Do Dinosaurs Still Rule This Earth

 Love This Earth (my digital composition)

Do Dinosaurs still rule this Earth,
this precious planet of our birth?
What characterizes Reptilian life-
a world of fear, a world of strife,
domination at any cost,
indifference to life-forms harmed or lost.
Third Chakra Beings intent on control
slow Evolution as dark deeds unfold.
Brilliant Minds lacking Brilliant Hearts
tear countless lives and worlds apart,
turning Intelligence to a curse
that ripples throughout the Universe.
The Truth, when all is said and done,
is that All Life, All Beings, are One.
Why would higher Intelligences then self-destruct
in created Realities we, together, construct?
The darkness of a world gone mad
forming Realities tragic and sad
can change in an instant when Love shines through
by what we choose now to think and do.
Love is the measure of our true ‘worth’,
not the mere Species of our birth.
No glory is greater than the Spirit of Love.
Life’s true Masters wear bright crowns of Love.
Seventh Chakra Beings of Brilliant Love
unite Radiant Energies both here and above.
Love is the Great Light that outshines all
in every Dimension’s Here and Now.
Self-mastery is ever the true Masters’ goal,
not subjugation, repression, and mass control.
Leaps of Evolution, mysterious and strange,
are Life’s wondrous growth and constant change.
Let fears be just memories of a primitive past,
as we remember our Spirit, Love Itself, at last!!!

Shelley Wilson (August 31, 2013)

May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


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