We’ve seen it all before,

an escalating War

for Aggression we can’t ignore,

Nations joining their Arms

against the Threat and Might

of Warlords, Hitlers, Putins…

Man-Puppets of Dark Forces

harvesting Energy

through all that ever Harms.

It’s Ancient History

and Modern Technology.

It’s the Dead Ghosting

and Humans Hosting

Dead Fighters Fighting On

indifferent to pain

or any Resource gain.

Again, History repeats

in Victories and Defeats.

How do they go away,

those Dead who Fight to Stay,

those true Aggressors

in Man Misusing Power?

‘Angels of God’s Heaven,

thank you for your Presence.

We ask in their names

whatever they may be,

those who can’t or won’t

ask for themselves,

take them back to the Light,

to Prime Source, to Heaven.

There’s nowhere else to go,

there’s nothing else to do

but just Let Go

for Rest and a Fresh Start,

to Continue On through

to New Beginnings…

We give them back to the Light.

Amen. Amen. Amen’

Many scoff that the Dead

who they Dismiss or Dread,

can still be in our 3D World

but even they see Dark Forces

at play in Irrational Actions,

in Insane Aggressions

that tear apart our World.

Sometimes even the Meek

will Pray and then Fight

to live in a Peaceful World

when Aggression rules Man’s Heads

destroying our Wondrous World.

In these Observations,

I may well be Mistaken.

Am I here now seeing

another Great World War???

January 26, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


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