Dirty Windows

Dirty Windows

Tourists beware! There is a grand global conspiracy to ruin your eagerly anticipated, once-in-a-lifetime special moment, treasured souvenir holiday photos!
Well, okay, it isn’t a conspiracy, but you must admit that dirty windows are a truly global problem. Your eyes may deny what they see, but your cameras shout “Look! Look! Dirty windows here, there, and everywhere!”
On airplanes, trains, ships, tour boats, automobiles, and buses- your recorded view is corrupted by smudges and smears. Your cameras groan “Not again!”
Does anyone transporting Tourists care that those precious photos of people, sights and events you eagerly wish to share have unsightly window scribbles or cataract effects? Must all your travels be edited or deleted?
Forget that some people actually smear others or want to see their world, human life, sex, and politics as ‘dirty’- Tourists unite and demand:- Clean the damn windows!!

Shelley Wilson (August 23, 2017)

May your Spirit shine brightly, Shelley


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