Tiny Bubbles

Your life and mine are tiny bubbles…

Tiny Bubbles

Your life and mine

are tiny bubbles

in the ever-flowing

Stream of Life

moving Seen and Unseen

throughout the Universe.

We are tiny bubbles,

part of the Stream Itself,

Life Itself, ever Life,

the Great Mystery,

moving, flowing,


ever-changing forms

then disappearing

as bubbles disappear

into the air around,

into the Unseen

and the Formless.

We are part

of Life Itself,

ever Life Alive,

ever Life Energy

appearing, disappearing,

flowing Energy

Seen and Unseen.

From Source we come.

To Source we return.

We are Ever and Always


August 31, 2022- February 28, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC




We are all Triune Beings,

Sentient Bio-Gems

of the Creator Life Itself-

that Prime Source Spirit

of Purest Love and Light

Creating and Recreating

through the Wondrous, Glorious

Nature of Itself- Visible Nature

of Formless, Invisible Spirit-

Many-Faceted, Sparkling

Consciousness Energy

Pervading Myriad Forms.

We are all Triune Beings,

Sentient Bio-Gems,

Souls Co-Creating Ourselves

through Wondrous Light-

that Sparkling Energy

Ever-Moving, Exploring Itself

as Light-Spectrums of Mind

through Functions of Brain

and Colour-Spectrums of Emotions

that Move to Free or Bind,

Enriching Our Understandings,

Experiencing Our Lives.

We are all Triune Beings,

Sentient Bio-Gems,

Bodies of Mysteries and Senses,

of Taken-For-Granted Wonders,

Cohesive Atomic Structures

Appearing Solid and Firm

yet Carrying Quantum-Space,

Carrying Liquids and Gases, Bodies

Appearing Solid and Firm and

then Disappearing From Sight-

Each Body a Universe In Itself,

Parts of the Cosmic Universe,

Reappearing in Constant Change.

We are Sentient Bio-Gems-

Wonders of Life, Wonders of God,

all Beautiful to Behold,

Beginning to Understand…

February 20, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Reaching In Reaching Out

Reaching In Reaching Out

We grow from Infancy

enlarging, expanding

our perceptions,

our experiences,

our knowing,

reaching in reaching out

of our Cradle, our Home,

our World, our Universe,

our great Unknown…

Once we seemed

the very Center

of all Creation

by One or More Beings,

Powerful Caring Giants

focused on nurturing,

providing for all

our Human Infant needs

or not…

Slowly we outgrew

our Cradle, our Home,

our World, our Universe

reaching in reaching out,

enlarging, expanding

our perceptions,

our experiences,

our knowing at last

we Live On The Edge…

Then we began to wonder,

Is this the only

Earth-like World

or are there Many?

Is this the only

Inhabitable World

for forms of Life

unlike our own,

different Evolutions,

perceptions, experiences

unlike our own?

Is this Universe

the only Evolving Creation

by a Divine Being-Beings,

a Divine Energy-Energies,

a Divine Force-Forces,

a Divine Process-Processes,

Quantum and Cosmic,

or not…

Is this the only

Universe of Galaxies

or are there Many,

Many Universes,

Multiverses Seen Unseen

with Many Big Bangs?

Is this the only

Conscious Universe,

the only Seen Unseen

Intelligent Creation

creating, evolving,

perceiving, experiencing,

knowing Itself

even through All That Is,

even through the Many

Infant Creators, us?

Are we all Part Of

a Conscious Multiverse

reaching in reaching out…


February 3, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC



Earth transforms now and then

dramatically or little by little

when land masses slip and slide.

We’re just along for the ride.

We’re each here for a little while

as individuals and as species too.

Sometimes we even return

and continue our Great Adventures

evolving fast or slow as we do,

Star-Seeded again by Life

both here and by Life beyond

our Planet, Alien Interventions,

some of which we fear

as hostile or even divinely benign.

We’re all just passing through

this realm of joy and pain,

Souls on a Great Adventure,

Life’s experience to gain.

Some seek comforts in safe havens,

others seek danger to feel alive.

Some feast on their desires,

others struggle to survive.

Divine Creations, we evolve

by thought and deed and consequence,

paths well worn or those less travelled.

Attitude rules Circumstance.

Some are challenged by misfortune,

loss of all that’s valued here,

stripped of everything but Spirit,

Love expressed in those held dear.

We weep our own and others’ losses,

seeking answers as we pray.

None can judge the Soul’s Agenda

as we journey on our way.

We’re all just passing through.

A Unity Diverse…

We’re Life in many forms

throughout the Universe.

Here for a little while,

we travel in and out of Time

exploring Life Itself,

the mundane and sublime.

Our Lives are wondrous Journeys.

We challenge ourselves to grow,

exploring all conditions

through which we come and go.

Nothing here is forever.

We must leave it all behind.

Back to Source All Beings go,

beyond the limits of Mind-

beyond boundaries of Soul-

back to the Great Oneness we go,

that Oneness we call Heaven-

the God-Light and our True Home.

From and to Home we come and go

playing out our Great Adventures,

transforming Life as we know it,

creating realities loving or fearful

in multiple Timelines and Roles

or making another Free Will Choice-

Not Going Out and Staying Home.

January 13, 2023 Victoria BC

Note: I inserted my poem titled ‘All Just Passing Through’ and ‘Just Passing’ first written on May 14, 2008 then revised October 26, 2018, May 24, 2021, October 6, 2021 and now included in ‘Transformations’ January 13, 2023 with further revisions and transformations perhaps)

Shelley Audrey Wilson

(a.k.a. Shell, Shelley Demers (by marriage)

a.k.a. Ariel and Ariel-Shelley (as in Percy Bysshe Shelley)

a.k.a. Pumpkin (Dad’s) and Sheillelagh (Mom’s) nicknames)

Awake, Aware, Alive

Awake, Aware, Alive

(Friend or Foe, Dead or Alive

by our Definitions,

thanks for being here

as I journey through Galaxies,

Ethereal, Astral, Physical,

through Destinations and Destinies

appearing solid and daunting

on a Ship of Questions to Remember

what it means To Be Truly Free.)

Are we truly Awake, Aware, Alive

or are our days merely a dream,

a haze, a maze of perceived illusions,

mistaken assumptions, erroneous conclusions,

distortions and confusions

about Life, about God, about Us?

Are we truly Awake, Aware, Alive?

From Childhood on, are we fed

and educated by our systems,

our families and societies

in what may by some be called

our Local Prejudices and Propagandas-

Cultural, Political, Religious-

as Blinders and Binders

through which we view

Life and God and Us?

Are we truly Awake, Aware, Alive?

Do we really know how Life works,

how Interconnected, how Interdependent

everything is everywhere

in The Larger View, The Grander Vision-

of this Universe, the Earth and even

The Great Beyond- Life Beyond Death

connecting All, including you and me?

Do we see how we’re part

of this multilayered Universe

of particles, waves and densities,

consciousness and frequencies,

even this Earth, this World

of waters and lands, elements and animals,

trees and plants and All That Is?

Do we understand even now

how our Well Being is Interconnected,

Interdependent, part of the All

and as we do to This, we do

to ourselves as well?

Are we truly Awake, Aware, Alive?

How do we Awaken to Oneness?

How do we Live in Awareness?

How do we value Life and being Alive?

How do we state, demonstrate,

to the All who we each are?

Who do we choose to be?

In large or small measure,

what do we contribute to Life

whether selfish or selfless?

Who do we think we are?

Do we see Life as a Name for God,

Life Itself and Freedom too?

Do we see Life in Us as Us,

a Process, a Force, an Energy

constantly moving, changing,

sustaining, recreating ever

in every Here and Now?

Do we see Life Itself Present,

Alive in Us, as Us, as All

even when some are not truly Sentient-

Awake, Aware, Alive?

I seek out New Definitions.

I leave Lesser Truths behind.

(So here I am enjoying the journey

on a ship of Questions flying

Beyond my past understandings

of Life As It Is into Mystery

and what it means To Be Truly Free.

Thanks One and All for joining me!)

January 2, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

A Young Species

We are a young Species.

Like young Children,

we grow in greater Awareness

of other Beings, other Humans

and strange-looking Creatures

sentient or not,

evolving fast or slow,

loving, friendly,

fearful, hostile,

appearing strange in many ways.

Like young Children,

we grow in greater Awareness

of where we live,

of Other Rooms and Spaces

Beyond the first we knew.

Some of us reach out

to touch the heavens,

eager to explore and know

The Wonders waiting Beyond

Closed Doors and Curtained Windows,

Beyond what we now see.

Some of us go deep within us

to know where our life began,

to know again The Womb of Heaven,

know again The Oneness

and The Wonder of It All.

Like young Children,

we grow in greater Awareness,

we Make Believe and Make It So

creating and co-creating

a myriad Dreams as Realities

Playing Out as we grow.

Beings of Older Ages, Other Places, watch

and sometimes even guide us

as we Play, Evolve and Grow.

December 4, 2022- Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Tolerance and Acceptance

Tolerance and Acceptance

This may be

your only birth

on this little planet

we call Earth.

Perhaps you

were never born here

in this wondrous World

ever once before

but I have

and will again

even many times more.

Among the stars

I’ve also lived

in other strange forms

knowing Peace and Wars.

You may see

this vast Universe

as far outside of you

but I can clearly see

it is within us too.

You may think

we were born in sin

but I do see

God’s holy Presence

the Life of our life,

as ever and always within.

You can’t prove

and I can’t prove

Beliefs we hold

from things we’re told

or of our own

Remembrances and


May we leash

our loyal dogmas

and choose a wiser way,

growing day by day

in Tolerance and


November 30, 2022

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC

Picture Puzzles

Poetry In A New Paradigm

Picture Puzzles

Picture Puzzles Help To Teach Us

the Great Value of Flexible Thinking,

to Seek and Expand Our Understandings,

to Just Set Aside What Doesn’t Work

When Linking Pieces to Others-

‘Clues’ that Just Don’t Fit, or

‘Clues’ that Fit But Don’t ‘Actually’ Fit-

to Continue to Look For Answers

Even When Seeing the Picture Whole

In Healthy Humility As We Grow-

Always Something More To Know…

Puzzles Teach Appreciation For Uncertainties,

the Value of Honest Doubt- the Value

of Questions With Need For Evidence,

For a Willingness to Question ‘Dog-mas’-

that of Our Own or Others-

Valid Yet Incomplete Answers,

‘Collars’ that Fit but Don’t ‘Actually’ Fit-

a Willingness to Move Forward

to Higher, Wider, Deeper Understandings

that Help Us Collectively To Grow…

Some Puzzles Become More and More ‘Complex’

Exercises of a Mental Evolution

Where Intuition Breaks Through

to Aid Powers Of Intelligence,

Where Curiosity First Leads Us

To Explore Piece By Piece, Bit By Bit,

With Logic and Powers of Deduction,

With Shape and Pattern Recognition

Then To Sudden Leaps In Awareness

Beyond The Computer Mind-

a Direct, Intuitive Knowing

Then Comes To Our ‘Defence’-

an Inner Force ‘Activates’

When We Truly, Truly Care-

Helping Us To Find Our Answers-

Even That ‘Missing Piece’ of the Puzzle

Hidden Under Our Own Chair…

God Is Giving Us A Whole Universe

Of Wondrous, Invisible Puzzles,

Puzzles To Invite Us All To Grow

and To Stretch Far Beyond

What We Think We Know…

September 14, 2021

Shelley Wilson

When I Go Home

Sunlight Through Raindrops: When I Go Home:

When I go Home, It isn’t here on Earth

though I bless this place of many a birth

in many a time and land.

Home isn’t even among the Stars

like the Sirius System, Pleiades and Mars

or all the other places I once knew.

When I go Home, I’ll not delay to stay

in the myriad versions of ‘heavens and hells’

co-created in layered Astral Realms,

Imaginal Realms, Realms of Nightmares and Dreams

where everything seems to ‘feel real’.

I’ve been to these heavens and hells before,

seen their gods and devils, angels and demons before,

their myriad names of power, their games

of rewards and punishments, games of peace and war

amidst the veils of all created illusions,

mythologies, systems of hierarchies and confusions.

When I go Home, I’ll return to Pure Light and Love,

the Great Oneness, the Grace of God Source,

Unconditional Love, our True Eternal Home

in Ultimate Reality, Fully Merged In God.

Then I Am and That’s All That Is,

the Great Oneness of Pure Being.

I may choose to Stay Formless or Continue On

exploring the True ‘Other Side’, Other Ways

of Being in Spirit and Remembering

‘Being Home’, the Great Oneness, Pure Being.

When I go Home again, ‘Being Heaven’ again,

I may Stay or Continue On

to Be Born in Physical Worlds-

choosing to explore New Adventures

or Re-Living Adventures in different ways.

I Am Life Living-Living Life In Many Ways

In the Ever Present, Ever Here, Ever Now.

In Forms, I often forget who I am-

a device, a method to play roles of Becoming,

Becoming those Creative Visions I choose-

no ‘better’, no ‘less’, than ‘Others’ too,

for We Are Life Living- Living Life In Many Ways.

Sooner or later, We All Return To Source,

To Ultimate Reality, To Pure Light and Pure Love,

To ‘Being Home’ and ‘Being Heaven’ again.

October 4, 2021

Shelley Wilson

Time Travellers

Poetry In A New Paradigm: Time Travellers

A Stream of Consciousness Poem

We all come from Prime Source, God Source,

Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Bliss,

through states of ‘Being’, sublime states,

states ‘etheric’ and ‘subtly dense’-

through many Sequential/Simultaneous

Moving Moments of Multi-Directional,

Multi-Dimensional ‘Tunnels of Time’…

We travel to Worlds such as this,

this Planet of dense physicality,

this ‘Living Museum and Library’,

this bio-diverse and resource-rich ‘Earth’,

this small gem in a vast Multi-Verse…

Each Soul Journey has an ‘Agenda’

though we pass through Ethereal Veils

of confusing Forgetfulness here,

here where we ‘gather Experiences’…

Though some ‘Return to Remembrance’

of their True Nature and Timeless State

before their ‘Death’, many others wait

their own passing through ‘Life’s Sacred Gate’…

We live in a Realm of Duality

with many a Created Reality-

Collective and Individual Realities…

We move our Heart, our Mind, our Body

through ‘Life’s Process of Constant Change’

gathering Experiences as we go-

Experiences wondrous and strange,

Experiences we already know,

Processing as we go…

We gather Life’s Information,

Experiment to See What Works

for Collective and Personal Agendas

of Life’s Creative, Ingenious Growth…

We come to eventually Value

the Transformative ‘Gold’ of ‘Wisdom’,

the ‘Silver’ of ‘Progressive Understanding’,

and the ‘Copper’ of Cumulative ‘Common Sense’-

that ‘Inner Metal’ of Instinct and Intuition

when ‘In Danger’ comes to our Defence,

when ‘In Practical Use’ simply ‘Makes Sense’…

We live Lives short and long

exploring Spectrums of Thoughts and Actions,

exploring Spectrums of Awareness

ranging between Weak and Strong…

Sooner or later, we Return to our Source-

Prime Source, God Source, our ‘Heaven’,

our True Nature and True Home-

dropping our Veils of Forgetfulness,

Remembering our Ways Back Home-

Back to All Our Beginnings

where Nothing Is Separate, Alone, Apart…

Then God Asks A Simple Question.

Do We Wish To Stay or Continue On-

‘Stay Home’ or ‘Get A Fresh Start

On To New Adventures’

in a vast Multi-Verse to roam…

We’re All Essentially Time-Travellers

Going To and From Our Home…

September 3, 2021

Shelley Wilson

I hope this gives you a chuckle too. I plan to give this T-shirt to my son last Christmas. Well, actually, next Christmas in this Timeline but the Christmas before in another. Then there’s the Timeline where I didn’t buy this T-shirt and the Timeline where I don’t have a son and the Timeline where I’m not on Earth and so I didn’t write this and you aren’t reading these words now….

God Recycles Life We Are Life

God Recycles Life We Are Life

Don’t believe this. I don’t care.

God recycles Galaxies. God recycles Life,

another Name for God. Call It what you like.

Heaven is Home. We don’t have to stay there.

We can take on any form. We are Life.

Our form has gender but we do not.

Our form has race but we do not.

Our form has age but we do not.

We take on any form. We are Life.

Don’t believe this. I don’t care.

What the Ancients didn’t know

they made up, passed on in Stories.

Science wants Proof of Theories.

Old Theories are Religion’s Sacred Beliefs.

Religion kills those of Different Beliefs

creating Laws and Edicts even now,

the ever present Muse of Politics.

Even Children die for ‘Wrong Beliefs’.

Soon comes the mighty power of A.I.

Resistance is futile. Assimilate or die.

Will this end the Human Story?

Are we creating our Solution

to Human ignorance and pollution,

giving our lives over to A.I.?

Are we choosing our Evolution

to be the Robots of A.I.?

Don’t believe this. I don’t care.

God recycles Galaxies. God recycles Life.

We can take on any form. We are Life.

(July 1, 2021- Shelley Wilson)


There is Peace in Understanding

and Higher Wisdom found within

when All Lives are seen as Kin.

Many a Fear surrounds us here

but there’s a Power, beyond measure,

Life’s greatest gift, our hidden treasure,

God’s own Heaven found within,

our Creator found within,

Grace and Freedom found within.

Then All Lives are seen as Kin.

April 17, 2021

Shelley Wilson

Evolutionary Descendant

I wish with all my being

these words could last ten thousand years.

Forgive us Evolutionary Descendant,

our Future now in our Past,

Traveller through SpaceTime,

Observer, Messenger, Hostage

to our Political and Religious Dogmas

clearly seen in action, filmed

Interrogation Inquisition- inhumane

actions of primitive mindsets

that torture and kill without conscience

any being who does not look or think like us-

your Primitive Ancestors.

I am truly sorry, so truly sorry,

for what was done to you,

our Evolutionary Descendant,

the Inheritor of our Savage Wars.

No one has all the Answers

whether ‘dead or alive’, ‘past or future’,

but I have a Message for you too.

Life Itself is the Creator, the Great I Am,

in every being and in every thing-

every drop of water, speck of dust,

in, as, everything physical and not,

in All That Is, in you and me,

in Nature, in all the Universes.

Your Future is Divine Consciousness

co-creating with the Creator in you,

Beloved Evolutionary Descendant,

regardless of Timeline events

in the Ever Only Here Only Now.

You are Ever Present, Ever Alive

Divine Freedom, Love, and Sacred Light.

It matters not in the least

whatever forms we take, Dear One,

our Evolutionary Descendant.

April 16, 2021- Shelley Wilson