Alien Garden

This is a composite of some of my photos. This poem may not fit into your present world view but you may wish to read it anyways if curious. You’ll see that the photos of my Word documents show that the program doesn’t know yet how to cope with poetry and poetic licence like all our sightings of UFOs and ETs. Lol! 😂🤣💕✨

8 thoughts on “Alien Garden

  1. Earth’s garden would appear to be getting smaller and smaller but I live in hope. I came across a couple of interesting comments recently.
    The first was that every species on earth contributes to making up the natural world except the human species which seems intent on destroying it.
    The second was in a dinosaur/fossil museum in Lyme Regis that we visited a couple of weeks ago that reminded us that humans are present upon the earth largely as a result of a series of accidents, such as meteors hitting the earth, and not of some ‘evolutionary pattern’ that makes them ‘above other animals’.

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