Awake, Aware, Alive

Awake, Aware, Alive

(Friend or Foe, Dead or Alive

by our Definitions,

thanks for being here

as I journey through Galaxies,

Ethereal, Astral, Physical,

through Destinations and Destinies

appearing solid and daunting

on a Ship of Questions to Remember

what it means To Be Truly Free.)

Are we truly Awake, Aware, Alive

or are our days merely a dream,

a haze, a maze of perceived illusions,

mistaken assumptions, erroneous conclusions,

distortions and confusions

about Life, about God, about Us?

Are we truly Awake, Aware, Alive?

From Childhood on, are we fed

and educated by our systems,

our families and societies

in what may by some be called

our Local Prejudices and Propagandas-

Cultural, Political, Religious-

as Blinders and Binders

through which we view

Life and God and Us?

Are we truly Awake, Aware, Alive?

Do we really know how Life works,

how Interconnected, how Interdependent

everything is everywhere

in The Larger View, The Grander Vision-

of this Universe, the Earth and even

The Great Beyond- Life Beyond Death

connecting All, including you and me?

Do we see how we’re part

of this multilayered Universe

of particles, waves and densities,

consciousness and frequencies,

even this Earth, this World

of waters and lands, elements and animals,

trees and plants and All That Is?

Do we understand even now

how our Well Being is Interconnected,

Interdependent, part of the All

and as we do to This, we do

to ourselves as well?

Are we truly Awake, Aware, Alive?

How do we Awaken to Oneness?

How do we Live in Awareness?

How do we value Life and being Alive?

How do we state, demonstrate,

to the All who we each are?

Who do we choose to be?

In large or small measure,

what do we contribute to Life

whether selfish or selfless?

Who do we think we are?

Do we see Life as a Name for God,

Life Itself and Freedom too?

Do we see Life in Us as Us,

a Process, a Force, an Energy

constantly moving, changing,

sustaining, recreating ever

in every Here and Now?

Do we see Life Itself Present,

Alive in Us, as Us, as All

even when some are not truly Sentient-

Awake, Aware, Alive?

I seek out New Definitions.

I leave Lesser Truths behind.

(So here I am enjoying the journey

on a ship of Questions flying

Beyond my past understandings

of Life As It Is into Mystery

and what it means To Be Truly Free.

Thanks One and All for joining me!)

January 2, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC




Faith is Hope with starlit wings.

Faith carries Courage above

stormy waters of events,

circumstances, forces

that push us hard and pull us down.

Faith lifts us high in troubled times

from Worldly cares to Heavenly realms

of understandings beautiful and sublime.

Here Higher Powers appear in glory

of awesome Wonders, enlightening,

communicating the power of words

to calm, with comforting assurance,

any fears in hearts and minds.

Here Peace is crowned and Joy is found

a Heavenly Treasure beyond all measure.

Here is where Love abounds

as Love unbounded,

not bound to limitations,

fully free in every way.

When Faith rests on things untrue,

on tangled webs of lies, held tight

in dark deceptions, conspiring agendas

linked and bound by chains of silence

holding down what’s truly true

then Faith falls through such ground

of decayed, unsound foundations,

Faith’s Trust is broken, illusions shattered,

though Faith may yet still cling to these.

Faith deceived has no Freedom,

disempowers us through Fear,

creates confusions, distorts perceptions,

warps world views, spins false news,

enslaves and carries us away

from Love as God’s True Light

to guide our lives in many ways.

Faith corrupted steals and slanders,

torments, tortures, exiles, kills,

becomes the Opposite to Love

while justifying Deadly Games

of Destruction in God’s Names.

May our Faith be ever free

to grow and change, evolve,

to lift us ever higher

to higher truths and wisdoms,

to help us see ever more clearly

Life, our lives, our planet World

and what is truly true.

December 7, 2022- Shelley Audrey Wilson-

Victoria BC

Writing To My Future Self

Sunlight Through Raindrops:

Writing To My Future Self

I am writing to my Future Self-

another time, another place,

another name, another race,

another shape, another face,

another version of Real Me…

Make Love and Compassion

your Constant Companions

in all your Earthly days

with those you’ve ever known

and even those unknown.

You’ll never truly be alone.

You’ll never feel alone.

When Change Appears as Monster Fears

feeding on Calamity, Catastrophe,

Conflict, Confusion, Disaster,

Danger, Destruction and Loss,

no matter what else you do-

remember the Love inside of you,

the Compassion and Love

all around you too.

That Love will see you through-

and you may come to find,

given time, the Blessings in Disguise.

Give Thanks and show your Gratitude.

That Attitude will help you live

in Inner Peace, Resilient Joy and Care

through anything that comes your way.

You will not feel Despair.

Life here is Constant Change.

Embrace it without Fear

of what may or may not Appear.

Accept what you can’t Change

so you can Let Discordance Go

with Past Regrets, with Ifs and Buts,

so you can Grow in the Flow

of how You Now Choose to Change.

You know the purpose of your Soul-

your own Evolving Self- Mastery Aware.

Despite Appearing Circumstance,

you’ll know you’re in control.

You are Spirit and Life’s Beloved Soul.

Remember your Real Me…

February 24, 2022- Shelley Wilson

You Can Tell

Flowers For Children:

You Can Tell

What makes a Happy Child

or Person in Old Age?

Is it a Heart of Hate?

Is it a Mind of Rage?

Is it a Heart at Peace?

Is it a Mind at Ease?

What makes a Happy Child

or Person in Old Age?

What makes you feel Bad?

What makes you feel Glad?

What makes you feel Ill?

What makes you feel Well?

It’s so easy to tell. You can tell.

Your Heart and Mind will tell.

How does Shouting make you feel?

How does Quiet make you feel?

When you drink Clean or Dirty Water,

how does your Body feel?

When you breathe Clean or Dirty Air,

how does your Body feel?

When Others want to Hurt you,

how does your Body feel?

Your Heart and Mind will tell

when Others mean Ill or Well.

All Animals can tell

and you can tell, you can tell.

February 22, 2022

Shelley Wilson

Be Your Own Sunshine

This is the fifth poem I’ve written for children of family and friends. I’d like to make Flowers For Children a gift book for Christmas.

Flowers For Children:

Be Your Own Sunshine

You can be

your own Sunshine

on a rainy day.

You can be

your own Hero

come to save

you from dismay.

Bad and Mad

may try to hide

your Happy Sunshine,

to take your Joy away,

but you have

Secret Powers

to Light your way

both Night and Day.

Monster Fears

may try to scare you

but come what may,

your Light is strong,

as Love of Life

can win the Day.

Storms and Troubles

may circle ‘round you

to rob your Light,

your Peace and Joy,

your Right to be

your Happy Self

but you still shine

your Inner Wealth.

Shine your Light, Child,

ever brighter.

Shine on and on…

your Light is strong.

February 21, 2022

Shelley Wilson

Not Me and Mine


Not Alone All One (my digital music composition)


Bless the ancient relics
and hold tight the gold… the gold…
Sacred words echo hollow… hollow…
and fall flat to the ground…
Not one of ours!
Not one of ours!
Compassion is big business.
Don’t ask too much… too much…
Line up
and wait your turn… your turn…
Lucky Tax Breaks
or Sad Statistics…
God looks at us
through every…every…
starving face…
Well, you say,
it isn’t me and mine!
The world is tired
of pleas and please…
Too many of us anyway! …too many…
Let’s have another War…
Use up the ammo
so we can make some more.
Kill ‘em all, the bastards!
you say…
No, leave a few… a few…
…cheap labor…
…consumer demand…
Human need
fast turns to greed… greed…
God reaches out
with every begging hand…
Well, you say,
it isn’t me and mine!
Ah! But it is. It is!
The wise ones know… know…
It Is! It Is! It Is!

(Shelley Wilson- September 18, 2013)


May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley

My Gift

My Gift
Beloved Lord, Divine Love,
once again
I have nothing to offer You but myself…
I stand in Your Presence
putting away the robe of pride…
You see beyond the robe and the flesh…
You see my sacrifice and my love—
and once again—
You respond with Your comforting embrace
and the sacred ‘kiss’ of ecstasy,
that holy ‘kiss’ of Spirit
whose ‘fire’ consumes my little gift of me
in acceptance of Unity—
I in You and You in me—
aware of only Oneness, Mystic Love,
Your most sacred Present of all.
December, 1991 revised May, 2004

Escape a World of Fear

Escape a World of Fear
When dread of danger haunts you here,
when terror and trauma stalk your days,
remember your Spirit’s countless ways
of guiding you out of a world of fear.
Disregard hatred’s tempting voices
of death and destruction far and near.
Walk with what you hold most dear
of Life, of Love, of Freedom’s choices.
Show others a different way to fight
fear’s intolerance and aggression’s greed,
unquestioned beliefs and delusional need,
endless wars of sorrow, grief, and fright.
With free and loving Souls unite
beyond borders of races and nations,
politics, religions, and social stations,
helping Humanity’s desperate plight.
Be a guiding light of priceless worth
when dark deeds fill our nights and days.
Remember reverence for Life always.
Be a hope and blessing to our Earth!!!
May, 2004