Every Winter Ends With Spring


Every Winter Ends With Spring (my digital music composition)


Every Winter Ends With Spring

Every end births a new beginning.

Every Winter ends with Spring.

Earth dances through the heavens.

We dance the Cycles Life brings.

Though it seems our lives have endings

and fearful judgments await,

the truth is there’s Only Heaven

and Life loves to Re-create.


December 26, 2013

Shelley Wilson

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley


Nature (my digital music composition)

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sunny Summer heat
sleepy yawns float in still air
-honey bees pause to rest…

Fall’s burst of raindrops
with tears stream down my face
-wind whispers farewell…

closing the curtains
at day’s end- snowstorm now weaves
Winter’s white death-shroud…

soft breeze stirs Spring air
-laughter greets new leaves reborn
to dance on boughs again…

July 22, 2012
May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley



Snowbound dawn of a new ‘Family Day’,

no urgent need to dress and go,

I sip hot coffee in solitary silence,

paused in luxuries of a borrowed life.

Lush plants, plush rugs, cushioned chairs,

sleeping fireplace, sleeping dog…

I wonder where the toaster sleeps?

Outside, the lake’s an austere setting

to snow-clad cedars and ragged birch,

their boughs and bark in frenzied motion,

yet going nowhere, snowbound like me.

Snow swirls in air, spiraling here and there.

I see it mimic the spiral designs

on ribbon and plant pots placed inside.

(How did I know? I quietly ask myself.

I’d spoken of spirals, energies and designs,

before the spiral jump of this here and now.

Time appears linear, yet is not, and so…)

Snowflakes dance up and down and around

in whirling pirouettes of mesmerizing beauty.

Strong winds swiftly lift and carry them

in a graceful ballet of elegant motion.

Sculptured dunes of frozen water waves

gently shape-shift as stroking air brushes

snow on snow on snow…

The drifts grow higher; paths disappear.

Family and ploughs and shovels are coming,

but for now, I can dream-dance freely

with the snow of a snowbound day.

shelley wilson—‘ariel-shelley’

February 18, 2008

Winter In Northern Ontario

Winter In Northern Ontario
Winter brings the beauty of sparkling snow on trees,
shovels and aching muscles,
snowbound feelings and S.A.D. expressions
on all but a few returned tourists with souvenir tans,
thrills of adventurous winter rides
always ahead of the plough trucks,
cold winds that critique southern clothing styles,
dreams of debt-enhanced lives,
sexy freedom machines racing down beckoning trails,
continuous mechanical repairs and survival skills,
booze-fishing on ice in little huts,
skis and skates defying death and broken bones
and even the latest fashion trends,
patchwork quilts of reading materials,
the magical world of computers, TVs, DVDs, and
multi-functional sound systems
that take us through time and space
to other realms and seasons
before we come back to another half-year of winter
in our ruggedly beautiful, beloved, chosen domain.
January, 1997