An Alphabet For Indigo Children

imageP is for perceiving Humanity’s long history of persistent fears and paranoia creating Superstitions born of Fear that have harmed and limited so many Humans and other Forms of Life, and thus, harmed and limited Humanity’s spiritual evolution as a species. Our Humankind has a long History of  political-racist-sexist-religious persecutions and tortures and murders based on unevolved Beliefs. You have only to quietly look (like the Owl who sees through ‘appearances‘ of dark night) at what you fear, then wisely bless it and let it just go from your thoughts and your words and your actions. Remember as you do this, to ‘surrender’ your heart and mind to Love and Compassion, for the lack of them (as History clearly demonstrates) always has consequences and repercussions that ripple through Time. The Present is for you to point the inner way to Love and the outer way of loving actions. A Light-House warns of danger to keep all kinds of ‘ships‘ out of Harm’s Way and serves to keep Humanity safe on its evolutionary journey through Space and Time. It is for perceiving the potential opportunities in challenges that present themselves for patient healing both in yourself and others willing to heal themselves through your humble efforts to help as best you can. Shine your inner light and transform any old Fear into Love, being a Light of Love-Energy to any non-spiritual darkness. “Fear not” with courage and determination and faith. You can fully connect to and activate Life’s Power of Love that is within you to experience and express at every opportunity you recognize. Be a peace-maker, a peace-creator, a peace-keeper. Be one of God’s many ‘TeamPlayers‘-‘Living Bridges‘-‘Messengers‘ of Peace. Be peaceful and kind as you wish ‘peace to all‘. Be God’s Peace on Earth. Fear’s destructive whirlpool of hatred, violence, and revenge is not God’s way. God’s spiritual way is Life loved and nurtured in Universal Love. This is the only solution to save Humanity from its self-destruction.

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