear and Guilt
have ever sought to rule us here
by oppressing lies and false deceptions,
but we shall awaken to our Light power
shining with Freedom’s Love.
Psalms 82:6 and John 10:34,35
January, 1997 revised May, 2004

The Mystery of Love

The Mystery of LoveMysteries
You and I are the Mystery of Love—
the bright, white light of Love—
that creative Spirit
from which the Universe
is ever creating Itself anew.
We are That, behind the masks of Time,
beyond the shadow-plays of fear
in which we entertain ourselves.
You and I are Love Creators
adorned with Self-forgetful robes of roles
that hide the naked glory
of our unlimited, unfettered Being.
We are the magical One in Many
pretending to be ‘there’ and ‘then’
when all the while we’re always ‘here’ and ‘now’,
conjuring Space and Time to suit our purpose.
Awake, aware, and alive to our Essence,
we are awesome, wondrous, and splendid beyond words.
How do we express the enrapturing bliss
of who we are?
Remember our Oneness, Love!!!
December, 1998