Knit and Purl

If I had made Different Choices,

what would my Knitted Nows be?

In so many lives and times

I chose Others’ Patterns and Designs

following their Instructions, their Rules,

even those of Scoundrels and Fools.

In some of my lives and times,

I stitched my own Designs and Ways,

creating my Nows authentically

in Row upon Row of years and days.

Sometimes I Cast my Purls

when I would have been wise to Knit

silently observing this World,

just keeping to myself

my ‘pearls of inner wealth’.

Sometimes I must stop Knitting

and examine my Creations

to find Beginnings of Mistakes

and Regrets, the Unraveling it makes.

Sometimes the Beauty gains my attention

as I pause, let go my Tension

and Count my Blessings, one by one.

When in poor health or pain,

I wonder,

is it time to Cast Off again?

(June 8, 2022- Shelley Wilson)


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