What Does This Mean

Poetry In A New Paradigm

What Does This Mean?

‘Everything Is The Meaning We Give It’-

Every Event, Every Perception of Senses,

Every Form Seen, Smelled, Tasted,

Every Sound Heard, Everything Touched,

Everything Instinctively-Intuitively Felt…

‘Everything Is The Meaning We Give It’-

Every Sound, Every Word Spoken,

Every Audible Frequency and Vibration,

Every Sound of Music We Love or Hate-

Everything All Our Senses Inform Us,

Every Symbol We Choose To Create-

Personally-Collectively- Co-Create…

‘Everything Is The Meaning We Give It’-

Every Symbol Humanity Has Ever Had

Judging Them As ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’-

Other Life-Forms, Other Creatures,

Trees, Plants, Nature Spirits and Angels,

Elements, Water, Fire, Air and Rocks,

‘Mother Earth’ and ‘Her’ Environments,

‘Mother Nature’ and ‘Her’ Elements,

Now Dancing To ET and Man-Made HAARPS…

‘Everything Is The Meaning We Give It’-

Sounds and Shapes and Colours

Ranging From ‘Dark To Light’,

From ‘Cold To Hot’, From ‘Black To White’,

‘Invisible-Transparent ‘No Colour’ Appearing

Into ‘All-Inclusive’ Colour We Call White-

Even Including ‘Invisible-Transparency’

Wherein Life Forms From Mystery…

‘Everything Is The Meaning We Give It’-

Every Symbol and Sign Has Created Meanings

Shared Through Different Times and Places

Held Firm Yet So Easily Changed

In Understandings, In ‘Translations’,

In ‘Written Marks’ of Words Even Held Sacred,

In ‘Imagery’ of Arts, Symbols and Signs-

the Visual Languages of Humanity,

Changed Through Intention and Misunderstandings,

Changed Through Evolving Perspectives,

Every Symbol Is Subject To Change,

Even Judging Them ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’…

‘Everything Is The Meaning We Give It’-

We Grow and Evolve Through Change-

All Life, Life Itself, Is Constant Change

Both Being and Becoming Through Change,

Intelligent Design and Divine Wisdom,

Every Beginning To Every Ending

A Process of Transformation

With Restful Pauses

of All Potentials and Possibilities

Filling All The Pauses Between…

The Great Mystery, The Ultimate Reality,

The Great Oneness, God’s Own Light,

The Formless Heaven of Pure Being


Then The Creator Creates-

God Manifests Invisible Light

We Judge As ‘Darkness’,

As ‘Negative Space’ (Just Ask The Artists),

the Realm of Conception and Birth of Context

For A Universe of Life To Evolve-

Space For Us All To Co-Create

Our Own Lives, Our Visions of Becomings,

All Our Forms and Senses Evolving,

The Powers In Our Being and Our Bodies-

In Our Spirit, Our Soul, Our Heart and Mind

and In Everything We Seek and Find,

In Everything Where We Find Meaning

and Finding Freedom In Our Knowing

‘Everything Is The Meaning We Give It’-

Everything Is The Meaning We Choose…

September 17, 2021

Shelley Wilson

‘What Does This Mean’ and ‘Everything Is The Meaning We Give It’ was inspired by the Conversations With God book series as well as other books by Neale Donald Walsch. …And many other Writers and Teachers through the years who have my deep Gratitude…including those inspirations from my Spirit individuated as me…Shelley


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