An Alphabet For Indigo Children

imageM is for the Mysteries of Life and the many mysterious transformations of Life we call ‘Death’ becoming the manifestations of Life reborn. It is for ‘moving beyond‘ the old ideas and mythologies we love and appreciate and cherish as we evolve into new understandings and new wisdom spirituality. It is for the Mysteries of the Microcosm and the Macrocosm of Life in the Universe, and thus, in us. It is for the myriad ways the Mysteries unfold in us and through us as we evolve and ‘move through them‘ in the process of ‘remembering our Spirit‘ and ‘giving meaning to our Life‘ expressions. Just ask the Universe whatever Question you desire to know the answer to. Open your mind and heart and soul into higher consciousness alignment as you seek the truth. Allow the answer to present itself in whatever way Life so chooses. Then watch Life’s ‘true magic‘ solve the mysteries for you. Life will always have more Mysteries than you can ever imagineRemember, in all ways, to always humbly look down, look from side to side and all around, and especially look up, meaning look to God as Life which has all the great Questions and what they hold. This is how each part and the sum of the parts looks up to the Whole and glorifies God in all.

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