Glimpses of Pastimes 2

Digital Caption on my Photograph
Acrylics and Beach Glass
Digital Computer Art from my Photograph
A Weaving in Progress for Memories of Victoria
Acrylic Abstract Painting
Photographic Study in Light and Shadow

Woven Portrait of My Youngest Brother

A Woven Portrait of my Brother Brian
How I see my youngest Brother

This is how I see my Brother Brian. He’s a bit of a puzzle, friendly and sociable yet a very private person. He was in the military for a short stint with honourable discharge and later went into Mining in several positions over the years including safety officer who helped keep others safe underground. Sshhh… don’t tell anyone!

Woven Portrait of My Son

Woven Portrait of My Son Aaron
Details with his two sci-fi books

The colours, textures and add ons are a glimpse of how I see my wonderful son Aaron. Thanks to my daughter, Alissa, I was able to add these mini versions of Aaron’s creative writing. He’s in the process of writing his third book. His day job is highly technical and goes over my head at ufo speed but we do have some great conversations about time travel and space travel. I’m grateful to have two children as my best friends.

Woven Portrait of A Woman

Woven Portrait of Mireille

This is how I see Mireille, my son’s partner. She is a very energetic sportswoman, sports coach for children, and devoted mother of two boys also active in several sports. As with my other portraits, there is far more to each person than can be read in one artistic statement. You might think of this as my interpretive expression of personality with added details.

Woven Portrait of My Daughter

When I Think Of Alissa

Still on the loom and easel, this weaving is an interpretation of how I see my daughter, Alissa. This photo doesn’t show the details well but the impression is there. I place a ‘veil’ of iridescent white tulle over the area where one can ‘see through’ to the other side as she has done like others in our family. The bottom corner has an add-on of wired metal flowers both for her love of flowers and as a floral designer. Full of love and light, she is also developed in abilities of discernment.

Woven Portrait of My Sister

When I Think Of Bev

This Woven Portrait is how I see my sister Bev. She is another version of my Soul expressing Life much differently in this same Timeline. There were actually twelve different versions of our same OverSoul here in this particular Timeline but a few of us have already passed on. Life is far more complex than many people imagine and it’s all simply divine. 😁🙏💖✨

Another Woven Portrait

Woven Portraits series. When I Think Of… Cindy

This is my third Woven Portrait of friends. I’m hoping that the carefully chosen colours, textures and added elements communicate how I see people dear to me. The necklace at the top was made by my daughter using a creative process to display a drawing of a woman Cindy had drawn. It looked like a self-portrait to us. The amber pin was a gift to me by her sister. It seemed perfect for this weaving. After I remove this piece from the easel it’s on, I’ll roll it in kraft paper with a letter and suggestion to tie the top and bottom with either dowels or sticks to hang it up. Then it’s on to the next project for me.

When I Think Of

This is first in my new project series I call Woven Portraits titled When I Think Of… Here is how I see and interpret the personality and character of my friend and former sister-in-law Linda a. k. a. Lini. Still on the easel, you could call it a ‘quick sketch’. Colours, textures and found objects are carefully chosen. I haven’t seen anyone else doing this kind of project or weaving but then I always seem to be ‘reinventing the wheel’. Shelley Wilson- January 18, 2022

Feeling These Colours- A Weaving

This is another weaving I created this past September. I took photos while it was still on the weaving boards. Hand-weaving on the flat surface of our table takes its toll on my back and neck so I propped it up against my large camera tripod. (Hoping Santa will bring me a sturdy table easel this year…) The inspiration came with a desire to interpret my current feelings through colour choices from my yarn collection. As ever, there was no actual plan in my head for making this. It just gradually ‘happened’. The wired word ‘Poet‘ was something I made before. I preferred to do ‘Poetry’ but didn’t have sufficient wire. I also had some fun beading from my ‘treasure chest’ of beads and ‘whatnots’. My small collection of metallic threads is smaller now too. I love the freedoms of spontaneity, choices of materials, processes and techniques. And the fun of it all.

Weaving Completed

As ever with my weavings, Victoria The Beautiful is not perfect but it’s exactly the way I want it to be. I enjoyed the unhurried and unplanned process. Although I say it’s finished, I think perhaps I will add one or two small scrolls of my poetry and some momentos I’ve yet to gather.

The fringe on the right refers the the colour feelings I identify with this city of Victoria, BC, Canada…calm, cool and collected even in challenging times. The greens represent the mosses, lichens, leaves of trees and shrubs, the pinks and whites of the cherry trees, the purplish pinks of heathers, the yellows of broom blossoms, bright pinks and oranges of the many flowers here, the grey of the sea and sky, the blue and white of the sky on sunny days, the pebbles and rocks of the beaches, the peacock colours I identify as the vibes of this beautiful city…

As I said before, it’s not perfect but it’s exactly the way I want it to be.

Victoria The Beautiful

Victoria The Beautiful is the name I’ve decided to give my beaded weaving as this city on Vancouver Island is a beautiful place to live.

There are many glorious peacocks in Beacon Hill Park near my home. I always think of these wondrously divine creations when I think of Victoria.

I just have a few finishing touches to do now that the beadwork is done. Then I’ll be able to hang it on our wall if I can find a place. I seem to be running out of space. 🤣