Clare’s Vision

(Vision-  my digital music)
Holding within her artistic nature
a painter’s palette of perceptions,
a child-like artist awakened in wonder
to see sunlight softly stroke
the early morning sky.
Still placed on heaven’s canvas
the Moon shone more brightly than she’d ever seen before
in such celestial paintings of the dawn.
She gazed through the clear glass window,
lost in reflection of the lunar image in her sight.
In a single magical moment her vision changed
and she was the Maiden Moon entranced
by the transforming view.
Now she looked upon radiant and regal Mother Earth
dressed in her elegant gown of blue and white
being lovingly embraced by infinite Father Space
wearing his tuxedo of black and light.
Together they danced to a rhythmic arrangement
of energy frequencies created by Spirit’s Love.
Awe filled Clare’s Lunar Soul
as she listened to this symphonic Music of the Spheres.
In tune with the Universe then,
she felt the Creator Spirit’s joy
in manifesting this divine, cosmic art…
creation evolving creation evolving creation…
Finally Clare returned to her limiting senses
just awakening to the mysteries above.
The mystical memory returned whenever she painted,
remembering how the Creative Spirit
transformed the art and artist into one.
April,1999 revised May,2004

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