Bright Yellow Chairs

moments caught by technology- my daughter and me

Bright Yellow Chairs

a cool day by cold water

beneath a moody winter sky

mountains in the distance

bright yellow chairs in a row

beautiful to behold

strong enough supported

and anchored to withstand

fierce winds and stormy weather…

yesterday my daughter and I

took photos of her and me

my request- soon to be 73…

moments caught by technology

reminders for when I’m gone

or when she’s gone before me…

we sit on those deathly cold chairs

taking turns- laughing smiling

wrinkles erased by distance

battle-scars of weathered living

covered by warm coats of love…

my daughter and I- friends forever

together in so many lives

as with my son- family- friends

soul companions- friends forever…

undaunted by stormy worlds

though cold- uninviting- fierce

together we just jump in

staying a while- little or long…

photos taken- we moved on

to other scenes and other stories

experiences to live and to share

bringing the warmth of loving care…

March 9, 2023

Shelley Audrey Wilson

Victoria, BC


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