I Thank God

Sunlight Through Raindrops:

I Thank God:

I thank God

the Age of Kali Yuga is long passed

though some would wish to bring it back

in primitive brutalities and ignorant confusions

enslaving Humanity to Misunderstandings

about God, about Life, about Everything.

The Age of Kali Yuga is long over-

the Electricities and Magnetism now known.

Today’s Technologies are not of Kali’s Realm.

Globally, Intelligence now rises

despite all attempts to suppress,

despite Black Magic desperately clinging-

Psychological Warfare, Weather Warfare,

Science Experiments without Conscience,

corrupt Politics with Compassionless Laws,

Global Industries without Integrity,

News and Entertainments intended

to prejudice and dull Minds,

Confused Educations of a Confused Past

where Wars of Religions without Love

Caused Countless Sufferings and Deaths-

Hid Truths and Histories, the Facts

about Earth’s and Humanity’s Past

in Power Plays and War Games

throughout their Militant, Corrupted Past.

Intelligence now rises. Hidden truths become revealed.

We start to see through that World of Lies.

Intelligence gains strength in direct knowing-

a growing global momentum…

The Dead who cling will see God’s Light.

Then come Cultures of Compassion,

a Federation strong in Life’s Light,

Everything seen more clearly as we evolve,

understanding God and Life more clearly,

Wisdom profiting our Insight.

(November 26, 2021- Shelley Wilson)


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