When I Sleep


Water (my digital composition)

When I Sleep
it matters not
the dramas of the day.
All woes and worries
lie forgotten.
All worldly cares
just slip away.
When I sleep
I just let go
and drift into The Deep.
I float in Dreams
where I can be
anything I wish.
It matters not
whatever I choose.
I’m free
of all that binds
or limits, dulls
or decays.
The World of Rules
just fades away.
My Dream Time World
has brighter hues-
more vibrant shades
of colors come alive.
Senses heighten
where the mind’s
Imagination thrives.
I smell jasmine
as never before.
I taste of fruit
unknown before.
Images become
Messages to Self.
What does this mean?
What does that mean?
I ask myself.
Sometimes I
even hear and feel
a symphony of sounds
so rich and full,
a Music I adore
carried on a breeze.
This otherworldly
symphony uplifts
to higher frequencies.
It raises me
to higher realms
and higher sight.
Then I just soar
in Freedom’s bliss,
pure Joy and Peace,
where I again
Remember this-
the Mystery,
the Unity,
Loving Energy,
my true Home,
the timeless
knowing Light,
most radiant,
brilliant Light.
When to my body
I return,
so much less,
I may forget
all that I’ve known
of Life and Death.
It matters not.
My Life’s a Dream-
an Energy Play
I co-create
through every Night
and every Day.
It matters not.
Awake, asleep,
it matters not-
for Matter is nought
but Energy Play
that Life thought up
and thinking still
creates the Dreams
and Dreamers all.
Forms ever change
as I move through
the many I’s I Dream.
All Life, my Life,
continues on
so wonderful,
so strange.
Particles and Waves.
Particles and Waves.
Now here. Now gone.
Into the formless
Mystery beyond.
Then here again
in ever, ever
Constant Change.
I am-We are
Energy Droplets
and Energy Waves,
each One and Many-
One and Many.
I am-We are
of Universes
seen and unseen
in many Dimensions.
So many Mysteries.
Infinite Mysteries
to explore.
Our Source Energy
creates and grows
and Macrocosms
expanding Life
in countless Numbers-
in countless Thoughts
transmitting Energy
rippling everywhere.
I am-We are
countless Creations
and Transformations
redefining who we are
and who we choose to be-
the gift of our Source Energy.
Life lives and breathes
a Great Cosmic Sea,
a Great Sea
of Eternal Energy.
The One in Many
dreams our Dreams.
When I Sleep
I just let go
and drift into The Deep.

Shelley Wilson
May 28, 2014


May your Spirit shine brightly,Shelley


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